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  1. Seriously, I felt like I was having an aneurism when they released that update. You genuinely get the feeling that there are some really clueless people in charge of these decisions.
  2. Look Ma! I'm being featured featuring someone else! I mean I am hardly surprised anymore, I kind of knew something like this was going to happen as they don't have a proper control over this project. The game code alone takes everything they have to keep running, and it does not even run that well with all the bugs. Lets not even talk about the game direction decisions. I guess it might as well be free, and even then I don't feel like playing it. This just really sucks for the fanbois still shelling out money to play though. But even they won't care I imagine because if you were OK with everything thus far, you're probably would be OK with paying for it still lol nothing can change your mind at this point. Edit: Boy do I wish I had a copy of the feedback I wrote for them when they were doing the poll pre 0.23, it's like I hit every nail right on the head, I warned them about all this and all they had to do was hire more people and keep content coming out at a steady stream, keep your happy customers happy and your game will succeed, instead they tore off all bandaids lmao
  3. lmao did they remove the mandatory 3 months? Also isn't the referral system still broken? You won't be getting anything.
  4. I mean I am not surprised anymore, its just too damn funny at this point.
  5. I was like what are you talking about, surely that can't be true... I updated DU and sure enough I am able to log in on my unsubbed account. I have never heard a sub based game do this. Guess I was right on the F2P or die stance.
  6. Got like 15k+ sitting in my unsubbed account container along with hundreds of Mh worth of other rare ores/ingots that will never be injected into the economy again, feelsgoodman ❤️ enjoy your hardcore mining game. Visit my creations through VR @ Shu Ship Showroom, I had spent alot of time when the game was fun building those ships so at least ogle them from time to time before the servers shutdown
  7. At one point during a stream, JC was asked why we can't have different models for engines and his reply was that designing a model would take valuable dev resource away from important updates(the next important update = 0.23). That was a solid laugh for me. I hope you can surmise where this game is going.
  8. Assuming they stay funded till release, which I doubt they will. I stand by my F2P with MTX or shut down forecast lol. Unless we got the SC mega whales that will bankroll NQ, that is always a possibility these days, NQ needa get their Visual Design guy fired up to pump out JPEGs and JC needa start promising jesus tech that will never come every quarter, instant cashflow.
  9. DU is a game that just keeps on giving, even when you don't play anymore. I love it. *popcorn sounds*
  10. Don't waste your time and effort arguing with that guy lol Folks like that can't understand that different people like different thing, that's not ok to them, you have to be like them or you should not exist. That's their mindset.
  11. That will be great, that model will work when it goes F2P
  12. https://du-creators.org/makers/Shulace Those are my ships. You can enjoy the game all you want, the problem is everyone that enjoyed the game pre 0.23 was having fun too with the game they paid for. That is until the folks like you starting complaining because you don't like seeing other people doing their own thing. I have given up on DU like most, I just chime in for some extra entertainment every so often lol, gotta get my subs worth in.
  13. I have built xs to L cores, the game USED to have building/things to do as a viable activites aside from mining. Now even flying is a penalty. I am aware you're being willfully ignorant though and people who blindly support projects are the ones that leads to this tone deafness in the developers.
  14. lul imagine spending money on adverts for an alpha product. They need to hire actual economists and proper devs that know how a game and its economy should work, I don't know what you are talking about "new players asking for support" because that to me sounds like a failure in game design when the tutorial itself is buggy and ass, meanwhile all the "game" has to offer is mining. So try not to shill too hard mr. blobbers
  15. All my structures/contructs aside from an xs ships no longer produce core BPs, I have heard this happening to other folks as well. It' been this way for me for a couple weeks now. I heard "Devs are working on it" lol they have a lot to work on, I have little faith.
  16. This project is more than likely going to shut down/go F2P before it becomes a proper game. Its pretty obvious at this point that NQ are unable to develop solutions to the glaring issues that plague the game. You would think leaving the band-aids in place would be a good idea in order to keep your community and subs. Instead they ripped it off because they somehow thought/still think that solo/small gang players were/are ruining the game. Now all the bugs and poor game design decisions are unbearable to the normal folks, the masochist minority love it though. Now since no one else can use their ore, the large orgs and people already with ALOT of credits are lobbying to remove bots so they can lowball ore for slave labor rates, since they themselves don't wanna mine, they're above that shit, DU is their game in their minds, you should work for them on your sub and they shouldn't pay more than 25h per L of ore. They can always place a buy order for more than that and get all the ore but nah. It boggles my mind why they would do this to their own game and pretty much guarantee its failure. The only folks that remain are the ones that play no other games outside the space-sim genre and are hardcore fans of star citizen(no wonder).
  17. I thought things can still be destroyed. Since when did they revert the element destruction? I do not see any info about that in any of the patch notes released since 0.23. I just hopped on to test on a speeder and repaired something, destruction count went down as well.
  18. BAHAHAHA!!!!! Yooooooo, I only lurk around the forums and reddit now every once in a while to laugh at the 5 or so people remaining that fight each other trying to make the game their own personal playground but this is the most absurd future plan I have seen since 0.23. That is the next best thing just short of a wipe they can do before their heads disconnect from their necks because it would be too far gone up their bums. The game is slowly running out of life support for their remaining players but that would surely flip the switch off just the same as a wipe. Anyone supporting that would be a paid actor. DU just keeps on giving even after you cancel your sub, the forums and reddit are free baby!
  19. A lot of good points, theories and remedies posted in here but I am afraid it may be too late, its already a ghost universe in game. One thing NQ will learn from this is that in the live service markets; when your customers leave because there is little to no content after they spent hours building up their assets, they are likely to come back after a while when new content eventually gets added. They were set up nice too because people did not mind letting their talents train whilst they played other games in the meanwhile, they had a fun experience playing the game at the least. With this approach they effectively nuked those players. Unhappy players will unsub/refund and move on, never to return because they have been done dirty, its too late for NQ to act all pikachu face over this. All the feedback that was given beforehand said this would have happened but they pushed through anyways.
  20. LOL You bought one of the most useless items in the game. If your element is damaged slightly it will repair it for sure.....but you need a perfectly new one in a linked container and it will destroy the damaged one, so long as it is yellow regardless of how damaged it is IIRC. It does not actually repair, it replaces. I think it is supposed to take a snapshot of the ship to what it is supposed to restore it to. So it will restore voxels, which is nice but RIP your elements.
  21. I just love how there are folks that still talk about industry and producing items means end game. What in the world is end game in a sandbox, you make your own gameplay! First things first, you cannot POOF something out of thin air in industry, aside from oxygen and hydrogen, those people SPENT TIME MINING or BOUGHT THE MATERIALS to build what they want, they don't just pull it out of their asses. Don't act like they have not worked to get what they are building or act like it is easy, flying around and hauling ore solo is no easy task, its tedious and time consuming, WORK WAS ALWAYS PUT IN. Just because you don't have the same amount of efficiency and/or time as them does not mean you should invalidate what they have achieved! Secondly, element destruction should not be in until the server is stable and there are little to no flying bugs because I am sure NQ's support ticket system are exploding just like the ships in game. Lastly, PVP boys try to hold back the salt, otherwise the very people you were harvesting it from the last week will take it all back, we know you're still shafted. But lets be honest the PVP isn't that hot right now till they introduce territory warfare.
  22. I like the game, I really do. But these changes along with the permanent element destruction will effectively punish you for playing the game as it is currently. I spent a great many hours building my ships and it just seems like it will all be for naught. God forbid I fly my M core or L core and the AGG turns off and deletes the tens of millions worth of elements on them. I just canceled my auto renew sub. When NQ starts respecting the player's time I might renew, but for now I think I'll just let it go after it expires in a month. It's a game, it should be fun to play, not a depressing job grind to replace elements constantly.
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