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  1. That is avery good question @Endstar Problem here is that NQ will release basiclaly what we have now and it is not even close to finished with a numbe rof very disruptive and potentially risky changes yet to come, if NQ gets to that point. Frankly I just think they have no choice here and whether anyting happens post launch is all up to whether they can stay alive for long wnough to get thetre so it not a factor they account for right now. Whether that is good or bad is no longer relvant as NQ has made their choices and whatever happens, happens now.
  2. While I can see that point, my point is that for instance talents could and really should be addressed and the player shown how to start training eearly on to allow them to see progression "while still there".. If during a FTUE you get notifications that training is complete/achievements are achieved, you create a positive reinforcement for the player. And that goees a long way, especially if you could get at least a good handful of those done during the FTUE.
  3. I posted my feedback on the FTUE -HERE- and feel it is still mostyly relevant As it is, it feels like an introduction more than a FTUE. It certainly does not set up the player for their journey in game, it just explains a few things and then goes away Especially adding in the start of training talents in such a way that players see the benefits from that wile still in the FTUE, to mee seems very important. Once you let a player go, the opportunity to drive such things also goes away. Overall, as mentioned in the post I quoted above, the FTUE is better than the previous but it still feels like it is designed by devs (and based on what they think is important) and not by someone who understands the psyche of a new player very well. I do not meean that to be negative towards the designers but it is IMO why the FTUE really misses the mark in many ways and could/should be more focussed around the players perspective and progress whil eon the journey, not around the journey itself.
  4. Difference is EVE has been well established, has a consistent userbase large enough to support he game and so if CCP messes soimething up some will grumble and may leave sure, but it's a relative small percentage which is nearly always replaenished by new influx of players. EVE, for all intents and purposes, is self sufficient unless CCP really blows things up. DU however has yet to show it is aviable game long term, has no consistent population to speak of and really has no chance of surviving until NQ pull their heads out of their you know what.. "EVE: dying since 2003" is a meme, DU has yet to show it is able to stand on it's own feet and really has yet to take a first breath on its own.
  5. It's a false representation of the game and sets expectatiosn which can't be met.. at all .. It feels like NQ tries to copy the genenal idea of the "Clear Skies" fan created story based on EVE but falls terribly short. -- Imagine this: Abandoned alien stations are found across the system, it appears these stations once were used to extract valuable resources but have long since been left, damaged and forgotten. Finding such system will allow you and your crew to investigate and repair the core, restore power and shields and repair the station. Then you find a machine which does not work but there is clues as to how to make it work, once you solve the puzzle and gain access to the unit, you find it will allow you to harvest the resource the previous owners extracted and used. Throughout the station clues are found allowing you to piece together for what purpose the plasma you can now harvest is used. As you bring the station back online though, it becomes detectable by others and so you may find you get visitors. Whether these are friend or foe.. remains to be seen .. -- I mean.. it is not that heard to conceive a scenario that works for both sides and would allow you to play out some interesting gameplay. I agree that content like this should really not be for solo players and that there needs to be risk but at the same time, you need to have a chance to remain undetected and get away with what you find. And the above may sound familiar if you watched the latest videio NQ put out, it is effectively what is shown with some further refinement. And so what that video pretends to show is actually not unrealistic in what could be done but as-is it sets entirely false expectations fo rthe actual content, which is a problem in and of itself. As it is, these are just stationary constructs like any other and offer nothing really new or worthwhile. NQ is not short of ideas, they are however short on imagination, time and money
  6. Provided you prepare and use the tools you really should have to mitigate the risk, yes. If you are just Bad N Dumb, you really have no excuse when you get caught. The major problem with DU is that NQ is unable to create a balanced game because they have no idea how to accommodatee that. They just move the parts around without ever actually changing anything. And as the core of the game is extremely basic and really has no provision for anything creative and NQ lacks the ideas to make things happen with what they have. They have the base idea, but hen fail to actually build that into a feasible gameplay option that is attractive to the intended audience. Take the Alien core.. It is a good idea but really just dropped in with a few relating elements and the idea that players will sort it all out. And so, all it does is attract the combat focused players. More and more it feels like NQ's "game design team" actually is not that at all, they are a group of devs who design gamemechanics which is something very different and would be a team which actual game designers work with to create their ideas and content.
  7. So you say that someone who is attentive, watches their radar and bails when they see a potential attacker approaching a problem? I'd say that if you pay attentiopn you should have the option to get away. As it is now, even more than before, once a pirate shows up on radar, you are pretty much dead. Not sure how that is "fine". Combat in DU as it is has no defensive strategy or options, any potential ones have been removed or nerfed to a point where they mean noting. Literally th eonly way is the long way around, which is both boring and basically removes possible gameplay. And because of it, the majority of what is left of the non pirate playerbase just stays in hte safezones and has no interest of puruing anything outsid eof it as the rewards do not justify the risk, not even close.
  8. Did some more testing and actually moved elements back in their original position and now the ship is still fine.. so yes, the system is certainly broken.. no surprise there as we've told NQ.. several times.. but they just push it anyway.. because.. reasons..
  9. The new VFX for space brakes and space engines specially is terrible, looks awful. Why is the spacing on HUD elements now so massive? The warp tunnel is OK-ish.. But at the start, the massive colored blocks is really bad. Collision detection is still way of the mark, actually it is entirely not needed.
  10. I had one construct show "collision" on a warpdrive and Atmo Radar.. The two were close together but not even close to touching. While sure, nudging the radar once tick forward resolved the issue, fact remains the problem here was NOT overlapping elements but NQ not properly defining element hitboxees. And I am certain this is te case in many instancees where players are now sent on a goose chase to find the "offending" elements where there is no obvious even visible issue. As @Atmosph3rik mentioned correctly, this change is superfuous as it "fixes" an issue NQ has allready addressed and as I mentioned. Players can still place elements which, while visibly not overlapping and without the need for trickery, will trigger this "feature" while completely fine to place that way.
  11. Well done NQ.. You managed to make players uninstall and leave because they can't see themselves handle the pressure of fixing ships that should not be broken and what is reported as broken is due to your algorithm not working as it should. (or better, is irrelevant to the intended target). This construction thing is overshooting the intended target so far it is affecting players who designed and sold ships in good faith and do not feel they should now be punished by having to go around fixing stuff that is really not broken at all. As with many things, we told you this was an issue but you once again did not listen and as a result more creators leave the game. While I could fix my constructs, ALL of the triggers for the obstruction were with YOUR element design and how hitboxes work. And on top of that, what is happening now had _nothing_ to do with the original reason for these changes, people using tricks to place multiple elements in the same space and have them operate fine. It is the usual "carpet bomb the general area to try and hit the target cheap solutions NQ is coming up with that is driving people away as they impact the general enjoyment and gameplay. And no, "log a ticket" is not a valid response here. We told you, you ignored us (once again) and so this is _your_ problem, not ours. Besides that, there is no way to be sure such a ticket would get any attention to begin with. On top of that, you know you are going to wipe, you also know (or should at least) that this will resolve the intended target constructs from returning into the game as their blueprints will not work, yet you still shoe horned an otherwise pointless change which just causes more grief and disappointment for your player base. Such a shame to see what once was a game with immense promise be washed down the drain by these things. Such a damned shame..
  12. NQ can't afford the cost of planetside mining, they have actually said it was part fo the reason to move to the MU... cost saving ..
  13. Sky box .. better BP changes.. about time you got started on this.. Water.. meh.. who cares as it's irrelevant to the game But that warp effect is .. just ... awful
  14. Any wipe would also include Sanctuary obviously. If NQ would not wipe Sanctuary, a wipe would become mostly pointless and they should not wipe at all.
  15. IMO, the decision to wipe has been made and made some time ago. WHat NQ is contemplating is when and how. As I've said before, not announcing they will not wipe would make absolutely no sense at all, even for NQ. So it woudl be entirely reasonable to expect a wipe will happen within the next few months.
  16. Certainly something I can see play a part and I expect we wil lstart seeing the signs of this soon enough as release approaches fast And this is a big one.. The current database will prbably be messy at best and eespecially if NQ optimizes and redesigns the database structure, this may well hav ebenefits fo rthe game on the sort and longer term This wil certainly be a thing, the number of players who left is far, far greeater than the number remaining. And also, I believe there is a good few who out of priciple will wait until "release". So the gain here will likely far outweigh the loss This coul dbe a big one too form a PR perspective, especially when it combines wit hte next one.. Yes, all these I believe to be very much valid reasons. The beta has way too much "baggage" and many will have learnt much and have found they may have made incorrect choices in aa few ways. The wipe, when what I expect will be talent points returning to the pool and blueprints for your created constructs (not all owned, just what you created) both makes sense and really is unavoidable at this point There is far more benefits than issues with such a wipe. The few that will actually leave the game are not really relevant from a business perspective.
  17. How do people continue to equal a persistent game world to no wipe.. One is a gameplay mechanic, the other a busineess choice. The term Apples and Oranges comes to mind/
  18. You are not wrong.. In a situation where one player multiboxes multiple characters goes up against a group of players who communicate with each other, the player group will always have the upper hand. And yes, is you make these accusations or assumptions, it seems you really have not actually done any multiboxing in DU and probably just translate the way that works in EVE to DU, which is completely different. Your opinion is based on hearsay, not on first-hand experience and with that, is pretty much void.
  19. That would just be silly, When you operate in a global encironment, not having a writer/community management staffer who can properly express the views, vision or direction for the company in plain English is not an acceptable excuse. Also it is not about what the person writing this means ofr feels, it has nothing to do with any personal opinion or attachment. This is not an editorial post, it is a company publication around a very hot and volatile topic. I am not saying this is the case here, even when there is enough indicators that NQ operates mostly in French internally and often misses the mark on translating or naming any number of things in game. This as well (IMO) comes down to th elack of a project manager who can review and question design choices and communication being made.
  20. I found the argumentation for a full wipe to be very weak an dthe pros they men tion apply exactly the same way towards a partial wipe. I think NQ is tripping over theior own words in trying to be as vague and convoluted as possible, saying basically nothing with a lot of words. I mentioned this early in the thread but I really only see two options; No wipe A partial wipe where everything is reset, accrued talent points get returned to the pool and blueprints for the constructs you created put in inventory. A few things stand out in the post: They may remove schematics, which is a cheap cop out for the initial implementation of a good idea in a bad way. They may finally bring the new planet tech to the game which is good. I think that Haven uses that tech as it looks and "feels" different and better that the existing planets Both options require a wipe of the kind I believe most who are in favour of a wipe prefer, (option 2 above) I honestly can't see NQ not doing a wipe, if that is the plan they would have come out and say so to end the discussion. And I can't imagine the call on this has not been made yet, details may still be "discussed internally" but the decision to wipe (and when) has been made a good while back.
  21. It won't ruin the game but it will not be a viable option because NQ started requiring monthly paymenst to have access which comes with obligation fro m their end. It's not uncommon, Actually more common that not, to wipe a game prior to actual release when coming out of beeta. I do not think anyone really expects a full/global wipe. A partial one as has been discussed well and good by now is very much likely to happen though.
  22. Hello, 2020 thread. Welcome to the necroposting event for the weekend
  23. Well.. actually: NQ handed an extra set of beta keys November 2020 which doubled the number fo keys backers had to use or give away
  24. Neither is NQ.. and that is a problem (if not THE problem) as they simply can't cater to everyone. There is an excellent viseo on this on YT (HERE)
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