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  1. First let's all be very clear this is NEVER GOING AWAY! not unless NQ deletes all BP's that violate this rule, this is NEVER GOING AWAY. I get it, engines stacked in engines... not great and it's NQ's fault that they allowed it to happen, and made promises that BPs would never be deleted. You all changed the bounding boxes of most elements causing a lot of these overlapping issues and your just going to delete players constructs because of it? (I said overlapping not 100% stacking) But then there is the overlapping of glass panels ... this is nothing more than for looks and will get a construct deleted! Not ok to delete for something like this! There is stacking that is "abusive" such as engine 100% inside the bounding box of another element, ok fine delete it. But then there is the engine that is just slightly overlapping another engine and is taking the obstruction penalty for doing so: not ok to delete The several thousand industry core that has doors overlapping, or windows and door over lapping... it shouldn't get deleted The industry core that has all the glass indy units overlapping each other, it shouldn't get deleted Non-building player shouldn't suffer just because they have an old blueprint that overlaps elements just because NQ changed the bounding boxes! Before you delete a construct, you need to warn a player, you as NQ need to make a way to warn a player that their construct is in violation before deleting a construct, you created this mess, take some responsibility and clean it up. Going around and deleting the constructs will not solve this until you also remove the blueprints that made these constructs. what happens when a player has bought a ship and doesn't realize that 2 containers are stacked, like 100% overlay because the container are buried behind a wall of vowels and only the hub is exposed?! What about the player that created an illegal ship, filled a dispenser full of the BPs claiming them as the best new player ship and has now left the game, This BPs will forever be handed out. So NO you don't just delete a construct because "it's been coming" these blueprints are still in circulation and will NEVER GO AWAY and players will suffer again and it's stupid just to delete a construct because instead of having a small gap between glass panels someone chose to overlay glass panels! So NQ clean up your mess: create a warning system, that warns owners and user of constructs and BPs that need to be modified, allow the players some amount of time to comply with the warning (remember your DRM system and think of players that bought token ships, and the work load you are placing on a small part of your player base that is integral to your games survival) and then start deleting constructs, I do think that overlapping engines and piloting elements should have a shorter warning window and an automatic deletion, where other elements such as glass, doors, windows, and static cores should have a longer window), but NOTHING SHOULD BE DELETED WITHOUT A WARNING.
  2. Since we don't have the energy requirements in game yet, and don't even know what elements will require energy or how it will work or what impact it will have on cores or constructs, this whole shields and element/core pvp balancing is almost completely pointless and a waste of time and resources and nothing more than a knee jerk reaction? Just and Idea but maybe finish developing the game before trying to balance things and mitigate problems?
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