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  1. Another Cybrex alt making another pirate org to distract others from BOO - I see what you did there!
  2. You mixed something there: Tradehubs will allow people to make money (cut 5% of all earnings for example). With that money they can buy larger shields to construct and with the revenue they can pay for the materials needed to run the shield
  3. Well it doesn't matter much how you are paid because every resource is connected by a common value
  4. Good luck to you sir, proposing this to NQ. I know their answer
  5. It was clearly stated EVERYWHERE on the Kickstarter page that this game ships end of 2018. Reading (and UNDERSTANDING) helps
  6. Good luck trading with player run currencies. You get scammed in exchange, get scammed in price, get fucked because you have like 200 different currencies in your inventory and finally you get scammed because big players on the market will just ever continue to drop new currency with referral programs and whatnot
  7. Read the dev blogs, watch the videos. Due is single shard with NO INSTANCES. Like on eve, there are NO INSTANCES. A sol system in eve can be run on one server/cluster (which is part of the single shard) because there are gates but you DON'T HAVE GATES IN DU. This is ONE world
  8. Alpha? The servers won't be up 24/7 in alpha - maybe in late alpha but in the beginning they will only run 3 or 4 days a week.
  9. there are already several groups with that goal, depending on your taste: - outlaw city - strictly organized - space station
  10. Players will build enough because they band together in groups to do that. No automated mining in DU
  11. CvC it won't happen IMHO, because suicide gankers ftw. with asteroids its even worse... so balance wise I don't think we will see it, not sure about NQ, but again: everythings possible pre-alpha
  12. with no collision damage implanted, nothing would happen really
  13. I don't see a problem with those big ass guns, when balanced right. the lock on fire system could be more of a problem: I just HATED Xcom2 for that whole probability chance thing. 95% with a minigun from 2m - miss. 5% with a shotgun from 45m - critical hit.
  14. Optimus prime approves of this post
  15. You can build shields to protect your stuff. They need resources to function though. That's no guarantee that your stuff won't be destroyed while you are offline.... This is an open world sandbox, be creative on how to secure your stuff. There are PLENTY of options
  16. Well yeah, there's only one thing....the safezone. P.s.: GrammarN.
  17. You have one resurrection node to start with but not a TU
  18. No, territory unit only flags that ground yours. You can then set rules for said ground (who can enter, mine, build, with combination of scripts...). You can add shields to your constructs (houses), which will require power to run. You can add turrets which will attack intruders automatically (but at a severely reduced rate - to force player driven content). Nothing will guarantee that your stuff is 100% safe, the balance is crucial here. The more effort you put into defending your stuff, the more forcefully the attacker has to push - but it will always be raidable. It's only REALLY safe around the arkship
  19. If you're outside the safezone then people like me will destroy your stuff and raid your base while you are offline. Yes
  20. I think in the beginning a cube will be as effective as a sleek ship, but who knows, maybe (depending on server load) they add more realistic aerodynamics.. Afaik jc said something like that in some interview. More sophisticated designs will definitely be prevalent, I will stick to pragmatic designs though
  21. If players annoy you, use that whole emergent gameplay to get rid of them. Single player won't happen, it's p2p and will be online only.
  22. It will be per avatar, like in eve. Everything. Spais ftw and you can only train one char at the same time.
  23. what? well I personally would love to see the extinction though....
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