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  1. I'm certain this implementation is the lowest cost solution, as they are trying to stretch their meager income. I am grateful to have a way to recycle. I was hoping for a way to recycle unwanted honeycomb back to pure, also.
  2. I start building lots of things and hardly ever finish. I'm a leaf on the wind.
  3. No. Can't compact the speeder if it has a container.
  4. How many entries are we allowed, please? I submitted two speeders.
  5. The answer for question 3 did not address the question asked. The question was if Alioth Exchange cores would be returned to the owners as magic blueprints. Unless the answer was a very oblique way of saying no.
  6. I really like the low-mass options for building material products, brick, concrete, wood, carbon fiber, marble, and luminescent glass. They give me a wider variety of colors and textures for lightweight PvE ships.
  7. Timed with some rewards for the fastest 10 or 12 ships. I was thinking pirates would race to kill participants preventing them from finishing. Maybe 5 waypoints like the way asteroids work, but without dragging a DSAT around. I'm not sure how I would communicate the waypoints. I guess post them on a big XL screen that would have to be invulnerable to attack. There would have to be a radar with lua to record the ships that arrive and check in times. I think pirates would camp the checkpoints pretty quickly, so it would be best if runners didn't have to stop. (Is it possible to send coordinates to a chat window? A radar picks up my ship, Colonel Mustard, logs the name and time, and then sends position of next waypoint to the ship chat window so I can right-click and set as destination?)
  8. I would participate in a sort of gauntlet run. Fly from some safe starting point to a point deep in PvP space where my ship would be logged on radar, then back to a safe finish point.
  9. Correct, assuming it was 2FA reward that caused the problem. Could have been Athena. I noticed after applying 2FA.
  10. I've just reported a bug concerning programmable keyboard skins. My Retro keyboards have all reverted to Default. I can no longer apply Retro. I can apply the new Secu skin. If I then try to apply Retro, the keyboard changes to Default.
  11. Although it sounds cool, it would be broadening the scope, and NQ already have enough they'll never get done.
  12. I have 8 mining constructs that will now come down. I have a ship museum that will now lose its structure and most of the ships on display. I have a two core hangar and 4 cores if parking that will be torn down and my few remaining ships will sit on the ground. Building was what I enjoyed most. There is no more reason to gather resources if I can't build.
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