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  2. Zero_Balance

    What Does AVX actually do?

    Well it turns out I need a new computer before I can play this game, something about my CPU doesn't support AVX instructions.
  3. Zero_Balance

    Future Implementation Ideas

    Hi all, So after looking though all the information about dual universe, I noticed that there is no moving parts on ships. My idea was to use a rail system like that used in starmade, as aposed to using the rotor and piston system used in space engineers. Thats if anyone is interested in the future when we have a fully working game to have a bit more fun with ships. Would like to hear others ideas on the topic. Cheers, Zero
  4. Zero_Balance

    New Comer

    Hi all, Im new, and I am not in any Organisation. Just thought i would open a spot to meet everyone and share some ideas. Cheers, Zero