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  1. Cant undo in build mode, pending operation, can't move stuff seems widespread and YANNO.... boot the server please. ------------------------------- The Voxel Experts - Stop FARMING OLD PHOTOSTOCK! That waddn't Launch! - Signed, The community
  2. After all the things. actually i'd just leave if there was a wipe. seriously, look at teh mega factories. The investments in the schematics. The time and faith of the community to provide content. Resounding naw, Im out. Gimme monies back pls. The billionaire things was fixed with athena I think and the new "way" for more schematics and rarity of plas. anyway. pick right.
  3. If you wipe in any fashion I will reduce 5 paid accounts to 3. Perfect time to consolidate those pesky skill points.
  4. Release. Push beta keys to sub. Spend money now on FTUE, without them we die, no matter our salt. The primary FTUE was come build at this cool single shard MMo experience have a free key. Nerfing the existing userbase progress will kill the game. Everyone knows someday the time comes yea gotta decide what keys to run as subs. The money is there. Folks like skins and DLC. We are ready to pay. I will pay for gold large stabs pls. Chop Chop. Take my money. Over and over. Here it is. I'm prepaid, what I say has no meaning from me, I get what I get, I have no leverage with "i'll quit" arguments. If things go well I would add two more accounts to my several existing prepaid subs.
  5. Tragic to make things more difficult to the remaining community non economic based projects like railways, race tracks or koff koff... Utopis... and Huge. The MU thing pushed to make more constructs that we did not want to have that became unviable to maintain anyway. The explosion in additional cores on the server is not our fault. Well someone did that spam at ION but yanno... how would the new rules prevent that? How about We collectively donate 1000 cores to a malicious org for a blockade of some space harbour. Pull the core, Rinse and repeat a few times. Is this disallowed gameplay? Seems creative player content. Seems greify. I like it. I hate it. If anything though it is make work. Why make work? Striving to limit a game dependent on imagination to showcase itself is a glass ceiling like no mans sky can contain. Why not exempt MU's? Sure, add a MU operating skill.
  6. Ore Pools are way off it seems for outer planets. Consider we can run multi scanners popping off 19 scanners every 20 minutes or so so scanning a hundred tiles is not unfeasible for an evening. As a result planets that had t2/t3/t4 are readily apparent as no longer producing, even following the "hot spot" and heat map methods of searching. Ore's are supposed to be more prolifant the further away from Alioth by original design. Now there is no encouragement to populate further nor build fantastic structures, player made markets. Will you resort the ore pools. Is Are some planets like Locobus supposed to have a 200 ore pool limit? It seems off. It is problematic not to be able to afford warp cells or fuel to start production for this created problem and no new player would be enticed to leave Alioth and Sanctuary with the current implementation. We need to know ASAP so that we can realistically pick and place our MU's with proper supply chain logistics in mind. Currently ore availability on some locations completely invalidates even having a outpost at that location. Is it good to pull the rug from under the player base more with unknowing? Thanks in advance for your reply. Fallen Angel Since 2016
  7. A little less cavalier, less cheezy, more poof. The current meta will not win subs. Disabling brakes on first of two weekends to test, to locate terrain issues to report on lands, breaking space factories, eliminating income from minining until paywall is breached.... risking everything on a not so entertaining meta minigame that will never provide enough resources for a modest personal factory. Referral subs on hold times five gang.
  8. Great Devblog. One question. Where is that ringed planet in the background on the devblog, with the arkship below it,,, where is it....
  9. Great dev blog, very articulate and well written. Thanks for your work NQ team!
  10. ill just leave this here... https://www.highrez.co.uk/downloads/XMouseButtonControl.htm
  11. So yea the discord channel is kinda handy. Check this out eh? It's an official announcements channel. https://discord.com/channels/184691218184273920/748512451967975424 In the past I disliked discord, but for this sandbox I approve as evidenced by results. Twice I needed a hand, (missing sanctuary element) and received a fix within minutes. The ticket system takes longer but it is maintained well too. Resistance to discord is a futility rewarded by longer self flagellation. It hurts so good ya. xo 0ut
  12. I'm happy. Worth the $ I spent on a new pc to run it too. I have been able to not be stuck at frozen issues/only training for a week. It is a good time but yea, mining to an evening for 80k is a bit steep. Thanks on the daily. A big thank you and a sorry to NQ what a buncha ganky beta testers all cranky and stuff we are. I've been waiting to play since 2016. dooo eeeeet.
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