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  1. Ok so you will run one server for DU then? You know that this doesn't work right? You have no clue what SINGLESHARD means do you? People these days....posting nonsense everywhere
  2. There are plenty of videos and tutorials online, it really looks not that hard
  3. I can't see the first year of a space captains (or everyone else's) life on board will be shallow with little depth...there will be plenty of stuff to consider and to learn through trial and error before a ship with it's crew is able to be effective and pull off great stunts. As I said, there would be plenty of possibilities to do with g forces but the crew will have problems of their own in the first place, no need to swing the hammer at them more than necessary. Let them learn the ropes first, without complicating it too much at first I can imagine g forces to be implemented in a later patch, but for the first few iterations it's not that important. Oh and I would appreciate if you don't assume stuff I never said, thought or said.
  4. Well if griefers and pirates annoy you, just get a police force up and running for YOURSELF and hunt em down. It's a sandbox. If you don't want pirates to be around, be the police to stop em and don't cry for guidance from the devs
  5. What would be the point? Black/redouts? (Counter by flightsuit), Toppling over when walking in a ship? (Magnetic boots ) Lying flat on the ground and not able to stand up? System failures of some sort? Think it's not that good of an idea
  6. Sad for you but as you said: better to commit to life than playing games and spending money on space pixels and not really important stuff before you haven't sorted out your life (and income)
  7. So no griefing, piracy, smuggling, betraying and just messing around with others? Sadly, nothing for me then
  8. Lethys


    I think it's a wonderful idea to implement orbits of Planets and have them revolving around themselves. This would add at least a little bit of randomness and thinking before you attack (sucks when your fleet has to fly 3AU in addition). BUT (and this is a big, bad nono as stated in the aerodynamics thread) You simply can't implement orbits for ships. Then Players would have to think about periaps/Apoaps, slingshots to even get somewhere far (this could be countered by "I have a scifi engine"), escape velocities and then again orbital velocities (it's kinda hard to get to the inner most planet, because your falling to the sun...) This proposal also includes then orbits for every structure in space. Like the first two drawings of https://what-if.xkcd.com/58/ : space is not vertical, its horizontal. A station/ship/satellite/debris needs SPEED in order to keep it's orbit (because gravity is always there). Try docking/landing on that moving thing with your just build ship from ground. Even with a minimalistic model it's not that easy - and again: if made too easy, why add it in the first place? Those calculations only consume ressources and don't add anything practical. I agree, that it would allow for interesting strategies and tactics but it would not work out well.
  9. Aan invincible flying box covered with weapons has nothing to do with aerodynamics. They HAVE TO balance the weapon payload anyway. No need for aerodynamics here
  10. And where's the point in having "a little bit of aerodynamics"? It just increases the load. If they implement too "hard" aerodynamics (windspeeds, layers of density, drag,...) it's too complicated for most players even to take off. If they just implement an atmosphere for flying without engines then it only increases load and adds nothing to the game. Gravity for running around planets yes but orbits bound to that gravity will go too far (as I mentioned)
  11. Orbits are hard. Very hard. The consequences are vast and not what you wanna face in an mmo. Try ksp and rethink your statement. Even atmosphere is hard. You have to build a plane that really could fly. You need jet engines for suborbital trajectory and rockets for orbits. That goes too far in a mmo. The load on the servers would kill the game
  12. Ofc they want to cover their expanses AND make money, no one will work for free. I don't get those arguments. When someone can't afford 15$ per month, then you have worse problems and probably should sort your life first. You don't see the huge expanses the game devs have per month, want a free game (at least only buy it once) and get all the support and servers for free for a (assuming eve's history) decade. All those f2p crap games just survive because of a store. If they go for plex, you CAN play for free -grind for hours and enjoy DU for free. If you can't or won't afford 15$ then stop smoking, stop wasting fuel on your 20l/100km car, stop drinking or whatever. But don't whine that 15$ is too much when you spend $$$ on senseless stuff but want to play a game
  13. P2p would be best for DU for mentioned reasons - no instances/New area with patch is the best one. Plex system works fine in Eve, no unfair advantages here. No one in DU will be a millionaire on day 2 or even month 2 after release and f*** with everyone simply because no one can buy those plex because of no in-game money L I pay for eve with 2 accounts and buy plex from time to time to sell. Because I don't have time for that stupid PVE to earn money in order to buy new ships in order to f*** around with people. I hate PVE, it's only a burden to do in order to do the things I REALLY want to do in a game. So plexes are fine, they don't give an advantage that's superhuge or unfair. It will take months and even years (like in Eve) that we will see big ships or cities, that's why P2P with Plex would be best.
  14. Van Neumann machines have to be killed and annihilated every time you see them - they would be very bad for obvious reasons
  15. True that, no problem then but I hope they will consider it. Weird things can happen in a sandbox....
  16. Still the problem in war. You can't be effective as a 500man Corp against 5000. Blobs are always a problem in PvP in mmos and sandboxes
  17. We had this discussion in Eve like 5000 times. Solo players: Be solo, fight solo, trade solo, mine solo. All good. But be SMART about it. Take precautions. Think before you just fly off and then lose all your stuff. I lived like 5 months alone in a wormhole in Eve (remote area, no easy logistics, no ammo, no repairs basically) and lost nothing because I knew the place I was going to. Ppl who just want to do stuff NOW and ignore the game mechanics get killed. They whine and 2 months later we can play hello kitty online because some whiners and bad, dumb ppl can't work out a proper way to understand game mechanics Griefers: Yeah they are there (I'm occasionally one myself) and its more fun when ppl whine and cry out loud. You do it 'just because' - that's it. Nothing personal. In a sandbox you can do it. Why should you restrict the gameplay of a whole branch just because players can't figure out a way to defend themselves? Learn how to avoid it The most and biggest problem in sandboxes are not griefers or players that want your stuff. The biggest problem in DU will be the blob. Huge masses of players against smaller ones. Who will win? Small gang warfare or traders are difficult to run when all the enemy has got to do its just bring double your team in. THAT'S the problem
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