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  1. All hail to mighty Archonius, chief advertising manager!
  2. Why do you think eve players are not creative? Don't you think that it MIGHT be possible that they also play OTHER games? Like space engineers? Landmark? Why should an eve player be less creative than some other random guy? Taste is subjective - there will always be people who dislike a design. So what? If there are people who find DU promising and like the MMO voxel, emergent gameplay thing but don't follow it or donate or buy this game because of ONE FRIGGING DESIGN THEY SAW PRE ALPHA WHICH WAS BUILT BY DEVS then they are just plain dumb and fucking idiots
  3. Everything will be burned, scammed, griefed and destroyed as long as it's within the eula. There will always be some bears who want to avoid PvP - and I'm glad that there WILL be people who will force them to fight., It's a game - people always forget that and get all serious about it
  4. So? Players need to make sure THEMSELVES that they can't be scammed, that's the point. There are enough loans and banks in eve which guarantee that and are near impossible to scam you
  5. I don't really see a point in doing this. If they make some videos where you clearly see what they're doing, then leave it up to them
  6. This topic is about generated puzzles and I simply pointed out that the devs can implement whatever ruin, arkship, structure they want but the players should do the missions and events. So?
  7. The way I see content: missions, dev provided events, scripted events and so on. Tools have to be provided, and ruins are category "what there is to explore". What players do with those ruins should be up to them and not determined by the devs
  8. As I already said, I will organize some PvP events BECAUSE that needs thorough testing. Nonetheless it's better for the overall alpha, if there is a general non-stop PvP agreement
  9. In a player driven sandbox people should stop wanting content from the devs. Really. All those ideas are against players in fact. Want such a riddle? Make it yourself. Want a maze for players to escape? Build it. You are not confined to what devs in other mmos do, this is a sandbox - do whatever you want
  10. Read the ToS of SC.... No refund on anything - even when there is no game. Selling of ships, making more money, even when everything is delayed (no sign of S42), that sandworm demo was on a map especially built for that con and so on...
  11. Well after the disasters with SC and NMS, people are a bit nervous with new ideas
  12. Uhm, no. Because logged off avatars just vanish. So everyone can take control. If he relogs, it's most likely that he just appears in the same spot (pilot seat on the ship) or, if controlled by another player, right beside it (on the ship) - those are only educated guesses, but possible
  13. You can live in your cosy arkzone forever, but you won't be building ships then anytime soon (except you buy overpriced minerals). Everything outside those bubbles should be dangerous to go to. Risk vs reward. Immersive/emergent gameplay. There are lots of reasons
  14. There is safety for ships while you are offline: arkship safezone player built safezone or hire mercs. Or land on a parking lot. Or let your org defend it. The game can't distinguish between "I only take a shit and brb", "I logged off" and "I have rl power/isp problems". As said: secure your ship with lua, for the rest: hide it well or the above.
  15. Yes, PROBABLY, there will be more on alioth than one. Radius 20km for now. Everything else will be free PvP world. Give them mercs something to do
  16. @Archonius: I just replied to your statement (which was ,I don't like full PvP world)
  17. But it IS a full PvP world....outside the ark zone you have to be in a group, capable of defending itself and not storing all your assets there, cause they will get destroyed at some point. Even with player built safezones
  18. Lethys


    No there won't be early access. There will be an alpha for TESTING. Oh, and welcome
  19. Just to be sure: Pluto is not a planet, it's a planetoid. With a radius of only 100km, storing only changes, generate the planet with only math, updating far away/not seen players/constructs only once in a while I think it makes sense that it could work. But we will see in alpha how good this will be
  20. Thank you for the heads-up. IMHO: a weekly update is not really neccessary at this point of game development. A monthly update plus any milestone reached is fine.
  21. I mean, seriously, what is wrong with you? NQ SAID there will be a safezone around the arkship which can't be destroyed at all NQ SAID there will be bubbles, fueled by energy, which are destroyable but that would take time. Yes those bubbles are hard to balance and we have to wait for alpha / beta for final numbers on them. But all you do is just spreading mischief, rumors and bad attitudes.
  22. Well that's the whole point of gameplay...if you have a bubble you have assets there worth stealing. So it is your job to defend that. You charge money for security so ALL YOU DO is keeping the bubble safe as a job
  23. Will be funny when you carry 30 tanks behind yourself with cables/traktorbeam. Pretty unfeasible
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