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  1. Why would you expect anything but obfuscation from politicians and institutions trying to reignite failed economic principles that have lead to widespread famine and tyrannical witch hunts in the past?
  2. Don't get confused, the argument over capitalism vs socialism is most concerned with the area of economic practices. self correcting markets based on individual incentives, curbed by competition is what has created the largest, most complex and diverse economy the world has ever seen. Areas where no incentives exist to create opportunities for individuals obviously cannot thrive under those conditions and would need state intervention to exist, such as a legal system, the military, law enforcement and social welfare. The wealth and opportunities available to countries in the european union is the perfect case against socialist economic planning, and exactly why england peaced out. what exists is a system of haves and have nots, inspired by the flick of a wrist by a group of crony politicians in brussels. so while some countries may enjoy the fruits of excessive wealth and opportunity redistribution, other fall into abject poverty. and that's why many predict the european union is soon to fail. thanks for pointing that out.
  3. "can we lock this thread" "but first leme weigh in" this is what marxism excels at and why its such a parasitic and damaging ideology. the bold and prolific allowance of holding two opinions that are in direct conflict with one another.
  4. true, opposing top down political appointed economic planning very much became synonymous with "uneducated"... with the threat of being disappeared or publicly executed riding on the coat tales of any dissenting opinions, it's easy to see how this happened.
  5. socialism is just rebranded communism, a way for neomarxist to slip in their lofty parasitic ideas into a healthy economy without causing righteous indignation. all part of the long march thru the institution, a process of indoctrination developed by over educated and jobless individuals with nothing to do after the collapse of the soviet union, which weaponizes words and alters identity through strong rhetoric and divisive ideology.
  6. Lie my ass off about improving the game until the first paycheck. Take the money, assuming its enough, buy a plane ticket to my next job interview to work on project that isnt hopeless.
  7. What even is the point of a single shard unless there is some sort of conflict to justify being in the same physical space in the first place? Do people seriously expect a game where you log on to oooo and ahhhh at other people's latest creations? It strikes me as some sort of niche narcissistic indulgence that very few people would give a crap about. Give me a break. Any way I think the question and point to be made here are moot... you're not going to get realistic Newtonian physics in a game where you can create such completely customizable objects with variable mass and volume, down to a tiny voxel. because its too demanding of a simulation and would require an absurd amount of processing power to pull off even for a single player game. If it were possible someone would have already done it, and NQ surely isnt competent or capable enough to pull it off...and neither is anyone else for that matter... here's hoping time will prove me wrong. even in the over simplified version we have now the game seems always on the verge of crashing, with things rubber banding all over the place and being completely out of sync all the time, as par the course
  8. starbase uses a p2p network scheme, whereas dual universe currently rents servers to host their data. the p2p model is pretty garbage for an mmo, and likely the reason starbase has spent so long in development...but if you want a single purchase pay model, p2p is as good as it gets...and no one can hardly complain, even though im sure they will. games like WoW and Eve on the other hand, require far more bandwidth to accomplish their mmo experience which is why they own their own server hardware to host the game and give as much as a desirable experience as possible. in theory that's what dual universe will aspire to...but at this point I hardly think the sub fee will be able to cover the amount of data they are piping around the world...it's almost as if they are upside down and stand to lose money on server costs every month, especially if they dont even own their own hardware.
  9. Played eve for quite a while, had dozens of accounts...ccp started out as brave, head strong entrepreneurs...who genuinely seemed to like their game...but in the end the obvious thing happened and it has become a company of burn outs who keep their heads low and try to pump money out of the game.... I suppose you could say this is essentially the destiny of any for profit game development enterprise. maybe some billionaire will go nuts one day and just make a game to be fun, for the sake of being fun and not making someone a pile of money...but then they wouldnt be billionaires if they went around doing things like that would they? All of that just to say, if anything could turn my bitterness into sweet reverence of ccp...it has been witnessing the shit show of development that is dual universe and novaquack. yes for all their flaws, ccps really is/was as good as its going to get for developing an in depth mmo with empire building and incentivized pvp...and trust that for myself, that's a really hard pill to swallow. this game isnt going to go the distance...they are speed running all the dumb mistakes you shouldnt make in development...the compilation of embarrassments and outright lies its just too massive to be surmounted when it comes to this game...in a few years time im sure it'll barely be a footnote in any of our lives.
  10. Wait till he finds out there is literally nothing of value to sell here...no one wants a top heavy network scheme, that monthly subs cant even support if each individual user is able to exceed their sub fee in data usage, it's just a pile of garbage no one will want except for maybe some inept govt institution that doesnt know any better
  11. vicious threats from the peanut gallery...go home nerd, you are as flaccid and powerless as you ever have been.
  12. tbh I think it comes down to the decision to have people paying to be QA testers and moderators instead of the other way around.... takes the accountability aspect of QA and throws it on its head...how do you discipline your QA department for doing a bad job if you also have to kowtow to them for funding your game? just doesnt work.
  13. Technically, with enough cores, you could make a large enough, tamper proof environment....or just teleport them to a distant unreachable part of the galaxy. part of the innovation and fun of a DU universe AT would be in the surrogate system for sure, so id hate for it to be on another server. imagine being able to ride along side your favorite AT team as they fought in the tourny
  14. Are you planning to include an Eve style Alliance Tournament in DU? Many do not know just how valuable the alliance tournament was to the pvp culture within eve and its strongest player run alliances, an annual event that in subtle ways pushed the meta of eve forward for many years. If you are planning to implement such a positive aspect in your game such as the AT, would you consider hiring or at least consulting with former CCP employee CCP Falcon?
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