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  1. I'm not sure if the server takes more resources to constantly update all the tunnels as we fly by or what the deal is server side BUT I think that tunnels in the terrain on tiles that are NOT own should 'cave in' after a week or so. And have the OPTION that on my territory that within a certain distance of a construct that no voxels will cave in. (so buildings don't get filled in with dirt) Or no caves ins on claimed territory. So basically Only claimed territories will still keep their tunnels if the player chooses. I fly around looking for ore and there
  2. That's too bad. This game DESPERATELY needs more content... Oh well, wait and see i guess.
  3. Ok I have a question and maybe a few suggestions. Are there going to be a mix of NPC missions and Player driven missions or is this ONLY for players? So is there PvE content? If this is going to rely ONLY on players then that would be very underwhelming. There are sooo many things you can do with this if there is PvE content. -Production orders (source and deliver 100L basic screws) either purchase from market or manufacture yourself -Salvage loot from wrecked ship at x/y/z cords and deliver (rewards dependant on safe zone location or no
  4. I have no doubt the economy is lopsided, but I really don't think tweaking the game as is is a good idea. There is soo much they need to add... Megafactories are fine if there is a great deal of PvP/Wars. Then there would be supply AND Demand. Personally If I can only 'specialize' in one or two things then I'm not even interested at all.. I'll just specialize in screws, put them up for sale and log off. Yippy! I'm not even interested in PvP, only industry. Some people JUST want to kill things and that's great as long as your buying my engines 😃 I ONLY w
  5. I'd love the ability to make schematics. I like making everything. I'd rather build up industry than buy things on the market. That's what i love the most about this game 😃
  6. you'd be amazed on how everyone can get completely different ideas from the same sentence... just look at religion
  7. Schematics should be upgradeable. Start with base schematic and put into research element. Takes energy/time/resources to upgrade schematics time/material/production efficiency. Then also let us sell these on the market. Would add some much needed depth to the schematic gameplay. Could add Scientist Skill trees to compliment this branch of research. (obviously assuming energy will be added soon) 😃
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