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  1. Yes, do you notice in how all the videos when they pitched how they said Sanc was the safe zone where that non-pvp would be possible? Guess that doesn't count does it?
  2. PVP in this game was always pitched to be WAY more than it is right now. Those are facts. Where we end up no one knows,
  3. Thats how bad its gotten hasnt it? We cant even imagine in our heads that NQ could create a meaningful radar system for legit exploration that was both balanced, and useful.
  4. One thing too, is now that we have shields in, the 3 lives seem less like a good idea tbh. Maybe add more HP but just 1 life would add to that element sink at least for some pvp. The salvaging game loop will never be a thing if we dont get a real radar mechanic where we can head out in a random direction and explore, and do so at greater than 2su. The solar system is too big, radar is too small. Just the way it is until NQ realizes that adding a legit radar to a space game would be amazing. Imagine that, actual exploration.
  5. This is one thing ive been saying for awhile now. Remove 4 planets. We only need 8. Shrink the solar system so only like 1 or 2 planets are 2 hours or so from alioth. the rest are 20min-1.5hr. Add in a radar, and now you have a great scaled gameworld. If your population increases, you can always add new solar systems. This would also allow you to remove warp drive.
  6. 10 su radar you can ping for wrecks, player ships, asteroids, anything is desperately needed, and could take this game to a whole new level.
  7. Ya, if I had my way I'd remove at least 4 planets and then also move them closer. Expansion of DU as a game seems better as in more systems (only if needed by population increas) then mindless 5 hour slow boats. But that's not gonna be on the table. I hope if they ever do get a new system they learn to do less planets and a little less distance.
  8. I personally think space should be space whatever/however they implement the mechanic. Isn't that kind of the problem right now? Tacking on pvp instead of having it interwoven with all mechanics to make a game that flows and works. Im firmly against "combat zones" being the only thing that slow you down, and NQ has at least not hinted anything of the such. What makes a combat zone, is if you bring combat....to that zone.
  9. Because in the past NQ has specifically said 30k was chosen because the game breaks down past that speed. So you can only go down. Unless they somehow remedied that, then that's the way its gonna be.
  10. Don't waste your time replying to him, he is irrelevant and even NQ knows it.
  11. A game means more subs, more money, more population. They already made hard limits with cores. Then they made limits on what size guns could be on the cores. We desperately need a game, or else there won't even be servers to log into.
  12. A freighter in eve doesn't move or warp as fast as a frigate. A plated battleship moves slower than a cruiser, and warps slower. A Titan capital ship moves at a crawl, takes 45 seconds to align, and warps the slowest. Do you go on eve forums and complain about the speed of light there. This is suppose to be a game and you need restrictions. You are out of your element in this thread.
  13. I kinda agree. NPCs that drop loot become Point of Interest for players to run into each other, creating that interaction MMOs are suppose to give. The more point of interest the better and more opportunities for people. Right now we only have a few asteroids but the "loot" they can drop is not unique, or often now worth the time and risk, as you can get it passively in the safe zone while not even online. Terrible game design.
  14. While I'm not opposed to that idea or type of gameplay right away, I'd like to see how TW does with speed changes first. A second point is space pvp is what it is, and I don't think it should be like the videos it put out, I think that more falls in line with atmo pvp (that for all we know has been forever canceled). One way to help TW tho would be to give the shields around space stations MASSIVE HP. Think 100s of millions if not 1billion. Or more. It means you need serious fleet to attack, and L cores. L cores would put out the massive DPS needed to cap the shields in a timely manner, and 4 S cores aren't gonna go start a shield timer on some whim. It makes L cores valuable for sieging and defense, with some smaller cores for support. But an enemy attacking should be able to flee, no need for further slow downs. If I'm defending my space station and enemy is losing and starts to flee I don't need to rack up massive kills to feel amazing about my victory, I already will.
  15. Some people propose Mass reducing speed, and while in theory i think that can be ok, I do think putting hard limits on core size leads to more engaging combat. Not to mention how things effect hauling. And it might not even solve the problem, because L cores are often under 1kt so that would mean NQ would have to start very low for the mass to start a reduction, and that sounds pretty bad. XS - 29999 S - 28500 M - 25000 L - 22000 Thats my first spitball speed reductions. Now doing these changes, also means its less important on the "G's" your ship does, because while it is important, if you are chasing an L core in an M core, if the L core accelarates to top speed 20 seconds faster than you its no biggie because after those few seconds, you start gaing, which leads to more creative buids with CCS. And voxel tank can matter more because weight becomes a little less of an issue. So you can build L or M with more CCS, can have time to do some repairs again during shield vents, and L cores can add M or S gunner seats as "point defense" that would hit smaller ships that come too close, and that added weight of extra gunner seat and ammo is negligable when you are capped at a top speed. This leads to more interesting builds, and ROLES. L cores become more "hold your grid ship" with way more tank, more shield, more ccs, but slower. M becomes your "mainline combat" and your S core becomes your interceptor. So rounded out fleets matter. Cross sections also matter a little less, because guess what, M guns and below can already hit the small nano shields near 100% already, so building bigger, and tankier dont really matter, its only matters now against other L cores. So L cores now become more incentivies to shoot other L cores in most situations, as they can stay in same speed range, and have more shields and more CCS to be a tankier Siege war ship, or fill a carrier role. You can even get some EXPANSE VIBES that you and your crew are in an L core and get "swarmed" by a bunch of S cores, so you switch seats out of your L gunner to a small gunner seat of Small Cannons and try to quickly blast those S cores intercepting you. These simple speed changes and shield changes and CCS changes can add way more depth to pvp and fleet, to choices of ship, how you build, what ships need crews or single fighters and place a solid foundation for more to come. And give ships much needed roles in combat. These changes are VERY LOW development time as a lot of them are just changing values. EDIT - Also, Prec gun dmg should be half of what the base equivalent of the HEAVY variant of that gun is. So sniping long range can still be viable, but the person who can get in range should be rewarded with more dps if they choose to use heavy ammo, and it should be a BIG increase, because the time you are out of range not shooting, and your opponent is shooting you is HUGE and adds up every second. So please balance this out. and Prec ammo gives 1.5 bonus for dmg, it should probably be 0.8 for the dmg too. Whatever tweaks can be done to balance out sniping 2su guns.
  16. So we know they are coming. And i think this is a welcome change. For one, if you are capped at certain speeds, its less of a factor if you build your ship to 15g or 20g a smaller lighter ship will always catch u if they see u as they have a higher top speed. But with this will come some reblancing. A good jumping off point would be Shield sizes should be regulated to core size, like guns are. But rebalance they HP L - 20mil M - 15mil S - 10mil XS - 7.5 mil With these changes I think that each core up should have 5 more resist to its pool. L - 15 more M - 10 more S - 5 more XS - Current pool On top of that I think that the CCS cap should be higher the higher core you go too. Im not sure on what the cap is, but it should fall in line with that. So the L core can defacto be the tankiest ship, but it is the SLOWEST. So a well balanced mix fleet becomes ideal, and the fun comes in everyones ideas and opinions how to outfit their fleet.
  17. If game is fun in the act of doing, then losing some assets is not a deterrent. If your only goal is to hoard internet pixels, then ya maybe you wont like it. Just log in and play the game if its fun.
  18. - The scanner that you use can have a base range of 1000km (5su) - The timer to complete the scan with no skills is 10minutes (think similar to how Territory Scanner works. With these skills, you would have a base of 5 su with no skills, but train these up and it would increase to 10 su range total. You could then also have your base timer of 10min be reduced to 5 minutes with a couple set of skills. Make these trains decently long for a good specialization. You could have handling skills also, but I kind of like just having operational skills. But the actual distance and time obviously can be adjusted based on balance, but i do think 5minutes and 10 su is a reasonable starting point, where a single person can explore, but also not so over powered for larger groups. I like the idea of the scanner only showing general pings too, its up to you to "fly to that area" to see what that radar ping could be. That could tho also lead to another skill where there is some percent chance it tells you if it is a wreck, ship thats not cored, or asteroid, etc. but thats kinda either way. if you wanna maximize scanning with a group, they would need to be 20su apart, so the reality is, its not so overpowered for even larger groups, because anyone knows in the pvp meta, if a fight breaks out, 20su can be too far sometimes to save someone, and maybe not everyone has max skills. So there is LOTS of room for ACTIVE gameplay, and reasons to fly out in space in random directions, and EXPLORE. And this being a game and we all have finite time, have a reasonable expectation to find something in a timely manner. @NQ-Deckard @NQ-Nyzaltar
  19. IMO even as a pvper, the implementation of the DSAT was terrible. And since you can get asteroids in the safe zone, and they respawn on saturday, as shown there really isnt any need to "defend" them. Especially if i can just scan and claim T3-T5 tiles in the safe zone and automine. What this game needs is a legit long range radar scanner. People often say "oh well space is big" yes space IN REAL LIFE IS BIG. But im not playing IRL, im playing a game, and an MMO. The reason for that is to promote player interactions. If we had a radar that could "ping" even just 10 su, on a timer, you could actually create real exploration. Think about this, if your radar has a 1-3min timer to use, and a cooldown, to balance, then once its done it gives you POI of anything that was scanned within 10su (asteroids, npc wrecks, other player ships, anything new added later) but doesnt tell you what it is, and only a general waypoint area to go, now you can go explore find out what it is, onec you get closer than 2su and its in radar range. This is great for even finding asteroids, you could be 120 su from some outer planet like jago, and found a exotic asteroid. No one knows you are there. Unless they already found it, or someone gets within 10su and pings it. So someone could show up within 10min, or 10hours, or never. This would lead people to actively go explore more, because even people trying to avoid people, could have real chances to be on an asteroid for hours with no one knowing. This is good for pvpers because more people would take the risk to explore. and 10 su is a decent balance of not too far, but enough for people to reliably find SOMETHING in an hours gametime. Right now the current implementation of the wrecks is atrocias (albeit with the best intentions). But people want to log in and have a chance to actually find content. People literally spent 3+ hours roamiing aimlessly looking for the wrecks, and find nothing. How is that engaging? How can I promote that to my friends to come play DU with me? Conversely, if I say tell my buddies who dont play DU "Yea man, we spent an hour and half and went and explored, and found 1 wreck, and 3 asteroids, which we bookmarked and mined one, and plan to sell the coords to a friend for some % of their take" During that hour + we actually accomplished something. Not only that but we are out in space, ACTIVELY flying around, scanning, having fun, and could be a possible target, or could be looking for targets ourselves, needing to keep watch of our own scanners and radar. To me that sounds infinitely better, and like a real game, and something I can look forward to logging in, and accomplishing something with some risk, but also some good rewards, and some fun exploration because you dont know what you will find, or how good the asteroid you find will be. Maybe its a shiitty basic? Maybe its an exotic with over 100kl of T5. The fun is in the mystery and the reliable act of knowing that if i spend an hour or so, I will at least find SOMETHING. Please Please consider these gameplay mechanics and loops NQ. We as players want to promote the game to our friends but how can I promote "ya i flew around for 4 hours and found nothing but empty space".
  20. Too many rez nodes, too many orgs. Being apart of a corp, and by extension an alliance in EvE can mean something. Some fizzle out, some stay for decades. But DU is seriously lacking loyalty in that department. Same with your "home" and where you choose to be a citizen of. Proposed changes - 1 org per character - 1 rez node per character (on static or space construct only) The Rez node would be a perfect way to actually give meaning to planets, and where you live. Becoming a 'citizen' of a planet and the gameplay down the road created with that. If you have your rez node on a tile, you become a citizen of that planet (good to show in the info part where it also shows territories owned). But here is the kicker to help with cities, groupings etc is that if you have enough people that have their 'Home' and rez node set on a tile, you get certain bonus's. These can be things with industry, and possibly later even with mining, and anything else cool in the future that gets added. And if you have enough people, then adjacent tiles can get that bonus (ways to grow your territory and cities). These can later tie in to possible owning planets, and setting governments, how taxes are applied and who gets them outside aphelias influence. A reason to call somewhere home, and legit bonuses for grouping up with players, creating cities.
  21. I've been saying this forever, without limitations and "classes" of ships, you can't distinguish them into different roles in pvp. Without different roles you get everyone building into 1 or 2 best ways of ship performance. Fly the fastest, do as much damage as you can, and do it as far as you can. That leads to bland gameplay in pvp. Take EvE, you can be a battleship doing massive dps in a fleet, you can also be a frigate tackling enemy ships, or a logi ship that heals Friendly's. You can also be a neut ship where you neut out your enemies capacitor (the life blood of all active modules and even some guns). And all those ships do DIFFERENT TOP SPEEDS. We need not copy eve, but we need their concept, different "roles" in pvp.
  22. You don't know, you don't hold all the cards on what would or wouldn't happen. Stop acting like you know everything. A system to scan a few su around you (10-20) where the results weren't perfect and needed to keep going closer and scanning would be better, for miners too, and explorers, and for pvpers. Ad it would require you to be active and out flying in space. And if you are a miner 100su off from Jago and found a rich asteroids how can I find you without getting within 20 su? And even you yourself could occasionally scan to see if anyone is near you, then you could create a gameplay where your "signature" was bigger or smaller than that 20su based on how you build your ship, with good pluses and minus for that build to be balanced. Once you have that foundation radar in play you can use that to continue to add content such as the wrecks, anomalies, deep space stations with shields and timers for bases, and other Points of interest. That is way better than the system we have now.
  23. Are you kidding? I'm a pro pvper and I think the broadcast system is stupid. I think the dsat is stupid, and I know other pvpers who think fhe same way. We want a better radar system used for exploring all that empty space. That way maybe you are on an asteroid for 10 hours and no one shows up, maybe 30min? Would be an infinitely better system and get more people in the pvp zone.
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