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  1. I want Cozmo and really don't think any of would need much more. Just something to take an edge off the grind if we are stuck out in the middle of nowhere on our own.
  2. You all are hilarious really do love the "MAGIC!!" post. In all seriousness I love the way things are looking now. There is so much depth to be seen beyond the graphics.
  3. I agree as well on the technical demos, with lots of warnings stating what it is. It doesn't have to be maid with a purpose, it can be a recording that is from debugging a portion of the game. None of us here need it to be fancy or beautified, we know it is a work in progress. As well as calming down some of the more anxiety prone members of this community. I am hoping to find someone that is awesome at building these ships cause I'm starting to think I wont have enough time to get one off the ground. Which is amazing!!!!! Love the detail and thought going into this game. The learning curve will be an epic one in this game!!!!!!
  4. Yes I am a firm believer of in game building. Part of my question is my excitement to get in and start playing this game. Right now I will take whatever I can get.
  5. Greetings from the forum troll, I have a small question. Is there any chance there will be an out of game ship builder or designer, possibly before the game hits Alpha? Thanks
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