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  1. Gonna be interesting times when the speed changes come and those things can't go max speed anymore.
  2. Group up with other people? The game shouldn't cater to these people who literally build huge ghost towns.
  3. It, along with Atmo pvp, has been pretty much abandoned indefinitely. They are focusing on survival and making it to release.
  4. Taxes should only be for Org tiles. And org tiles should give some bonus's to building on them. HQ tiles should be free of taxes, but tied to a subscription. But you have 3 months after your sub ends before its abandoned. Some people will build on HQ tiles and thats fine, others who want the industry bonus's will build on a Org tile.
  5. While I like the shipwreck idea (Provided it's in pvp space) I'm concerned over how we find these. We have a pretty shit radar system. And being given the exact way points takes out possible "exploration" side of finding them. Guess we will see.
  6. They also allow lua to destroy their own gameplay they implemented. So now I can have lua automatically choose the best resist when I'm being attacked. It's 100% automated. So everyone who pvp does it. So at that point even having resists in game becomes quite pointless. GG nq.
  7. Dont tell that to the pvp guys, they think if you shape it into a skull it adds +1000 dmg and range.
  8. The point is ships die now. Thats a huge step in the right direction. Second, we need the speed changes in first as they said are coming. Once those are in with testing, then balance passes can begin with CCS, voxel hp, and shield HP. Perhaps regulating shield size to core, maybe ore maybe not. Then hopefully some unique pvp elements or mechanics also introduced, things we have speculated on are ways to slow ship down, or legit warp interdiction gameplay. That is the path to go for a more balanced pvp gameplay. Not going back to the shitty days of old. This game is on life support as is, we need new gameplay, and to move forward. Not go back.
  9. i bet you think arranging voxels in a certain way actually effects how a ship performs dont you? haha. Anyone who actually pvp'd before shields knows it was just mass and how much voxel you had was your "HP" then you brought 10k T5 scrap to keep guns/engines alive which also added millions in add HP. Then after that you just added enough elements to get your desired speed and brake. Then placed you adjusters. As long as it wasnt blocked it didnt matter. You could burry voxel around elements but how you shaped it matter ZERO. A cube with the same stats as the gold skull performed 100% the same as that ship, Literally the same. And you know it.
  10. Speed changes are coming. They are confirmed. The voxel tanking was removed, and for good reason. S and M cores will be the main pvp ships. Thats just the way its progressing that way you can start to form balanced gameplay. L cores will be niche roles, best suited for sieges in their design for TW or for carriers. Having the ability to use a L core to be the fsastest, most dps, and tankiest all at the same time is TERRIBLE game design, and why its being removed. Also multi crew of old days just lend to even more advantages to people with greater numbers. I dont know who OP is but seems he is crying because now his ships are dying when before you could just use 100k voxel and safely fly about.
  11. Thanks for proving you didn't participate in any pvp pre shields.
  12. Hahaha all those pre shields are nothing. You take the BP and see what the list of elements are and voxels, make it a cube, and you get exact same results. That's obvious to anyone who actually pvped and you making yourself seem like you never did.
  13. And keep in mind the old pvp builders weren't good at all. All they did is use as much gold/silver etc and then as many elements and engines as they needed to get a desired thrust. It took ZERO skill to build old style pvp ships. All they did after was like what was posted, form the voxels into a skull....oh wow!! Such skill...lol. it's good those people left as they provided no value to the game.
  14. And then you remember how terrible the pvp was. I'd 100% rather have ugly ships over this, because looking "good" is subjective and provides zero value. Yes let's go back to the time when only L core was viable and 13 ships would engage each other for 1 hour and no one dies and everyone flies back into the safe zone. Absolutely trash game and pvp it use to be. That's why it was changed.
  15. Those pics look even more amazing without that shitty nebula too. It's quite a feat NQ has pulled off...making the visuals actually worse as time goes on instead of better.
  16. I agree but not on the mechanic. let guns be guns. Everyone knows even the XS guns even if you are in range are trash. I think this would be a great opportunity for the first implementation of a new pvp element. Make it only usable on a xs core. Give it a small but ok range. 50km(?) and give it a cool down. 3min(?) and if you hit your target ship it shuts your engines off and turns your breaks on for 30seconds to 1min (skill dependent). My only concern is if that would be hard to accomplish coding wise, without sacrificing server performance. S cores would be a near perfect counter to shooting these XS cores as they can apply their damage and kill them relatively quickly. So it still needs a rounded out fleet.
  17. For sure, im sure there is a small percentage that enjoyed it. And the "healer" role in mmo and games can be popular. But balancing it out in the way NQ has done their pvp seems like an impossible task, and when you couple that with the amount of server problems it caused (this is well documented and was even coined 'download your damage') I dont believe it should be returned. Like, if you have 1 repair guy and 1 gunner shooting you, should he be able to repair all that incoming damage? or a good % of it? and if so that seems pretty OP that 1 repairman can negate my gunner seats barrage of MISSLES doing huge explosions. And if he cant...then it defeats the purpose. And multi crew while sometimes sounds good on paper, often leads to more imbalance with people being out numbered. In the current fleet of single person ships (or occasionally 1 gunner) you have more ships on grid, and couple that with some speed variations (and eventually other cool mechanics) you can have a better experience flying your ship around, managing ranges, dps, resists etc. We all know pvp has probably many years of constantly development, but I stand by its better to release their speed changes first, and get adequate testing and feedback and go from there. Those speed changes alone will shake up the meta, and possibly put more people in S cores, which is vital to the progression of pvp in this game. EDIT - and keep in mind in the current meta the reason it seems ships die so easily is L cores can shoot the whole 2su and apply damage. AND they are also the fastest to keep in that 2 su range. If i show up on grid in a low cross section S core and 10 L core ships start shooting me, I can take some damge sure, but have time to turn around or pick and angle and out run them. If more people are using S and M cores even being on radar does not now guarantee you can hit your target, giving you another mechanic to mitigate that dps, not just face tank it, but pull out of someones range if you are taking too much dmg and think you might die. And in between all that chaos is where the fun and gameplay will lie, piloting your ship, coordinating attacks, etc.
  18. It really wasnt that great. You pointed at something and left click. It was monkey brain dead activity. Second, we must not forget, a big reason for these changes were to help the server. Gun cycles were increased for that reason, and shields were added too. Server literally shit itself when you have to download the damage. I really don envision any scenario where the old style of pvp comes back. And to that I say good riddance. Flying your ship is way more fun, and having speed differences alone will add fleet comps and variation. We need to thoroughly test those new changes first so we can give accurate feedback and go from there.
  19. You make a lot of good points, but my main contention is this. We know speed changes are coming. We need to see how those changes work before altering other things. The reason ships die really quickly is you can hit so far. If S and M weapons become a main then you have to actually get in range, and also no longer need to get out of the full 2su radar range to mitigate damage. If my S core goes 10k top speed faster than your L. Plus a low cross section I know have an ability to get into close range, or exit range. This alone will spice up the gsmeplay and make piloting and choice of core more important, then after sufficient time and feedback we can work on balancing HP of shields, CCS, and stuff like that cause a lot of those are number tweaks.
  20. PvP needs a long way to go, but you are wrong. the old way was terrible. Absolutely the worst pvp i ever played in any game. At least right now ships actually died. And if beta launched with pvp how it is right now, we woulda been way better off, and retained way more people. And now with speed changes coming soon to help Smaller cores get into range to use their weapons, the game has a chance to keep progressing to be better.
  21. This is wonderful news. This will increase pvp activity when L cores are no longer the do all ship with the best stats in every category. Can't wait for this, it cant come soon enough,
  22. Exactly, the current mechanics arent thought out at all for "atmo pvp" and I suspect NQ has probably abandoned it completely. At least for the foreseeable future as they have clearly stated reducing server costs was the decision behind detemer. It wasnt a gameplay decision. And thus i believe they will try to do some "space territory warfare" as thats where the pvp is located right now anyway, so will cost significantly less development time, as they can just develop some shield that goes on a space core and give it a timer or 2. And maybe some new gas resource to harvest and there you go, BAM space territory warfare.
  23. The whole 'hex' gameplay seems pretty terrible. And I don't see it being very fun long term. I also don't see wars fought over a tile that gives 12L more than some other tile. IF and that's a big IF, atmo pvp ever comes it will be done purely for the sake of it I believe, not to take over tiles.
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