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  1. It's just perspective, you cant play this game without a half way decent PC anyway so $7 is a very small percentage towards the cost of the hardware to play it. Again, just providing perspective. Alleging that I have an elitist attitude.....ouch! Messaged received sir.
  2. These terms of Alpha and Beta are often conflated. What is one man's trash is another man's gold. I've played games that have been in Beta that are fully polished and should have been released years ago and also this works the other way around. Whatever state you think the game is in, we all agree its not done but why should NQ do it for free?
  3. There isnt a button, go back to your emails when you first signed up and send them an email stating to discontinue your sub. Wince you still have 3 months, what were you hoping to find in this game? My first day was a diseaster and I nearly quit. My buddy placed his SCU and I couldn't find him, then broke my speeder and had to run for hours. Dont ever quit the first day, the learning curve is steep but amazing if you dont quit.
  4. Were you able to find help in game sir?
  5. Why not keep your sub going and fill up your training queue? Then come back this winter and see what has improved meanwhile your character is still building. The cost of losing out of an entire month or months of training pales in comparison to what amounts to loose change tou can find in your house/vehicle.
  6. I do understand that a promise made should be a promise kept however, I wouldn't be too upset since this game is extremely cheap relative to MMOs over the past 20 years. DU should be $14 a month and not a measly $7 and the game should be atleast $25 up front instead of free. Keep in mind that a free month lost is the cost of one pizza. Just think, that month that might not come back to the player base is more capital for NQ to invest in servers and other improvements.
  7. I would go back in the game and hit enter which will open up the chat window. Go the support tab and ask in there. I believe there is a way to restart or bring up the tutorial again.
  8. It will work as I ran into the same issue and assumed there was some rounding error. It doesnt necceartly round down but I think it does round to the nearest whole number so 8.4 becomes 8 and you come up just short. Iirc, it was one of the colors that you didn't need much of that had this issue.
  9. Would love to help but we really need more info. 1) You mentioned you cannot get any materials. Are you surface mining for ore? Have you used your scanner to find ore under the ground? Are you on Sanctuary or Alioth? 2) Your nano crafter is bugged? How do you now this, is there an error or message that pops up? Do you know you have the ingredients and in your inventory? I'd like to understand what you mean. Not knowing your situation yet, I would go to Sanctuary and claim your hex there. Then fly back to Alioth and claim a hex there with a TCU. You can mine on any square that isnt claimed. I would focus on building xs containers or buying those and start building small containers as inventory is your first hurdle.
  10. I've had the exact some issue. Have you noticed if you also have large areas without grass? ( assuming you had grass before) I have seen a correlation with the very little surface ore present only found where the grass is rendering. I sent in a ticket and NQ said to clear my cache. You may want to try that and report back. I haven't been back to Sanctuary since.
  11. There are alot of opinions on what "Alpha" means, "Beta" means etc. One of my favorite games out right now is in Beta and has been for years and years. It is quite polished and should be considered out of beta or gold release by now but that dev team choose that route. Even out of beta and in full production, content to keep the game fresh and push end content is typically added and this shouldnt be only added in the beta phase. I consider the "sunset" phase is where the game has been out for a long time, the dev team has lost interest and they are simply in maintenance mode. Sunset phase or post-production is where I would expect no more features and simply seeing maintenance to keep the server(s) up and critical issues addressed.
  12. I contacted NQ and this was their response: The reason that you are unable to log in right now is that there is a server maintenance on-going for approximately 2 to 3 hours. If you are still unable to log in after the maintenance, please let us know at once so that we can provide you assistance. I also asked where to access this information and again their response: Yes, the schedule of the server maintenance was posted on the NQ Discord Channel under the announcements tab. After the maintenance, patch notes will be posted there as well, so please take the time to check it later.
  13. The horizon is closer than you think. The big shakedown already happened and we are all waiting now for the 3000 series Nividia GPUs to continue to be released. 3080 is out but difficult to find. 3070 and 3060 should be very soon but do some searching online.
  14. I really dont understand why some people are so negative concerning a wipe. Beta testing involves alot of balancing espically after significant content additions and if some of that rebalancing is significant enough, only a wipe restores the intent moving forward. I'm not leaning either direction but in beta, I would not rule it out. I want this game that I have been following for years to last for a decade plus. Just because we are paying a sub, I dont think we are entitled to never realizing a wipe.
  15. Agreed and perhaps it is in the works. The only ore that does regenerate is on the surface and mining that was an activity I only did as a solo for the first couple of days. I cant imagine that the long term solution to regenerating ore in the universe is returning to an activity that is really only done for the first initial days in DU.
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