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  1. I would suggest you first post your texts in this very forum and share with the community. Then wait for NQ Ripley to actually set things in place, as no-one for now will officially approve anything. On a sidenote, the Lexikon library is always on the lookout for texts about DU, be they fictions, tales or essays of any kind.
  2. Aliens ? Beta actually started to paint an interesting portrait about "aliens": the Wrecks, the Artifact Puzzle, the Gold Star lost fleet, the Alien Cores... That was back in a time where we knew - or thought we knew - that things were "for real", the "real deal"... Wipe put a silver bullet into this poor beast's skull. However, wipe could also be the chance for a great renewal of lore, a chance to forget tricky questions ("If Alpha was simulation and Beta was reality, how come Aphelia knew about the existence of the Artifacts and their meaning ?") and smooth up l'histoire du jeu. True, the game's science is a narrative landmine and I suspect NQ's management has zero.dot.zero interest in this but with NQ-Ripley at the quill, lore may become a game pillar again.
  3. I understand what you mean and I agree. I'm just willing to roll with it, just to see where this will lead us to. Maybe a bang, maybe a flop, maybe a refreshing morning breeze over frost covered fields... Maybe they'll pull the ol' "This is still a simulation, multilayered and imposed on millions of sleepers because *insert reason here*"; I believe the game is called "Dual Universe" for a reason. Let's suspend our disbelief on the same nail we hung our hopes for a brilliant game to dry on for now and brush some dust off the tomes.
  4. Aphelia being insane is actually a valid lore angle. I understand mending lore will not be easy, NQ painted themselves in the corner on this one, but I feel we may just save something here... DUHS has a discord server that saves news into archives; general discussion there may attract lore-minded noveans: https://discord.gg/ecErPae Lexikon is a library ship, visitable ingame (VR Pod "Lexikon"); it offers texts and expos to read and see; still work in progress, currently rebuilding after the Beta Wipe
  5. VR Pod "Lexikon" is now open and texts/ expos are coming back one at a time. The building is done and flight-capable... somewhat, as it'll need antigrav.
  6. NQ's gameplay decisions, notoriously brutal, were made on the go for gameplay's sake, the lore's consistency long forgotten in the face of the game's very survival against its own growing pains. However, now that the game is "released", maybe we can start to mend things. If NQ is really willing to pump life into lore again, I believe Shamsie and some of the community's writers can do some good.
  7. Alas, little effort has been made by NQ since Nyzaltar's rendering of the Bible and Alain Damasio's novel as far as "lore keeping" is concerned; Streamer Shamsie, aka NQ-Ripley, has been tasked with "writing things", so we can only hope he'll be put in charge of updating the lore soon. However, may I interest you into the works of the Dual Universe Historical Society and the Lexikon Library ? Both player initiatives are turned towards lore and game history...
  8. Lexikon is building up pretty nicely; level floor (machines) done, first floor (library) on the way then second floor (gallery) then the roof garden; when the bulk of the structure is layed down, I'll work on making the ensemble move. Also books, obviously.
  9. Any link to "Chronicles of Tranquility" please ?
  10. Hello Wilks, If that is not too much of a hassle to you, I'm interested, please.
  11. You mean the Lexikon Library ? Yes it will, since it is my personal opus in DU: an ingame public place for tales and essays by many authors (Beta-Lexikon had 45 "books" and art/ document viewing galleries).
  12. And here we go. Lexikon will be back and this time, it will move. See you all beyond the veil.
  13. He asked for org conflicts "that happened during Beta"; Terran Union fizzled out in sept 2019. However, for a relatively full account of the affair, please look for "Too Large for Comfort: a History of Terran Union" and "What Happened to the Terran Union" at the Lexikon library (VR "Lexikon").
  14. Please share a link or hook me up on Discord (Peregrin#6074) to send a file, so that we may add them to the Lexikon archives (with your permission of course)
  15. Welcome back, CATS. Best wishes on Tranquility's future ! "Chronicles of Tranquility" from Dec. 2018 are no longer visible on the OZ website (site is down), any way to have them back somewhere ?.
  16. It's a shame to see the Thoramine go but since we're now finding out it doesn't "really" exist... The "Beta was just another simulation after all" thingy, as the most probable pretext for the wipe, is actually what bugs me the most in the whole affair. Incidentally, those who would want to know more about the puzzle and the Thoramine will find not one but two accounts of the episode at the Lexikon library, VR Pod "Lexikon"; come visit and read while it's still, well, here.
  17. (from the NDA forum) You shared the screenshot with the wrong person and got the "Mall Cop Treatment"... again. You can appeal it or just wait it out, I suppose, but in my own tin-badge & plastic-whistle experience, complaining on the forum doesn't help...
  18. Deckard was saying on Discord yesterday Image Upload would be safe.
  19. Schematics for 5 Dynamic CORES; they mean schems to use to build core elements.
  20. The collective sigh rolled on the plain like a warm afternoon breeze, rustling the grass blades in its slow wake. Somewhere in the distance, cries of anger echoed faintly but didn't last: after all, it was mostly how we always knew it would be. At last, our hands soon empty, our lands untamed, our past time already behind us, we had no other way to look but forward. This too, it would seem once more, shall pass.
  21. According to lore: "Riots break out all around the world over the selection process that dictates who gets to board the Arkships. The process was created by a scientific committee from the UEF, aimed at gathering the maximal amount of genetic diversity, plus a lottery to offset the fact that not everybody could go." So it's less about skills preservation and more about preventing genetic inbreeding, as well as making people accept their fate via the "luck excuse". It is said that mobs overran some of the arkships and some even got destroyed before they could take off, so this lottery may not have been a widely accepted stratagem. The fact that we get awaken in batches may be a key factor in one of the game's supposed "secret stories": how come we, the "first pioneers", wake up to markets and shops and institutes everywhere ? How are we to interpret the supposed date of Captain Lamarr's logs, set 2 centuries before awakening ? Unfortunately, this last one hinges on the upcoming wipe: was this just another dream ? We being in final NOT in the real world yet could void any speculation... (This, for the personal record, is what irks me the most about the wipe)
  22. Alas, speaking of fatal flaws, we have 2 conflicting versions on the rez mechanicz, both from NQ themselves: Number 1 is the "EvE way": "When you get killed in Dual Universe, your body is destroyed but your consciousness is transferred to a Resurrection Node, where your body is reconstructed and you get a nude-clean fresh start; you can only spawn back at the //nearest// of the nodes you are linked to and conditions, such as owner authorization or organization membership, will apply." It's actually an older version of the rez mechanics, no longer documented if I am not mistaken. Number 2 is the "Multiverse way": "Quantum Branching is at the heart of the Resurrection Node technology and is based on the “Many Worlds Interpretation” of quantum mechanics. At any moment, in particular, when you die violently, several versions of the universe coexist in parallel. Scientists working on EPR pair experiments unexpectedly found a way to instantly switch one universe with another, and in particular to switch the universe where you die with another one where everything would be exactly the same, except that your body position would be inside a Resurrection Node. The amount of matter to switch increases the energy cost of the operation, so RN teleport only the minimal set of mass to get the desired effect, which is... your naked body. A Resurrection Node is paired with your body and cannot be used by somebody else. It will make you virtually immortal, even if natural aging will probably get you out of the loop at some point." This one came later with the tech lore; it may replace the first one. In both case however, we are living people encased in ugly suits; the artificial versions are the "surrogates" from VR pods, which look indistinguishable from the living, increasing confusion...
  23. The more we progress into building our civilization, the more we realize we're building Aphelia's civilization. The more Novaquark tell us this game is a sandbox, the more we understand they'd rather run it as a theme park. Have I been chronicling for 6 years now the growth of a beautiful child, only to see their parents slowly smother them in fear of seeing them become an adult ?!
  24. So you're now... what, leasing the Schematics instead of selling them ? You're patenting them ? Whatever the word is and although I understand, thanks to @TobiwanKenobi, that this solution is more élégante than brute-force selling, it still means that technology belongs to "Aphelia" just like everything else: the lands, the markets, the wargrounds... Once again, this is not our civilization we're building here.
  25. New book: "The Siege of Gamma" by Cobqlt, Caerus & Metsys ! Voxels come and go. Stories are eternal (and wipeproof)...
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