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  1. If they are scammed of it (because stupid, didn't read etc.) Who cares. Their fault. It's ALWAYS clearly readable what you pay and what you get
  2. As you said: at some point everyone got scammed, so what. Sandbox = scamming allowed, nothing more to say. There are easy ways to avoid being scammed, but when a scam hits you it's just hilarious
  3. You claim it, you name it - sounds good Ben Dover and (for Austrians only and a bit tricky): Langstätter Anton
  4. First things first: When signing up to DU you KNOW that it is player run. This is why we want that game, because PLAYERS run it and not some random guy with a callsign above him. WE make the story. that's the whole point of a sandbox. Yes players will mess the market up, that's the point. Yes big Orgs will run whole planets and if you don't do what they tell you, they kill you, that's the point. 2) Eve has no npc market 3) lone wolfs will have a hard time in this game (it's a MMO, you know). 4) If all space is taken, nothing left to explore, you are not welcomed anywhere in the known universe of DU.....well.....then....just fly to a whole new planet and build your own stuff there? I really think that a sandbox game is beyond your understanding, you are obviously not the kind of player who sees fun (and the gameplay) in messing up the markets (no offense).
  5. I work for a company and I do Lagrangian-Particle Models for air flows (motorways, chimneys, industry ovens and so on). We have a small server with 80 cores to calculate the bahaviour of a chimney with a 3D wind field. Even for a small area (1km x 1km) the calculations take up to 1 Week. Yes its not exactly what you proposed here, yes it's a real model for the real world, yes it's too complicated to introduce that into a game. BUT Even with a more simple model, the servers would just not manage all those calcs. You have to check EVERY construct (at least ships and spacestuff), EVERY second for ALL VOXELS, if there is a breach. Then you need FOR ALL BREACHES THERE ARE INGAME AT THE SAME TIME a simplified model to calculate where the air is going and when that volume is empty. That's just too much Besides: I would just LOVE to shoot / plant explosives at random starships / stations from some random people and watch them furiously searching for that hole. Then you just start over with it. Pretty sensless mechanic that could be exploited with ease. Did I mention that devy said it won't happen, because too complex?
  6. I am also very skeptical about this game and if they really manage to pull this off. I don't believe right out anything they say and I thought long about backing (did Ruby though) BUT - The devs punch out new videos nearly every week - They do interviews as often as possible (and coherently explain the same things) - They LISTEN to the community (we have now a private discussion running with 26 participants) and ask them for their opinion - They just had a meeting with 75 people coming to Paris and play the game That meeting was just now, so you have to wait until people get home, edit their videos, upload them. They will come. Waiting you must learn, young padawan.
  7. At first I thought this was some post about the general respect and manners people should behave on discord / forum, but then I read that you meant DU with that. You need admins there (and in DU) who ban inappropriate language and harassments. Some people really overshoot the thin line between in-game mocking, griefing and a real, true harassment. I mock people for fun in-game, grief them and have fun with them - but all IN character because I'm a pirate. This should be endorsed by the EULA, because it adds metagame. I can't stand people though who get personal. Like you know, memes/harassments about the government in Germany from 1940. Living in Austria where such statements are banned and under strict prosecution, I think those should also be banned in-game because, surprise surprise, it's a game. So here we go: I, LETHYS, will track the goal of harassing, griefing and mocking around with players in-game on a more or less friendly basis where no fucks are given. I will never mock them because of their race, colour, sex, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, property, birth or other status. If offered a chance, I will have slaves, burn down cities and kill people as I see fit.
  8. I'm from eve, mostly. I do in eve: Explore and kill, keep the balance. You know, remind the bears of the dangers, having fun, messing around. I'll quote a special snowflake with what I will do in DU: "Same principle here, just without the dick."
  9. But he is waynethecool, gotta be serious when wayne is involved
  10. They thought about it and CAN'T DO IT. they CAN'T constantly check all voxels from all ships if there is a leak. No. They said it already. You can demand it though, but that would only make you a troll
  11. Think that's the same as with weather (explained by jc): you would need that actual anomaly being there and different players see it from different angles. And since you can fly around it would be seen from ground eventually or from space. Derived from that: nice to have but don't expect it soon (or ever)
  12. Interesting that some people wanna stop (at least you get the impression) the public discussion ('I think they alrdy have an official decision') and use sources they didn't knew themselves. Hilariously exciting those dudes.
  13. In the safezone are resources but nothing of value so for ship construction you have to wander outside
  14. And again: it's not about looting, funding an acc or playing for free. It's about the future of DU, creating a precedent with this decision.
  15. Your script with your turret only goes off if you are nearby because it's executed on your pc. Or a person you assigned through the rdms. Will suffer like 90% efficiency but It would work
  16. Yeah well if the 'good guys' let the scammer be then there will be anarchy. So in fact it's up to YOU to stop scammers and show them, that they shouldn't mess with you. You really should see both sides and not always cry about bad boyz
  17. First option will not be implemented because it doesn't make sense at all. Maybe he built a station there. But you won't be trapped, just flagged. Your ship will probably be stolen, destroyed or hidden somewhere else. I don't see a problem?
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