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  1. Ship compactifying is a small hit on realism, but at least is a compromise for the parking dilemma. 
    For ads, i think, such solution can be implemented: Ship packing will be done in n (n=1?) hours, and packed ship can only be unpacked back at this market. Of course owner can redeploy his construct every n hours, but it would require his constant involvement. They can also add option for the people who don't want their ship packed to toggle "tax based parking", which cost would depend on construct's volume (cross-section?). So you pay a tax or hire someone who will redeploy your ad every hour. 
    For "such" griefing, well, I don't see ingame solution right now. The problem with the markets is that they are owned by NQ, and they would need to be involved in conflict resolution here, even if the consider it not true to "Non intervention policy." Some ideas that they can do:
    - Fine everyone who cause collision with other player.
    - Shoot everyone who do not follow standard landing protocols (Need atmo pvp)
    - Ban (But who would do it, and also it is not ingame solution)

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