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  1. Let's remember they've been working on missions since before 0.24. That's 6-7 months to push out a skeleton of a system -- so it isn't like this is some fresh feature they barely had time to work on. Personally, I don't really get it. I don't have hours to spend slowboating and am not interesting in paying for a game just to AFK. It's not a screen saver. The idea that the warp restrictions were done to "encourage pvp" makes very little sense to me. How is that a balanced game design? Investing hours slowboating is enough of a cost without the risk of total loss (+ lo
  2. The issue I have with the concept of the metaverse is that is is a grand convergence of technology. Unfortunately, technology is often more divergent than convergent. Radio is still a multi-billion dollar industry. People still need to make phone calls even if texting is more popular. People still watch network T.V. People still use dial up. Beyond that....which part of your description doesn't already exist in the Internet? It's live and persistent. It has a full economy. It has no hard cap beyond the physical limits of server infrastructure and
  3. Huh? My point here is that experienced leaders could have helped JC instead of setting him up for failure. That they could have looked at his vision compared to the resources he had and guided him to make real design choices up-front instead of playing it all by ear. The "if you know so much, go do it yourself" line is really lame and a great way to not actually discuss anything I said on its merits. Also, I worked in game dev for several years, so I know how hard it is. Because of experience. JC didn't -- he made an extremely, extremely, woefully common mistake most no
  4. There's a wide range of what 'indie studio' really means. People talk about 'III' (triple-I) studios to distinguish between well-funded studios with some AAA experience and "actual" indies with little or no budget. NQ is clearly a 'III' studio by that definition -- normal indies don't get over $20mm in investment for their first-ever project in game dev. Compared to the big players in gaming, however, almost everyone is some level of "indie studio". EA could easily throw $1 billion into a massive MMO project. Hell, they claimed $1.5 billion in income from
  5. Dual Universe is a metaverse just like Second Life is a metaverse. Only the chart here is wrong, because Second Life launched in 2003. There are products claiming to be a metaverse going back to 1993... Of course, there's a big difference between calling something a metaverse and it impacting society in the same was as something like the Internet...but keep on dreamin'....
  6. Congrats, Graxxor. I worked with a company that spent some good money to become an official sponsor of the team USA wrestling team to help launch a sports nutrition brand...that targeted schools and team sports. In 2020. Now that's a series of unlucky decisions; if y'all think NQ has had a rough time...it could always be worse! 😭 The Expanse is pretty great -- makes me want to rewatch it, too.
  7. It's pretty obvious that DU is losing a lot more players than it is gaining. I would understand the idea that some old players are just naysaying assholes obsessed with "how 0.23 broke things" if there were any sort of influx of new players, but there's simply not. The player numbers are bad enough that even as a single player early access game, DU would be struggling. As an MMO...there's simply no evidence that the game will magically explode in popularity. Even if they could gain 1,000,000 subs tomorrow -- it wouldn't scale, they wouldn't be
  8. Uhm, that's some sneaky pirate intrigue right there. Exactly what guarantees that 'rats won't attack you after you pay their fee...? Their honor as pirates...? 🤔 🙅‍♂️ Combat in DU has a very, very, very long way to go before it makes sense in terms of design, appeal, and performance. I think shields are a good starting point, but also reducing the need to pile 5-6 gunners onto a vessel whose main job is to do nothing...that only makes the lag situation worse, and IMO it isn't an engaging experience.
  9. I love how people think Kickstarter is a promise to get something. It's not. It has never been that. NQ has zero obligation to follow-through on any KS goals and Kickstarter makes it very clear that they are not a store. If that's not something you like, don't back things on KS 🤷‍♂️ I know it's very frustrating...but crowdfunding is not a promise, it's a donation or a gamble at best. By now I think most studios have learned that trying to keep KS backers happy can dangerously inflate scope...and for what? They already spent your money. I'll be the first t
  10. The tutorials in this game are so bad I think they are scrapping them entirely. Unfortunately, they have never been very reliable. I think they realized that it'd be easier to start from scratch with tutorials -- any efforts they've made to fix them in the last 6 months haven't really gone anywhere. New player experience still has a very long way to go
  11. I agree. Shields would solve a lot of problems, potentially. At this point, NQ should be looking for ways to simplify the technical requirements of the game across-the-board. I think shields are a great way to do this -- it could vastly reduce or even eliminate the need to do these intensely expensive (computationally) voxel damage effects. These effects are "neat" but...a lot of trouble relative to the payoff. I also love the idea of using shields to help equalize the more aesthetically-driven ships -- forcing people to pick aesthetics or combat is a bad i
  12. That's my opinion, yeah. It is hard to dev a game for 6 years with no real design then try to turn it all around when the dust settles. I don't envy NQ's dev team at all. I do think someone will crack this egg because the potential for profit is huge. I think it either requires an (unlikely) risk from a bigger studio or wider availability of high-level voxel engines or tools. Right now, there's way too many low-level technical problems to solve just around how voxel building works. MMOs are already very complex, to do this and build out the massive amount o
  13. Right, Empyrion isn't an MMO and has plenty of issues. I wouldn't say the building is "tragic" -- it is a lot less granular, but that isn't always a bad thing. DU really should have opted for a bit less granularity and detail in building -- it is a source of eternal technical headaches. Also...let's be honest, most players won't understand voxelmancy. Very easy to create stuff in Empyrion because it is so simple. Not everyone can master DU's tools as easily. DU needs more simplicity both to reduce technical burden and to make things more intuitive for the average gamer. But that sh
  14. "Everything built by players" isn't actually a design, it's an arbitrary rule. Rules need a real justification in the design layer to make sense. There's a reason virtually every successful MMO has ample PVE content -- PVE is a big, important gear fundamental to the design of commercially successful MMOs. Has there been any subscription MMO that is purely PvP? Actually curious. Both DU and SB decided to opt for this vexing hybrid of voxel builder and hardcore PvP game. Builders want permanence -- otherwise why bother building? PVP players want meaning behind PvP, other
  15. I don't really get how any professional studio could fail to release a major planned feature, call it "phase 1" then go completely silent as to when "phase 2" will drop, even 2 months later. It's no longer fair to call it 0.24 "phase 2"...it's just the next update. So far this year, they've changed the jetpack, installed purchased textures, and added org wallets. I think I need a new job where I don't have to spend my Sunday fixing bugs or working so much and can just do like 2-3 tiny things in 5-6 months and call it day.
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