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  1. Interesting Topic. I have found a couple things in the kickstarter ama event that I think fits. Quote I heard the movements of constructions will be physics-based, does that mean that player creating space station may have to calculate and stabalize an orbit for it? We are considering the possibility to "anchor" a dynamic construct, when you want to state that it should not move anymore. Otherwise, an active dynamic construct (active = someone is running a flight control unit) will be subject to gravity, and as such should be orbiting the planet if given the proper velocity. Quote Will asteroids be static or will they move? They will be static, like all other celestial bodies. We will consider however the possibility that a player could move them with the proper engines attached via a construct, but this is not something we can promise yet.
  2. DACs should not be loot-able or trad-able. They shouldn't be loot-able because I do not want to pay RL money for a brief in-game experience, having them stolen. They shouldn't be trad-able because that creates a P2W scenario in which you can just buy whatever you want with RL money and not have to work for it in-game. Also would open it up the gold sellers to make RL money off of them, ie. farm credits -buy DACs -sell for RL money, which translates to less money for Dev's.
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