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  1. The issue is simple... NQ fucked up bad. They release a game with no core foundation for proper PvP / PvE... You don't release a PvE Game then attempt to PvP it... Just does not work that way... The be better off wiping beta and starting fresh or create dozens of new ores, tier out everything more and force people to go out into space and start colonizing and protecting. Until people stop blaming each other (the players) and focus on NQ for fucking up badly it's going be a none stop blame game PvP vs PvErs...
  2. This is pure bullshit and you know it... The ship should maintain speed period... Let me guess and alt-f4er who exploits the game for fast stops?
  3. wow 9 hour ago and no replies. This is amazing thank you for sharing this with the community.
  4. Honestly temp or perm my issue is NQ and their communication skills...
  5. All I can say especially for brand new players who not followed DU that NQ would be extremely irresponsible to turn on PvP on the current planets at this point especially without proper in game info as well as none stop out of game info to tell the players what and how it's going to happen... You can't have what you have now and flip a switch your player base is going to decay faster then your already lack of skill on doing a 40min rollback on major econ dupe a week ago... I like DU please don't continue to go to the path of destroying this game with rash decisions. MMORPG's are suppose to adapt as they age.
  6. More and More remote communities are under 1 IP in Buildings, Schools, etc. 1 Per IP would be insanity in 2020. it also states "Playing at the same time with two or more accounts is forbidden" So in my books unless your playing someone elses account and your own at the same time and that is talent I can't see any rules broken. Honestly the word playing normally means direct Interaction. I can even see them letting us use an alt to run LUA scripts as long were not playing it actively as it be sitting on a box in the corner with anyone "playing"
  7. This rule existed in so many MMORPG's over the billions of years since they existed. I have a feeling this be used more against people who are using it in abusive nature.... But I like to see some clauses like keeping LUA Scripts going at a base, etc.
  8. Salut, je suis québecois aussi.


    Je cherche a savoir si il existe un groupement de québecois.  Je suis actuellement dans une guilde francaise.



  9. lmao I just saw this thread and haha.. NQ he has more RL money then me do something about this! NQ he has less work hours then me make him work just as long as me!
  10. Sure the devs can host a machine and do a camera angle for it but.... This is not really a CCTV in the sense the way people want it and this not very practical... But I guess if you want to buy extra accounts and have the hardware you could do this yourself...
  11. For more of these pictures! https://www.reddit.com/r/evilbuildings It's amazing we have stuff like this:
  12. I feel like it will be more like 72 hours, etc then shutdown and fix / change things etc and do it again and again. I doubt it's like super old school they only turn it on while at work or something like that. But I guess will see.
  13. I will hop on but my GF shows up fridays-sun and early on Fridays too so I will only get the Thursday really.
  14. Just a warning don't make Jokes here and talk about on Discord or you will get punished on Discord. Mine was a joke of course even indicated with the ban and tongue out. But I get issues a warning on Discord over it. Beyond silly and immature and this one the reasons why I worry about certain people running community sites. Not only that I fear because of ANON moderators that friends of friends also have power in this community. For the rest of you actually being serious about taking free time off being pathetic then you need to grow up and enjoy life. There is more to life then being stuck as a slave working 40+ hours a week! Someone actually taking the time off to enjoy something they enjoy is a honorable thing no matter what their enjoyments are. Either way the bears been officially poked and everyone is on Notice!
  15. Mental illness is a issue. I think it's best we ban you to help you
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