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  1. I realize there is a list of beta objectives when you log into the game, but is there a timeline to achieve this? I'm just wondering how invested the developers are about getting this game out of beta. Do they have a large dev team? I found this game in a list of most anticipated MMOs for 2021 on a 'Forbes' list. After spending the last 5-days figuring things out, i've quickly realized that the game seems a bit neglected with little communication with the community. I'm really liking this game, and just want to feel a bit reassured before investing a lot more time.
  2. I just started playing yesterday, i don't have the points to maximize it. I'm using small ones for now.
  3. What skill is required to use the small conveyor? Can't find it listed anywhere... Please help, thanks
  4. Aaron, I've also noticed how inefficient mining is compared to surface gathering. I've got a small surface for a base constructed and several small storage units now. Just made two small conveyors.... sadly have a ton of research before i can even use them.
  5. Keeps loading at 100% in load screen. Can't enter tutorial
  6. Someone recommended buying a large container. It is too large to go to my inventory! How do i get it? I spent all my credits on this item. I wish the online chat was helpful for these questions, but noone answers. Please help THank you
  7. The VR surrogate station isn't showing up in the market inventory. Ophelia says to transfer it to my inventory by clicking on it and dragging it, but there is NOTHING there. Please help. I have tried the tutorial twice now and nothing works.
  8. Thanks everyone for the help. Everyone has been very helpful!
  9. The long tutorial bugged out in the middle of it and now the market tutorial is bugged out. I'll post in bug thread
  10. Dwindling resources? That sounds ominous...... is this game dying?
  11. I find that I am having to wait with nothing to do for long periods of time.... I'm on the moon sanctuary. The only thing for me to do in my newly claimed area is to harvest surface resources and mine (haven't been able to find a mine yet - that scanner is another issue). My inventory is packed full. I finally figure out how to craft a static block to be able to build a base. Once that is crafted I find out i don't have the skill to place the block. I wait another 30 minutes for that to finish. Now i'm trying to build a small assembly line hoping that will help with the long periods of waiting for items to craft. There is a lot of waiting. Having said all that, should I have done something differently?
  12. I have one to add for the long tutorial. Once the tutorial takes you outside and shows you teleporters to the other starter zones, if you click one of the teleporters, your waypoint is messed up when you come back (all the way at the top of a building), and the tutorial prompt is to go to the "institute teleporter." I went to the institute teleporter and there is no way to get this prompt off my screen now.
  13. hey! good question, i have no idea, but if you want to start a base near me, i can send you my location. I'm on the moon sanctuary, trying to figure out how to create a base now. My coords are: 160.7556 long 30.0895 lat Name is Merlin3000 Hopefully we can work together!
  14. of course i find it after posting and running around for an hour.
  15. Just started playing and the long tutorial bugged out before i could get a shuttle to the moon. Been running around trying to get a shuttle there. Please help me find it. Thank you
  16. Just about to push the "play" button and hoping to meet some people to play with. Please message me here if you are interested in grouping up, or if you already have a group and are looking for another. Thanks, Chris
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