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  1. You keep shifting the goal posts on talents by adding more talents required to do simple things like mine efficiently using MU's and own cores yet you keep the talents accrued to a ridiculously low amount of 90 p/m. I don't expect to get 1000's of points per minute and I certainly don't expect to train all talents however you're constant changes is making it extremely difficult to become proficient in anything, especially industry which has an absurd number of talents to train
  2. Because even though I mainly play solo I am also a member of a large Org so contribute a ton of ore.
  3. If NQ are going to reduce everyone's core count then they need to provide a way for people to condense/combine constructs. I have 6 S core factories (purchased from a builder) that would easily fit onto 1 L core. This would save me 5 cores. I shouldn't be forced to try and rebuild this 1 element/voxel at a time just to fit in with their new core requirements. NQ should provide a tool that enables me to easily copy the contents of 1 core and place it onto another core
  4. If you're going to implement this then you really need to fix the rubbish situation where players need to use a core just to put down some flooring to connect constructs. My base has 8 constructs yet I need to use 10 additional cores just so I can have flooring to walk nicely between those 8 constructs. This is insane. You shouldn't need to use cores to place flooring. Flooring should be free on a territory
  5. Agree. Cone works perfectly fine. The issue is how people believe it works. The cone tool only searches a radius... not the entire map.
  6. "While this is still in relatively early stages, the solution we are looking at is to spawn the rocks right under the mining unit beam, where the beam hits the ground. Players would then be able to rapidly harvest surface rocks" Only issue with this solution is that most of my MU beams are concealed within a structure therefore I would not have access to any ore that spawned under the beam
  7. Sanctuary is already lag city and I don't believe these changes will fix that. Being restricted to mining on 1 hex only is also not fun. There's a ton of planets out there and being forced to stay on one planet due to insanely high taxes makes the game worthless, unenjoyable and boring. Why be forced into building your base and infrastructure on Sanctuary when it can never be moved to a better planet? I can guarantee that the tiny free unit will bring in less than 1/10 of the cost of owning a hex off of Sanctuary meaning people will be stuck there forever unless they create 10+ alts to milk missions This change is being introduced not to make the game more fun or stable. It's being introduced to save NQ money and to force people into playing longer (ie more revenue through subscriptions)
  8. As a relatively new player (4 weeks) I'm already finding it extremely difficult to make enough Quanta do do/buy anything. Adding an additional 1m to my outgoings every week for every tile I'd like to purchase/mine is ridiculous. This on top of an initial 500,000 per tile basically makes it impossible for me to get anywhere or do anything in the game. I don't want to play a game where all I do is missions and sell ore so I can pay taxes. BTW, if I don't have enough Quanta to buy/build mining units how will I ever get to a position where I can extract enough ore to pay my taxes? You need Quanta to buy/make units but need units to make Quanta. And I guess there'll be another 30 or so Talents that take months to get just so I can use the mining units (or use them efficiently). Thinking it may be time to cancel my 12 month subscription.
  9. Only been playing for 4 weeks so this change has little impact on me. Don't have many tiles, don't have any scans, don't own anything of importance. The economy is so lopsided that it's very very difficult for new players to get into the game. Maybe this will make things a little easier?
  10. If you think that's bad, in the original video announcing this release they didn't even use the correct flag for Australia. They used the NZ flag. That's like using the Canadian flag to represent USA. If they can't get a simple thing like that right, it means they didn't put ANY effort into making the pricing structure fair.
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