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  1. As the CEO of a ship producing corp, I had some ideas about this as well. A reverse engineered ship will never meet the quality of an original design, but you could sell it cheaper. At this point we pretty much know that communication between ships/stations is possible, so we will most likely see some kind of holonet. My ships will have a certification, so you can check if your ship is original or faked as soon as you get in range of an antenna. Also, a ship without its scripts will be useless. So I was wondering if you can make something like an activation via the holonet. Faked scripts are
  2. Let's make an internet where you can upload/download scripts, use maps/navigation systems, check near trading offers, station information etc.
  3. Welcome! May the profit be with you all the time.
  4. you really sure that you should talk about responsibility and how mature someone is? I am younger than you are, but age does not matter at all. The only thing that counts is how well you can interact with other people and how well you can get along. also, people are trolling. as always. That doesn't mean that they are irresponsible.
  5. They are a planned part of the game at release but we know nothing in detail.
  6. I beg to dream and differ from the hollow lies this is the dawning of the rest of our lives ~Green Day This just came to my mind reading the last post.
  7. oh, believe me, they already HAD competition. But always good to see new corps around! Best of luck o/
  8. no bots, no NPC. To your questions: what stops big groups from bullying smaller: technically nothing. Smaller groups will exist in the outer-rim and in small niches in the economy, but the big orgs will dominate everything. But big orgs can't be controlled that easily and individual members will fell alone or treated unfairly. Those players will look for smaller orgs. Another thing: your small group of 12 people won't even be worth bothering for a big empire. If you are bored from mining, you can leave the org at any moment. Another member of that org will do your job, if no one is the
  9. Merging ships/ship parts won't be possible at release, but they said that they would like to do add it in a free expansion
  10. ahem... why do I have the feeling you had heavy inspiration from my logo?
  11. I really hoped that my old post is going to change something. Seems like it didn't. Load the alt-killing shotgun again!
  12. not the only one, but very few. And most already in other orgs.
  13. As the CEO of Vortrex, I want to officallly thank MasteredRed for creating such a great summary website
  14. I have the HyperX cloud. A cheap, but really good headset. Surprisingly good mic quality. maybe not a real gaming headset, but it works fine for me
  15. As the original autor of the forum topic I have to comment to this. I really didn't expect you to ever write this post. With it you made yourself vunerable to a lot of hate, and you have my respect. You created this org. When I first saw it, i wondered how that huge growth was possible. In the next days it went obvious that this must be fake. then I pointed it out in the forums. it was clear to see that this is either a "prank/social experiment" or really stupid. As it turns out, it was both. But, it maybe was really useful too. It brought a lot of attention to the problem, and it might help
  16. I intend to not die first next time. Congrats to the winner, and thanks to the game master and all participants. It was a really fun experience
  17. we need some requirements, but a neccessary pledge is a no-go. In my org for example, I am the only one in the council that actually pledged because all the others "don't pay for undone things". I don't support their ideology, but I respect it. They are really active tho, so that is not the right way to go
  18. My guess is still May. In the new IGN video they say "Give us 1-2 more months".
  19. Of course they don't have a meanigful future. But I want my place 16 in the leaderboard back.
  20. to add something else: NQ already pointed out that you're not allowed to create orgs which are the same as real life ones (apple, microsoft, etc.). So this whole trump thing actually is forbidden and should be deleted as well
  21. I will manage my own conmpany, especially my exploration divison
  22. As some of you already pointed out, the "Intergalactic Banking Federation" (IBF) had an extremly high growth in the last days. Founded on the 1st of march, they already have 65 members. Nearly all those accounts were created in the last 5 days. There were 26 new members in one day. That's more than 1317 orgs got in their whole time of existance. I'd like to ask NQ to either delete this whole organization or the fake members. This is a problem that many online games have but we should start fighting against it as soon as possible.
  23. Now with the new interview we know that there will be a food system in one of the first expansions. So yes, we have agriculture
  24. probably. Says goodbye to half his conflict strategies that involved automatic drones or systems...
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