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  1. Only when the servers are up. There is no offline tool. You can check uptimes here https://www.dualthegame.com/en/server-status/
  2. They have had that in mind with their ks campaign, dunno if it's still a thing though. It would be very cool to have it but it's not something you can "just add" into the game. You need very different mechanics, UI, controld,... for VR
  3. It's not speed which impacts ramming the most, it's mass. So ppl could find a way to build somewhat fast ships which can't be shot that easily (no fps twitch combat, DU is based off of formulas which determine if you hit or not) and still do lots of damage via ramming. At some point in the game all resource requirements are no big deal. 1.000.000 quanta, ore or whatever might be a HUGE deal to get in the first years of DU, but won't neccessarily be "a lot of resources" after a year or 2. It's not that anything becomes cheaper but everything will be mire accessible. Edit" so simply stating "it can be balanced via tons of X" doesn't work that well once du runs for some time
  4. Not having ramming imgame isn't because of weapons of mass destruction but because you can kill large ships with cheap ones with nearly no effort, except manpower. Not having automated turrets and only a tuned down version (less dmg and less accuracy) isn't because of fast moving ships but because of balancing issues. If ppl can build bombs. They will do it. And at some point, no matter the initial cost, it'll be cheap so they will just throw them around.
  5. see RDMS - every market owner can restrict orgs/players/groups/alliances to trade there and get equipment they need. Yes there are alts. Yes it's hard to block a griefer 100%. But it makes his life harder nonetheless. And he will we red to anyone living there anyway. Don't rly know what's not to understand here. elaborate. What holes? RDMS is there so you CAN micromanage everything if you want to - standings are ALWAYS subject to change and need attention I come from EVE. 10k+ hours. Again, even if confined to one planet it's an arbitrary number which is superimposed on ppl just for playing the game. This system works in EVE because of sec status of systems, but will not work out that well in an open world, for reasons I stated. Sec status also doesn't protect anyone in EVE at any time. It's a bad system which gives the impression of doing smth good while in the end doesn't rly do anything at all. Yes NBSI/NPSI will be a common tactic - so what? RDMS -> set everyone to red -> done. Not much micromanaging involved... Depends on what you did or where you lived in EVE. I lived my whole career in a C5 with sC2/sC6 and we did police our whole chain. That's everyday business to bring stuff inside or sell. But mainly we did it for fun and shooting stuff. And this kind of thing won't be as prevailant in DU at first as it is in EVE too. Travel times are real. You can't fly from one planet to another one in minutes in the beginning. It takes hours. DU != eve in this regard and pvp will concentrate at certain points imho (like orbit, ground, later on at stargates and FTL-lane beacons) And it's the same in DU but for different reasons: griefing isn't easy around alioth imho and the griefer needs to work for it too. some certainly don't want them ingame but most players are fine with auto turrets as long as it's balanced and comes with drawbacks I still don't see any reason to implement such a system tbh - there is nothing to gain, but makes everything worse imho
  6. A fast ping isn't neccessarily needed since DU is not twitch based. A good internet connection with lots of mb/s is a nice to have since you need to load all player made constructs
  7. Yes you can look at other games and use good ideas from them - the rep system from eve clearly isn't one. Neither the rights system. I don't need to describe anything here how griefers will be blocked - because I already did that by saying: " markets are run by players, so they will naturally block griefers to access those " I don't see any micromanaging in "That org is bad, declare them as enemies". The RDMS is exactly there for micromanaging stuff if you wish. That's why it's SO MUCH MORE powerful than Eves system. An "automatic" system like the one you described wouldn't work in DU simply because there aren't any game-imposed sec stats like high/low/null. Why decrease a players sec status automatically if he's in pirate territory anyway? They WANT pvp to happen there so why punish players with an arbitrary number/system? Also: no one can prevent anyone from entering their turf in DU - even with a shield (although I admit that is still up for debate). You can walk anywhere you like, you can't dig, edit, build or shoot there though, depending on where you are (MSA/ASA, TCU of another org,...) To me, a MUCH simpler and better fitting system for DU is using the already planned RDMS for everything: Your Org/Alliance decides who may do stuff in your territory and who may open containers or mine on your turf. Everyone who isn't behaving can be flagged with RDMS. What you describe in your second point (or w/e) is exactly what RDMS does
  8. No pvp on a MSA (sanctuary moon), so no, noone can take it. If there may be some kind of quanta sinks like taxes to keep your STU running is unknown atm
  9. Target is your friend, easy to use and very powerful
  10. Good news, will check it out once it's live o7
  11. Its got a timer on it to gather defenses (24 to 48h) but can be attacked at any time. Or, if I'm wrong there, then pls link to that statement
  12. why do ppl always want to copy EVE.... sounds like EVE 2.0 right there with -5/-10 .... 😝 NQ don't want to "add that". That's a player suggestion and NQ clearly doesn't want to have automated turrets in the sense of them being equal to a player operated one. this isn't that hard either: - shoot everyone - shoot noone - shoot only ppl/orgs on my list - shoot everyone EXCEPT ppl on my list - shoot everyone not in my alliance give each a color for the org radar and you're pretty much done. everyone knows who he's dealing with. Grey contact? neutral. red. enemy. blue. org. Green. Alliance. Black. Alliance. And so on. Whatever. EZ. No need for standing -10 and -5 crap. If a player does smth wrong and that org wants him out of their turf: mark him as enemy. If he behaves and you trust him again, make him grey again. Why introduce an easily abuseable system like in EVE - no need for that EDIT: oh and before anyone cries out in pain because "griefers!" - markets are run by players, so they will naturally block griefers to access those. Yes they can still use alts and everything freely to get what they need, but this isn't EVE. Griefers will have a very hard time here because ppl can actually block them from getting stuff the easy way.
  13. RDMS is mainly about YOUR org and YOUR roles in your org. Not about managing standings/relations to others
  14. So in fact, maybe. But this truly a feature which has to be thought through well. We don't want zombie players in a mmo who don't participate at all
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