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  2. After looking over the pre alpha gameplay video for scanning and mining I've been thinking about how will this work longer term in game. Some assumptions There will only ever be hand scanning There will only ever be hand mining There will never be ore scanning or ore mining elements on dynamic cores. There are apparently 5 tiers of materials. I derived this from the post about 15 new materials (3 types in 5 tiers). There are 5 tiers of materials then they will be most likely at successive depths. I derived this from the scanning/mining video t
  3. Dialing gates would be my preferred option. Restrictions: You must have permissions to use the source gate. You must have permissions to use the target gate. You must be in range for the source gate. You get a warning if the target gate doesn't have the range to reach back to the source gate. i.e. if you use a gate with a 1000 ly range to connect to a gate with a 100ly range then you could be stuck on the other side. You should at least be warned that this is the case. Permissions could be split into who has permissions to dia
  4. Economies are tricky beasts. Here are some of the NPC based faucets/sinks I can see: a) Buy/Sell Raw Material Blue Print designs c) Assembled devices d) Go scan/explore an area (grid reference, moon, asteroid, solar system). 1) NPC Pricing If pricing is fixed then materials have a floor value. i.e. if the NPCs always buy iron at 1.3 credits per unit then no player will sell below 1.3 credits per unit. If they sell for 13 credits per unit no player can sell above 13 credits per unit.. But the farther you are away from the ark ship the less true that becomes. If you are a 3 h
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