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    Anonymous got a reaction from Anaximander in NQ you need to fix PVP and ASAP!   
    You stop (explode?) if you run into a construct while warping. And the warp mechanic doesn't care if there is anything in the way - it just hurtles you to the beacon.
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    Anonymous reacted to NQ-Naerais in Clarification regarding Bug Exploits & Griefing   
    Hello Noveans, 
    We realize there is some confusion regarding whether certain scenarios occurring within the game world are permitted or not, and would like to clarify these points for everyone.  In short, we’d like to ask our community to use common sense when encountering issues in the game;  If it looks like an exploit, smells like an exploit (do pixels smell?), or sounds like an exploit, chances are it is an exploit. Don’t DU it! Report it. (support.dualthegame.com)
    We are in a testing phase, and reporting these bugs/issues is important. Abusing them may lead to sanctions against accounts, up to and including removal from the game. We will not take ignorance as an excuse, especially in the following list of scenarios. Please note this is not an exhaustive list, and we will continue to expand upon it as needed: 
     “ALT + F4 Emergency Brake”: We acknowledge this is not an intended game play loop that is being intentionally used by players. We do plan to counter this action in the future but do not consider it high priority at this time. At this time, we will not take action against an account for using such. [Allowed]  
    Parenting Ships - Dragged to PVP Space: This is a hot topic and one we wish to be very clear on. Intentionally parenting any construct without permission of the owner is not intended for game play. A fix has been rolled out that will address the ability to parent constructs together via the maneuver tool. As we have not previously clarified this point, we will not retroactively punish this abuse, as of this moment forward abusing similar bugs/tools to replicate this maneuver in its current state can result in disciplinary actions on an account. [Not Allowed]  
    Attacking PVP Zone from Safe Space: Our team has been investigating complaints of ships being attacked in the PVP zone from ships outside of the zone. Our investigations strongly point to sync issues between clients. We will continue to work with this feature, but recommend players consider the zone lines for PVP to be somewhat fluid and not absolute. Our version of the neutral zone! We ask that you continue to report cases with positions, but will not action accounts at this time, unless an additional exploit is discovered. [Allowed]  
    Overlapping engines with other elements (obscuring): A fix will be rolled out that will prevent this from occurring. No action will be taken, unless additional abuse is occurring. [Allowed]  
    Theft Via RDMS: RDMS permissions and settings are the sole discretion of each player. We advise you take the time to get to know and understand the system and be cautious when making a construct or element usable by unknown players, including the use of your friends list. Not every player has your best interest at heart. We can not get involved with permission based theft, whether as an individual or an organization. We encourage you to review your friends list each time you add or remove someone and ensure your construct permissions are set accordingly. The context menu options that set public access currently do not have a confirmation prompt, be careful as setting public access to said construct will allow every player in Dual Universe to go into build mode and remove/place elements and voxels.  [Allowed]
    Environmental Walls/Creations: Use of the environmental and voxel tools allows the manipulation of terrain on owned and unowned tiles. You may build walls or other structures up to the allowed height, however, said constructions must not:  Block access to market places or tutorials Must abide by our Community Standards (phallic/sexual, political, religious or otherwise offensive shapes are not permitted) Must not be placed with the intention of interfering with neighboring players. When players can not agree, the final decision on what is and is not acceptable is decided on a case-by-case basis by Novaquark staff.
    Marketplace Construct Parking: Players are permitted to park at marketplaces with their transport vehicles so long as they are not preventing use to other players or obstructing entry or exit points. Vehicles whose purpose is advertising (organization, service or otherwise) must abide by the following rules.  Organizations and individuals wishing to advertise at markets may have one advertising construct per district maximum Constructs may not be larger than “Small” sized Constructs may not block access to any building, entry points or dispensers Advertisements must not be placed/parented on constructs that don’t belong to you Constructs that violate these terms will be removed from the game without warning or compensation.
      Mass Manipulation in Transportation:  Players who utilize bugs to bypass the weight penalty of their inventory, other players, other constructs, etc to move mass through the game are not permitted. This includes: Adding additional mass to an already piloted ship [Fixed] Docking mass to an already piloted ship [Fixed] Circumventing linked container range [Fix Pending] [Not Allowed]  
    Item Duplication: Any method of duplicating items or resources (including quanta) is not allowed at any time. Any incidents of bugs of this nature must be reported to the support team at support.dualthegame.com [Not Allowed]
    We do recommend you keep regular backups of your constructs in the form of blueprints in the case you lose a ship (through intended means (sale, give away etc),or undesired results such as in PVP, you can still recreate it later.    
    How to Blueprint (to save your ship/build):
    Enter build-mode on the construct, right click anywhere on the construct and click “Create Blueprint”. The blueprint will then be generated inside your currently active inventory. It is wise to keep hold of a copy of any of your blueprints inside your personal nanopack, as these are safe and not lost upon respawning.
    We realize this is not an exhaustive list, and we will expand upon it as time goes on. We also understand some members of our community feel that using a bug or exploit prior to acknowledgement by Novaquark is considered okay. We’d like to state that any intentional use of a  bug or exploit will be treated harshly going forward. This is the one and only warning we will issue on this topic. Please just don’t DU it! 

    On behalf of the entire team, we thank you for helping us make Dual Universe a better place! 
    The Novaquark Team
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    Anonymous got a reaction from Biglulu in BOUNTY - WANTED - DEAD - 1,000,000 h/k   
    EDIT: Sorry - due to a miscommunication at the printers - please contact "Kneemon Lyvania#4687". Thankyou ~ Management
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    Anonymous got a reaction from [BOO] Sylva in BOO - Band of Outlaws Recruitment   
    CHAPTER 11 - In which BOO explores the world of marketing, kidnap the French streamer Nutcrew, and hijack the stream.
    "You want advertising? Because that's how you get advertising"
    The pub was filled with rowdy voices, captains and crews, drinking and talking among themselves. The room had been rearranged to cater for a meeting, and the senior officers clustered at the bar, talking in hushed tones about the last order of business.
    The matter concluded, Sylva jumped up on the bar and addressed them. "Alright alright. It's agreed. This season's free hunt zone will be as Captain Vamore's proposal." The group around the man called out cheered and slapped his back heartily. A split vote was rare, but the result mean an extra share for each.
    "RIGHT! Listen up. Next order of business - recruitment. We need to replace crew lost to vac, you all know this. I want to hear ideas!"
    There was a hushed murmur in response as crews fell into swapping ideas.
    "We could buy advertising?" a pirate called out from the back. The group quietened, looking at the officers for to see what they thought. "Advertising. Alright, that's one sugge..."

    A shot glass shot out from behind the bar which was cloaked in shadow with the house lights focused on Sylva. The glass struck the man in the temple, shattering, and he cried out, blood coming fresh and fast as he clutched it.
    "YOU WEAK K#$T!" The bartender who threw it couldn't be seen, but the contempt in the broad Anzaki accent was unmistakable. They all knew it was his bar... most weren't sure if he was even one of them - he wasn't a Belter or ex-UEF military like most of them, and he certainly never seemed to go to space. But the officers seemed to listen to him.

    "You bastards call yourself pirates. BUY ADVERTISING???? You don't buy it, you take it. F#$ken muppets."

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    Anonymous reacted to Moosegun in can you, as a single player, claim more than one tile on Sanctuary   
    Sadly the simple part of it seems buggy (adding perms via right click etc) but if you work in the RDMS menu and use those setting they are really solid, got some brilliant perms setting sorted for our freelance players (who might only have access to a certain container etc)
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    Anonymous reacted to Moosegun in can you, as a single player, claim more than one tile on Sanctuary   
    I would disagree, this is actually one of the most comprehensive RDMS systems ever in a video game.  The ability to add granular rights to even specific object within a ship is incredible BUT the UI is not the best and some of the functionality is bugged.  If you work with the core tools (the RDMS settings NOT the premade options) it is extremely powerful.  Once i got my head around it and set up a good set of core perms it was quite easy to use.

    To the OP - my suggestion is get of sanc moon and see the universe, go claim something on Alioth where you can mine anything unclaimed.  The terri unit costs 200k, hit me up in game and I will sponsor you a terri.
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    Anonymous reacted to Valhalla in can you, as a single player, claim more than one tile on Sanctuary   
    *chuckles* No, it isn't. And none of those permissions actually work currently. It's convoluted as hell. I could make the whole damn thing be on a single UI window and require nothing more than a few click and a name input. Currently it's 4 windows and 3 menus deeps, NOTHING about that is "simple".
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    Anonymous reacted to vertex in COPYCAT - Freiheit für Code und Design!   
    Die cc0/copycat ist eine nicht so gaaanz ernst gemeinte, organisch wachsende, multikulturelle Organisation, in welcher alle willkommen sind, die eine Fahne für die Freiheit hissen und dem Trend zum proprietären Design und verschlüsseltem Code etwas entgegensetzen möchten. Aktuell sprechen wir Deutsch, Englisch, Französisch, Griechisch, Niederländisch, Portugiesisch und Russisch. Englisch dient dabei der internationalen Kommunikation und wenn sich Gleichsprachige gruppieren, gibt's einen eigenen Kanal auf dem Discord-Server.
    Die cc0 ist der Ansicht, dass Wissen gemeinfrei und für jeden frei zugänglich sein sollte. Wer "geschützte" Produkte oder gar "Nutzungslizenzen" verkauft, sollte bereit sein für alle Änderungswünsche seiner Kunden aufzukommen und sicherstellen, dass sich die Beschneidung der Rechte des Käufers deutlich im Preis widerspiegelt. Darüber hinaus sollte das Produkt mit einer Garantie auf Lebenzeit, sowie kostengünstigen Updates und Modifikationsoptionen nach dem Kauf ausgeliefert werden, denn der zahlende Verbraucher hat beim exklusiven "Schutz der Produzenten/Händler" leider keine Möglichkeit, dies selbst vorzunehmen oder gar Dritte damit zu beauftragen.
    Früher oder später erhält wohl auch die Industrie in DU was sie immer fordert: Optionen um Voxel, Elemente und Scripte vor Kopie, Änderung und Einsicht zu sperren. Dieses Vorenthaltung von Wissen und Rechten bezeichnet man dann als "Schutz des geistigen Eigentums" - aber wer schützt den Verbraucher?
    Sollte dich dein Händler im Stich lassen: Komm zu uns und wir versuchen das Konstrukt zu replizieren, um gewünschte Anpassungen vornehmen zu können und dir Zugriff auf das zu gewähren, was sowieso dir gehören sollte. Alles was du von uns erwirbst ist frei - zwar nicht im Sinne von Freibier, aber im Sinne der Freiheit. Replikation und Rekonstruktion - wir finden einen Weg - und da wir uns den ganzen Kram nicht erst ausdenken müssen, können wir uns darauf konzentrieren das zu optimieren, was Andere sich bereits aus den Fingern gezogen haben.
    Für die Freiheit. Setze ein Zeichen. Keine Verpflichtungen.

    Als erster Akt der Revolution wurde dieses großartige Logo geklaut und weiterentwickelt. Wenn du jetzt beitrittst darfst auch du es überall herumwedeln! Oder... tritt halt nicht bei und verbreite es trotzdem. Das Logo basiert auf einer als gemeinfrei veröffentlichten Grafik - und diese Kreation kommt ebenfalls mit CC0 Lizenz - sprich gemeinfrei
    Bewirb dich noch heute - jeder wird akzeptiert - und falls wir Bock dazu haben, replizieren wir vielleicht jemandes Hauptquartier an einem schöneren Ort, jo?
    Da keine Verpflichtungen, im Gegensatz zu dem ganzen Rest, ernst gemeint ist, kriegen wir vielleicht nie irgendetwas geregelt. Aber lass dich durch diesen kleinen Hinweis nicht davon abhalten die Party zu genießen - es gibt auf jeden Fall genug brennbare Gesöffe und andere horizonterweiternde Substanzen für alle. Erinner dich einfach stets an den einzig ernstgemeinten Part: keine Verpflichtungen. Ein Teil der cc0 zu sein ist in erster Linie ein Statement und vereint die unterschiedlichsten Spieler mit den verschiedensten Ansichten - es gibt auch keine Beschränkungen bezüglich der Zusammenkunft von Mitgliedern verfeindeter Organisationen. Lasst einfach die Waffen an der Rezeption zurück.
    Bezüglich "Freiheit statt Freibier!"
    Naja, selbstverständlich gibt's trotzdem genug Bier
    Da sich der Link zur Cmmunity-Page manchmal verdünnisiert, oder sich durch Updates anderweitig ändern könnte, hier noch unser Discord-Link.
     Feel free to join now!
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    Anonymous reacted to vertex in COPYCAT - Free code and design!   
    Since we've got a new forum section for the german crowd, I thought I'd go ahead and push a stolen copy of my initial post there, as well as improve the sentiment a bit. So if you're german and didn't went there yet, please follow this link:
    @copycats I believe we've got some french people too, so if you like to do this: feel free to rip my initial post apart, translate parts or all of it and drop it over at the FR section. My little franc,ais is way too dated.. it's like 20 yrs old and I couldn't order a pizza anymore... une pizza s'il vous plaît? But I'd end up with who knows what ingredients... 
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    Anonymous reacted to vertex in COPYCAT - Free code and design!   
    Aye o7
    Thank you very much for the kind feedback. To be fair we didn't have to do that much - your design was pretty good to begin with
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    Anonymous got a reaction from le_souriceau in The Anzaki - Calling all Aussies and Kiwis   
    "If I had to take hell, I would use the Australians to take it and the New Zealanders to hold it." ~ Erwin Rommel.
    The oldest Australiasian group in the game, the Anzaki are a casual social (for now - strange things can happen once you get a bunch of us in a room...) group for finding other Aussies and Kiwi players.
    The Anzaki is a cultural organisation for Australian and New Zealand players, or for those rare players with characters from an Australian / New Zealand background that the AU/NZ player base adopts as a blow in.
    In the Dual Universe setting, the Anzaki are the heterogeneous (that's multi-cultural) descendents of Australian and New Zealand military forces who were genetically altered to become effectively fearless super soldiers after the fall of those two countries to passive invaders. There is in game background if you like to RP, but really it's about giving a non-org/non-political place for Australian, Kiwi and ANZ fanz (or RP character types) to hang out, find temporary groups, some recruitment and all that. (There will be an in-game pub as well.)
    It doesn't matter if you're in another group or not - this is like automatic membership at your local RSL. Just apply in game (search the [anza] tag) , let us know roughly where you are from etc, and it's that simple - you'll be added to the group.
    The only rule - don't be a s#$%c^%t.
    You can also find us on Discord at discord.gg/NMestwa

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    Anonymous reacted to Dhara in The Outfit is Now Recruiting   
    We are The Outfit!
    We are The Outfit! - DU's First and Oldest Space Trucking Organization.

    We are a small group of outcasts including, traders, smugglers, merchants, rogues and like-minded entrepreneurs. Some might even call us pirates from time to time. But those are their words, not ours!! Mostly we just take the jobs we can get and we do what we have to do to survive. We WILL make a name for ourselves in this strange new sector of space in which we all find ourselves stranded.
    And we are currently recruiting!
    The Crew:
    We are going to build a strong fleet of ships and are in need of dedicated players who are interested in participating in PVP related game play to assist in our transportation services and related PVP activities.
    If interested, you can learn more on our website:  https://dualtheoutfit.com/the-crew/
    The Outfit is not just a crew of people looking to make a living off our our trade skills and our fleet though! We are also looking for a few brave players who are interested in staking a claim with us in this brand new Universe.
    The benefits will be numerous.
    If interested, visit Our Settlers page for all of the details.
    For those who would like an even more casual relationship, these new positions might be just the right fit! Freelancers deliver customer shipments, run security, or mine for us on a contractual basis.
    Learn more here:
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    Anonymous reacted to Dhara in The Outfit is Now Recruiting   
    Hey guys, our new website is online!   https://dualtheoutfit.com   Learn more about our org, our members and our business! (Please keep in mind that this is a work in progress.)
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    Anonymous got a reaction from NQ-Naerais in NQ-Naeris, new Community Manager, has entered the game!   
    We have such sights to show you.
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    Anonymous got a reaction from Vyz Ejstu in NQ-Naeris, new Community Manager, has entered the game!   
    We have such sights to show you.
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    Anonymous reacted to NQ-Naerais in NQ-Naeris, new Community Manager, has entered the game!   
    Hello Noveans! 
    As NQ-Nyzaltar said, I just joined the team here in Montreal. I'm very happy to be here, and excited to continue this amazing journey with all of you. I am quite new to the company so I do ask for a little patience while I get sorted here, I may not have all the answers right away but do know I will do my best to help make your experience with us the best it can be. 
    A bit about my background, I've worked on quite a few games of all varieties (MMO, Table Top, Card, Collectible, Board and more) for more years than I care to admit. I'm definitely an MMO fanatic and will be spending just as much of my free time along side you (in secret ) as you do. I'm convinced I'm a cat whisperer (though the same can be said for coffee), and a sci-fi fan. 
    I can't wait to see, share and celebrate all that you build in this amazing universe together!
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    Anonymous reacted to vertex in COPYCAT - Free code and design!   
    Well, I'd expect some form of "Intellectual Property Repossession Corps" to evolve in the future as part of emergent gameplay. As I understand it players will have to set up their own police force and rules.
    Quite frankly I do have a slight fraction of fear that NQ might get the impression that this organization is aimed towards harrassing other players or organizations. That's definitely not the intended purpose, but if this concern should arise, I'll close the gates without resistance. Tho I hope this won't be the case and we'll be allowed to have our fun  
    I think we'll see during Alpha/Beta how this plays out and if it creates too much discord we'll start with a blank slate on release, living within the yet to be finalized ruleset.
    I've just blindly accepted the first member and missed to read the application. First time I got one from somebody I didn't already know  
    Does anyone know if I can still view the original application message again somewhere?
    @Kiwi well, we have a rule that no org member is allowed to work against his or her other organizations he/she is a member of - at least not on account of CC0. This one rule already excludes anarchy as organization form. Tho even "anarchy" and "organization" do somewhat exclude each other already. Then again what else but anarchy is Dual Universe in the beginning? Anarchy is prone to give birth to groups or clans, which will have their own set of rules and moral code - what else is this world but anarchy with huge clans called France, Germany, EU or USA? Apart from that I might add some anarchistic touch to the organization - I really like that idea - thank you  
    Oh and another thing regarding the placement of this organization: I think it makes a great target for all the military groups to track and hunt down "counterfeit product". I don't know if we'll even get there, but don't see everyone stealing from you as a problem, when you could see it as incentive to act and prosecute instead. Something the "IPRC" can put your awesome products to good use for, eh?
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    Anonymous reacted to vertex in COPYCAT - Free code and design!   
    To all the poor souls that bought a proprietary design and don't like the seat color: come to us! We'll provide you with an accurate replica, improved with our own scripts and your own individual taste.
    Everything you buy from us is yours. Feel free to modify, copy, paste or mass produce. We're out there for you to free code and design.
    They lock it? We break it. They hide it? We find it. They try to control you? We'll set you free again. They want to protect the seller from the buyer? Don't let them cheat you. We'll always find a way to replicate and recreate - and because we don't have to think the stuff up, we'll excel at improving what others first had to imagine.
    Support freedom. Join us today. No obligations.

    As first act of revolution I've copied and improved upon this cool looking logo. Join and you'll be free to wave it around too! Or don't join and wave it around anyways. This is based on an image in public domain and I put my creation into CC0 too  
    Apply today - everyone will be accepted and if we feel like it we may rebuild someones HQ at a nicer location, eh?
    Since no obligations, in contrast to everything else, is meant serious, we might never get anything done. Don't let this little note keep us from enjoying the ride tho - there will be enough flamable beverages and other kinds of mind altering substances. Just remember the only serious part: no obligations.
    Regarding "Free code and design!"
    Think of free speech, not free beer - although there shall be beer of course.
    Update 2020-03-20
    Since the organization's page likes to be inaccessible at times, here's our discord link.
     Feel free to join now!
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    Anonymous reacted to Aaron Cain in Project Tortuga   
    I have good hopes for Tortuga. Although it feels connected to BOO it is stated as neutral and in my opinion only neutral open to all cities will be viable.
    If not for the market and trade reason there are alot of other reasons. 
    We from Tranquility also hope to be welcom in the grand city and one of the reasons we are going for the mobile (galactica) approach is to not interfere with planet based cities. 
    I also see a bright Future here for "The New Horizon" who wants to transport people from city to city over vast distances. A City like Tortuga can bring alot of elements in DU that else would never be there.
    Most people think about cities like Tortuga and tranquility as just a bunch of people, or failed experiments but they really should be seen as the future origin of DU stories, Roleplayers and players that want a background story can live glorious lives in these cities and if the caretakers of these cities get the chance to help them it will be in the best interest of DU.  We now get questions why there are no NPC's, well the story must come from us. And in general Cities will help, either Tortuga or Tranquility or the cities from DSI or Empire, they will help to build stories.
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    Anonymous got a reaction from le_souriceau in Project Tortuga   
    Rather than quote a wall of text:
    a) Single shard MMO means ALL players are on one server. This has never been done before, so any speculation about how a city will work is just that at this point.
    b) We actually have a lot of RL expertise in play with Tortuga, including professioanl urban designers, town planners, public/civil service designers and policy people, GIS types, transport planners - if any city will work in terms o sustainability, Tortuga will be one.
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    Anonymous got a reaction from Lethys in What does it mean to "win" in a game like DU?   
    (I joke - did you enjoy yourself - yes? Winning. Simple as that.)
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    Anonymous reacted to BaileyVandenbroek in Different space backgrounds for different solar system   
    example you are on a planet in the X solar system and you have a space background image different than someone in the Y solar system.

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    Anonymous reacted to Haunty in Different space backgrounds for different solar system   
    I certainly hope so, maybe even some without a bright nebula and so much ambient night lighting 😏
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    Anonymous reacted to GalloInfligo in The Outfit is Now Recruiting   
    Welcome to all our new members that I missed been very busy for way to long!
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    Anonymous reacted to Aaron Cain in I have returned. Expect me.   
    Welcome back!
    You have been Missed
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