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  1. There seem to be an authentication issue with DU at the moment. it is coming up with error 100 and it wont let the password change When you follow forgotten password link it wont update are other players experiencing this issue?
  2. yes i grant you it is that 1 person that is what prompted that comment in frustration. having said that I feel that as a linux user I have had to justify my choice in OS on this forum when i was simply asking about running the windows client on linux. I didn't expect this to erupt into what it turned into. as mentioned above I need linux for my job and DU is just a game. i am not going to change OS putting my livelihood at risk just to play a game. and i am not sure who said it but I find it greatly offensive being referred to as a geek. I am not socially inept just because I am us
  3. you guys are a real piece of work. I AM NOT SAYING THEY SHOULD CREATE A LINUX CLIENT. my post was and always has been about running the windows client on linux as has been possible with a large number of other indie titles. I am not asking for them to support it. I honestly dont care if i am the only person in the world who runs linux additionally if we are going to play the numbers game there are more linux users than the number of people who play this game. and likely ever will play this game. there have been many startups like this and most of them have ended in failure. and w
  4. did you not see where i mentioned that if you sign up today they have stated it will be a full year until your service is commissioned? that is simply ridiculous. we don't need a linux client. we just need a windows client that can work using proton. even if we have to self support any bugs that arise. that is how other software that has come to linux works. and even if it has bugs i would choose that over having to dual boot any day.
  5. Any subscription model for a hardware service is lost money that is better put towards hardware. doesn't take much thinking to realize that mate ok if thats the case then they must be a sinking ship and it probably best not support them by subscribing to the game. yeah and in the server space Red hat serves the vast majority so lets stop taking out our bum and rubbishing Linux. going by your posts and i am fairly sure it is your posts in the other threads too that dive this down into a linux verse windows argument. this is irrelevant.
  6. $36US per month for this absolute builds up to an upgrade quickly. Thats at the time of writing $48 australian per month that's basically 6 months and i have a second GPU that i can run and solve this issue. and thats assuming they are going to keep that price in the last week or so tweeting that they have to restructure the pricing to make the business model sustainable. that's corporate language for "this is costing us too much renting out high end gaming blades for cheaper than any VPS service offers servers for, we are loosing money fast" so expect a price hike and a substan
  7. I have been noticing a few glitches in the tutorials. in the build tutorial i have noticed that it glitches out and wont let you progress saying to remove the elements particularly if you have already removed it when it asks you to remove it. then it doesn't matter if you put them back down to remove them it wont recognise that it and wont let you progress. in that instance i could exit the tutorial but now I am in the industry tutorial and it appears the assembly line 5 has been renamed to basic assembly line 5 and as a result it wont let you select it or anything else including t
  8. the cheapest i have seen where i live is starting at $2000, its crazy expensive. even budget cards are way more than they used to be. I was thinking about the RTX 2060
  9. not entirely accurate as microsoft themselves have put a lot of development into linux code for direct X compatibility as part of their WSL integration and there are a number of modules that allow direct translation for directx compatibility with vulkan. and yet Red Hat Enterprise Linux desktop has been commercially viable for over a decade and I am able to play most of my games in my steam library on it with no issue at all, additionally Valve obviously don't agree with this sentiment given the investment they have put into the development they have put into linux compatibili
  10. A Gm helped me out but basically i somehow got ejected out of my speeder (i am not used to the controls to this game) and i sunk to the bottom and the speeder stayed above. then i tried the fetch command but still under water and not knowing it wouldn't fetch it to my position and when i went to the outset of the lake it would not let me fetch it. not sure it was intended behavior but it may be worth setting it up so you cant get out of your ship above deep water or have its set a warning or something.
  11. I am stuck with on the tutorial with my speeder above water and i cant reach it. when i click fetch it says i can only use the function every 23:59 hours. and im over 18km out from the trading hub so not really able to do it on foot. Seems to me like a game breaking bug to me edit: never mind its fixed
  12. I can see there have been some posts about people wanting to but i was wondering if there has been any one who has successfully set up the client to run on linux? the launcher seems to install successfully using proton however when it launches it just crashes repeatedly. and yes i am aware there is a lot of anti linux sentiment in the community going by a lot of the previous threads but they seem to be from a couple of years ago and some of the devs are known to be running on linux so it has to be possible.
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