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  1. Not demonstrated. Because not possible. Quantum entanglement does flip states of ions, but you can't use it to communicate faster than light. Information can't go ftl. Because god plays dice with the universe
  2. Devs of DU are not here to provide content. They can conctentrate solely on technical advancement, which they will do obviously as pointed out in several videos, interviews and posts
  3. NOT POSSIBLE You need server resources even when you are offline. - You train skills, even when you are offline - Your constructs / ships / bases will still remain in the world, even when you are offline - Your inventory in some hidden stash will be lootable, even when you are offline - All you edited in the world (you constructed something, you dug a hole, you built a mountain,...) will still be there, even when you are offline so you are using server resources. DU just WILL NOT be possible with your "idea". You have to think that over and perhaps see the whole picture instead of your own, personal, gain.
  4. I quote a good man here: "Don't compare DU to your standard crap-korean-f2p-bullshit-game"
  5. There are several good reasons to build one gigantic server (which are obvious so I won't state them AGAIN). P2P is the way to go here for NQ, no other option viable. Deal with it already, either you want to play this game (then pay) or you don't (then grind in-game and buy DACs with in-game money). Or just back Ruby....plenty of options. But it won't be crap-f2p-model
  6. then earn enough in-game money to buy DACs and you can play for free
  7. Support from me, alpha is to test things and give them reports. It's not about griefing and killing all people you see (happens in beta enough). Combat (if implemented) has to be tested thoroughly because it's an important aspect of the game, but this testing should be consensual. I will organize an all out war or something (large number of participants) to test all the mechanics BUT everyone knows that this is only for testing purpose and is not meant for lolz.
  8. Certain amount and there are npcs to whom you can sell at first. They will be deleted once enough money is circulating
  9. I play for free and will sell you dacs from time to time, after I messed the price up ofc
  10. I'm taking offers to kill certain pilots - want to win that race? I will make sure you do!
  11. Board ship destroy core set your core into that space profit
  12. This game is not for kids and children. If an adult can't read what is clearly stated all over the place and then he rates this game badly, he's just an idiot and should go to school instead playing DU
  13. How long would the tracks be? How would you secure it against people like me? Fun idea, sounds good for everyone
  14. Even if it's a double post from the conversation we had: thank you very much Nyzaltar for your efforts and it's very good that the devs listen to their community. I understand your problems regarding that topic and it's good that you told us why you choose that path. That's very thoughtful and being honest with us is important. IMHO: - it's good that you think of an eve like system. Dacs are perfectly safe to use for someone who just wants to make quick in-game money and for the player who wants to play DU for free with dacs. The ones who want to crash the market, mess around with dac prices and want to make more money with dacs are bound to think about safety, because they can be looted. That's a very good thing. - Players who get killed and lose stuff because they are destroyed or dropped is good too, so you have to worry about it and pirates have something to do. - Scams/Griefing will be good to have gameplay wise and I understand that you have to set up some kind of protection system if someone is constantly targeted.But allowing it per se is a wonderful addition to the game
  15. Eve is NOT going to be a real F2P. They just introduce a skillcap for non subscribers, they can't have more than one race, small ships only and stuff. It's more like wow hardcap lvl20(?? Never played it though). Eve is 10-15€, depending on how long you pay at once.
  16. To me PvP is one of the most important themes of the game. Be it the market, PvP, CvC. I'm fine with only having PvP at release, we KNOW that CvC comes at some point. I'm not one of those morons, trying a game and start a flamewar because some shit is not in the game I would want to have. If it comes at some point, no objections. Edit: they said all along that CbC would not make it in the release but was a stretch goal, that's good. They are honest. They need to keep the playerbase updated and they need to be frank with us
  17. We all heard all arguments. Let's wait for the new am a where they will adress this problem. Gets dull
  18. If they are scammed of it (because stupid, didn't read etc.) Who cares. Their fault. It's ALWAYS clearly readable what you pay and what you get
  19. As you said: at some point everyone got scammed, so what. Sandbox = scamming allowed, nothing more to say. There are easy ways to avoid being scammed, but when a scam hits you it's just hilarious
  20. You claim it, you name it - sounds good Ben Dover and (for Austrians only and a bit tricky): Langstätter Anton
  21. First things first: When signing up to DU you KNOW that it is player run. This is why we want that game, because PLAYERS run it and not some random guy with a callsign above him. WE make the story. that's the whole point of a sandbox. Yes players will mess the market up, that's the point. Yes big Orgs will run whole planets and if you don't do what they tell you, they kill you, that's the point. 2) Eve has no npc market 3) lone wolfs will have a hard time in this game (it's a MMO, you know). 4) If all space is taken, nothing left to explore, you are not welcomed anywhere in the known universe of DU.....well.....then....just fly to a whole new planet and build your own stuff there? I really think that a sandbox game is beyond your understanding, you are obviously not the kind of player who sees fun (and the gameplay) in messing up the markets (no offense).
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