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  1. NQ, I understand the need for limits to the amount of cores being deployed in the game. Nested orgs with infinite cores is a problem. Players having access to enough cores that they are spawning them by the hundreds on asteroids and by the pvp border of a pipe with the purpose of spamming radar and crashing players ships and computers is a problem. Building is, and always has been, what DU dose best. I have spent countless hours building ships and buildings in the game. The adds I see for DU show big cities filled with players and ships doing things. The cities and ships exist in the game but the cities are pretty much empty as there is no real reason for players to congregate in them and that is a problem. A problem that will never be solved if these changes are implemented as proposed. Organizations having 0 cores available for themselves and depending on the kindness of their members for cores will be a disaster. Pretty much everyone i know in the game has their own private org for more cores to use for themselves. This is done as the amount of cores an individual can deploy for themselves is way too low. This low amount is now even worse since now mining units need a core per hex that they are mining on. Private orgs have been a way for players to have more cores to use for ships, building projects, and now mining. If a player has to decide between providing cores for their own needs or that of their orgs they will chose their own every time. Even if a generous player donates 5-10 of their org cores to the org this will not be enough for most orgs to function. This opens the door for exploiting newer players for their cores by orgs, and for griefers to join, donate, and remove cores form orgs and watch the org suffer as they randomly lose ships, miners, and parts of their structures. For organizations to function they need to have full control over their cores at all times. I have 2 propositions to help with these problems. First increase the maximum amount of cores for an individual up to 30. This can be easily done through multipliers in the current system as i believe a player can have a maximum of 15 cores at present. (The fact that i dont know this for sure and can't access this information in my charater UI is a problem.) This would allow a player to own a 7 tile/ core set of mining units and still provide a good number of cores for ships and buildings. Secondly organizations need to be looked at. Currently when you start an org for yourself or for a group, the org works the same way. And the proposed solution is more of this one size fits all model. This is a problem. My personal org that i have set up for buildings, ships to sell, and miners is different from the org of people that i hang out, with do asteroid runs with, and pvp with. And this org is very different than the org that runs the city of Freeport on Teoma, Utopia Station, and MTI's city on Madis. Nested orgs needs to be prohibited. When an org is formed it would pick a "charter" from a list and pay the associated fee. * General Charter: general use cores starting at 50 and increasing by 50 up to max of 200. Fees go up with number of cores. * Business Charter: cores deployed for use in the designated business have a bonus in their functioning. (EG: static cores used for mining in a mining org produce 5% more ore) * Civic Charter: Many cores used for big projects like cities, racetracks, museums, trading posts, industrial zones. Expensive org to set up but no taxes on tiles. Benefits like 5% more items produced in industries, or 5% bonus quanta earned in sales. Higher bonuses out on pvp planets to encourage settlement there. I understand that using something like the charter system would require some reworking by NQ. But i believe that if the changes are implemented as stated in the announcement it would be the death of DU. Which would be a shame for NQ and all of us that love and support the game.
  2. Positive changes with this announcement. These changes plus plans to not need to hunt down spawned ore will take much of the drudgery of auto mining.
  3. I've been playing and enjoying du most of the time since early beta. When they announced autominers I was looking forward to the relief from the drudgery of mining by hand. In my mind I thought I'd be getting a few tiles here and there that would be limited due to them doubling in price with each additional. I imagined flying around collecting the ore and maybey someday needing to add fuel to them once the energy update hit in the future. The way they were actually implemented made using them more of a grind than hand mining ever was. Spending hours calibrating units to make just a few quanta after taxes is not fun gameplay. The economy has crashed and will stay low for the foreseeable future due to the upcoming lootfest of inactive tiles. But the taxes keep coming on... The strongest pillar of this game is with building. Ship building has been my favorite activities. With a lack of information about how the upcoming airbrake change will be implemented I can't upgrade current designs or want to waste my time making new ones. All of these changes have made the game feel like a job instead of something I want to do for fun. I hope to return one day, but time will tell...
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