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  1. While the idea of an IGB is nice, CCP did remove it from the Eve client as it required a fair bit of work to do and a certain level of upkeep.


    I would rather see NQ commit resources on projects making the game great in other aspects.

  2. Not very, there is an auto-programmer that links all the elements together for you and NQ are proving some basic scripts to work with. It doesn't take much to delve in and mess about, if you break it then just start again and learn from your mistakes!


    There are loads of people on here that are willing to help out with scripting in-game once we get hands onso don't worry :)


    Perfect then ! looking forward to give it a try.

  3. Greetings all,


    Well, I live in Paris and I just heard of this new exciting game through Twitter !!


    I'm glad I found it then  ;)


    About me : big fan of Science fiction, in the 80s as a teenager I started playing computer games, like Elite on a C64 ! for those of you who remember this fantastic early home computer ;)


    For the past 10 years I've been also playing Eve online, hence why I'm so curious about this new enterprise. And on top it's "Made In France" !


    Now I've got to think of a new Corp name !! :)


    See you all soon. Cheers





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