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  1. Where did I say that? Never implied nor said anything like that Well you don't rly Listen to any arguments nor counter ans arguments. You just keep on reeeeeeeing, perhaps That's why you can't see what dacs are and mistake them
  2. Why post with two different accounts? Just to give the impression that "more" ppl are on "your" side? ok.... I tried to discuss with you and give you explanations - but obviously you're not interested at all in discussing this properly and you just want to go on with "reeeeeeeee, it's p2w". Fine by me
  3. can you please quote properly? it's getting hard to read your answers.... it gives you the ability to buy resources or elements, yes. And no one ever denied that. so what? You're still one guy....or 10 guys as in that example from that other guy (alt maybe? ). I already asked WHAT EXACTLY is your benefit there if you may have lots of resources/elements but you're still only one/10 guys - what do you "win" there? How does this mechanic (being able to buy resources) make you better/win the game? You still can't compete with huge orgs and you still can't raid them and why would anyone accept anything like that? what do you mean by slavery? what are you talking about? I buy a DAC from NQ for RL money. I sell that DAC on the ingame market for quanta. You buy that DAC from the market. I get your ingame money and you get the DAC. You then use/consume the DAC right away and BOOM - you get 1month of gametime to your account. That's all there is to it - no slavery involved at all you cleary miss the point about this whole system and you clearly are confuse about what a DAC is at all: Du will be sub based (around 10-15$ per month). A regular sub, depending on how much in advance you pay will lower the $/month - so far, so standard. ON TOP OF THAT: you CAN (not a must) buy ingame Tokens (DAC) for real money for about 18$/DAC - WAY more expensive then a normal sub. But I can sell those DACs ingame for ingame money (see above). It benefits everyone: - I don't have to grind all those resources (because I'm lazy or whatever) myself, but instead just buy a couple of DACs with RL money then sell them for quanta - and I can do what I enjoy ingame with that ingame money - You can play the game for free (no RL money involved on your part) - if you can just make enough ingame money to buy a DAC from someone ingame every month I don't understand what you mean by exploits/slavery at all - this is not how this works
  4. And you're trying to gloss over the fact that this money doesn't rly get them anywhere if you think a little further Example? No, the normal sub is always an option and way cheaper. Dacs are only for ppl who want to play for free by earning quanta and paying their sub with dacs which they buy with ingame money
  5. If they go to the ingame market, they need quanta. They get quanta by selling dacs on the market. You got smth backwards there. Every builder can sell blueprints to anyone- why should others not be able to afford it? Ppl who work together will also have money to buy those BP. No advantage there. Yes, you would need less men to get the resources to build something, that is true. But then what? What do you want to do with all those resources? You still need men to man guns. You still need men to fly ships. You still need scouts, Explorers, crafters, repair ppl and logistics. You don't 'win', you just have more resources at your disposal with less manpower involved, but you can't compete in any way with a 1000man org
  6. Ok then, but again: tell me how dacs are p2w in your opinion. What could you possibly do with lots of money what others can't do as quickly or good? How does that qualify to be p2w in the first place and how do you think it'll ruin the game? I'm genuinly interested in your opinion here - because just saying 'it's p2w reeeeeeeeeee' will neither change anything, nor will it get you anyone agreeing with you. So let's discuss
  7. Neither do they, a sub model is needed for du anyway. Eve was dead since 2005, still going tho.....and WAY more successful than any other MMO too. Buying dacs for rl money give Nq more money than a sub. Then you can sell them on the ingame markets either via direct sell (fullfilling buy orders from ppl at a considerably lower price) or Setting up a sell order for a higher price, but you have to wait until ppl buy them. This will ofc change buy/sell margins and other adapt their prices too. Thus prices for dacs decrease because of more supply. Thus getting you less and less quanta for each dac. After say a month you sold everything and then you got 2billion quanta out of it. Now what? How is that p2w? What do you think you can "pay" in order to "win"?
  8. Ok, then don't do it. Eve has 50k continious players over 15 years, with about 500k subs inactive. Show me one other game with those numbers. Dacs aren't p2w per se. What do you think will happen if you spend 2000$ on lets say 100 dacs?
  9. Well those games have a very different premise than DU. Ppl who want gear, pve, Mobs and stuff usually don't want pvp at all and if there are no safezones then I can see why that is a ...... nogo.... for them.
  10. Works in eve since 15years, it survived ALL other MMOs Yes it's still a thing in du and it's a good one too
  11. Lethys

    Clone Idea

    well you need to load in everything nonetheless - so if there was just a quick way from the menu to switch clones it doesn't matter as for gameplay reasons and all other mentioned ideas: agreed. Wouldn't use it tho because that's why I have alts and I don't split training time between chars (less specialization in the same amount of time), but I can see what you mean now
  12. Lethys

    Clone Idea

    ...why not use the 3 chars per account for that? really the same thing... ?
  13. So you didn't do any work, Provided any data nor did anything to back up any claim you made so far. Just spewing your opinion, own inceredulity, flame/troll others without data/proof. Keep going man, you're hilarious Now some orgs "obviously scammed numbers" - again a pointless and useless claim just to be toxic. Define "obviously scammed numbers" and please provide data of actual, real and definitive alts which are definitely 100% there to boost numbers
  14. You didn't provide any data, you simply stated your (wrong) opinion No one defended themselves here aka "I invited those ppl because...." so by your logic no one did anything wrong anyway. So where's the point in this post then That's a strawman, not proof. You didn't provide any data on anything. Just because someone doesn't own the game doesn't automatically make him an alt to boost numbers
  15. Again. WHAT are you referring to man. Link it. Then we could talk about it. Just spewing some allegations won't help you much. Where do I benefit? What have I done? What strange things?
  16. As I said. Dunno what you're referring to because there's rly nothing THAT strange going on
  17. Deception will always be a thing in DU. And, if it gets out of control, then NQ steps in. And did in the past. But I honestly can't see anything unusual in the top 20 (read: anything noteworthy or a huge scandal which will shine a bad light on du because of those horrible, horrible alt accs)
  18. Where are those 500 fake accs. Proof or it didn't happen xD Oh and by all means. Ppl will find out very quickly if an org is active, does shit and actually has that many members or if it's fake
  19. Beta is still very long time away though..... I have some but I don't want to give them to strangers who ask for free stuff. Gl finding someone
  20. Imho nothing should be sold for rl money (except maybe customizeable appearances). It is p2w if you can just buy a unit which helps you "defend" indefinitly by just hiding on some moon and bring all your stuff there which then cant be taken/Destroyed by anyone else. Also. Its only semantics so who cares xD
  21. Then please don't "beat" me up ingame with your market skills either. Cause That's pvp too and I can't defend myself. And it's not fun for me
  22. There are 0 sanctuary tiles on alioth. Also, buying them for RL money would go against their p2w ideology. STUs are used on MSA, not ASA
  23. I doubt you know what's fun for me or not, tyvm. Du isn't wow, it's more like eve in that regard. Some can't even hit a frigate there even though it's leveled too....and some hit it very well. Why? Because this kind of pvp isn't so much about player skill (hitting, doing dmg, all that stuff) but more about tactics and understanding mechanics to use them to get an edge. Everything else is leveled ofc, because it's only computed values. And skills or levels don't rly add that much to anyone char either. It's not wow, again. Skills give you an edge and an advantage, but never stop anyone from hitting you entirely. Non issue. If you don't want to train such skills, fine. But thats not an argument in any way. I for example won't have ANY building, mining, crafting skills (if I play DU At all that is). And plenty of ppl will have combat skills too because they want to experience stuff and not fall asleep from boredom (bam, thats my assumption xD)
  24. Omg run, a big eve knower here who outsmarted everyone here xD Circle jerking meanwhile, so I won't respond anymore even tho you'll see it as a "win"
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