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  1. Are we expecting to see 4 or 5 liters/hour or something much more?
  2. If you have a scanner result in inventory then the amount of each ore you personally mine is kept track of in the result data.
  3. Thank you Blazemonger. I have verified Blazemonger's post. Last night I learned basic intermediary part efficiency level 3, and now my base parts per run is 20, resetting to 28 after I hit start. Edit: I should note that the input material has doubled along with the output, so it is not really an increase in productivity.
  4. The intermediate talents are what get me from 10 to 14, I am level 4 in the basic intermediate parts talent. There is something else at work here.
  5. When I create basic components in a electronics industry, I see it is set to create 10 per run, then it resets to 14 per run when I hit start. A friend of mine see the number start at 20, then reset to 28. Nether of us know which talent or set of talents give him the big advantage. Can someone clue us in?
  6. I just spent considerable time and money to set up extended container XL crafting. As I was ramping up production of the parts I realized that the material cost of the container was way more than 4 time the cost of a large, just to get 4 times the storage. Then I find out it takes 8 time the space. That is crazy. I canceled my production of those containers before it could go too far. I don't understand how anyone could think those XL containers make sense.
  7. I started building a new dynamic construct, paying close attention to the inertia matrix. I placed the core at 0,0,0 and the inertia matrix was perfectly diagonal at this point. I placed some voxels against the core, in order to get a squared surface for other placements. Then I tried placing a databank at x=z=0 and I saw nonzero values in the off-diagonal yz element. As I move the databank along the y axis that value changed. This would indicate that the center of mass of the databank is not at its location in the grid of the construct. So the center of mass of the databank is lower than the center of the box that contains its shape (the yz element is positive). This seems to be either a bug, or a level of detail that we don't need. I don't see this issue with the hovercraft seat. I will look carefully at other elements as I build this construct.
  8. I have finished rearranging the elements in my ship, and it yaws flawlessly. The problem I was having was with the YZ/ZY elements of the matrix. After looking at the posted video, I looked up the formula for the inertial matrix. The formula is the sum over all the elements of the quantity m*Y*Z, where Z and Y are measured from the CM. I needed that sum to be zero. I decided to set z = -44 as my CM and proceeded to arrange every possible element at that height. Of coarse the hovers and boosters were below CM and the stabilizers were above CM. They partially balanced out, but the CM was still below z = -44. I then placed the air brakes above CM and tweaked the wings up and down until balance was achieved. Thanks for all the help.
  9. I can see the lines. I had trouble with the parallax effect at first, making it difficult to determine exactly where those lines crossed elements in the construct. Eventually I released I could use the inclination gauge that turns on with the suit lights. I then make sure my inclination is set to zero as I line up elements with the CM. Thanks for the video link. I was hoping someone would know of one.
  10. After I made the post above, I decided to make a simple test construct from an old hauler I was taking apart. I kept only the seat, landing gear, and adjustors. the seat was already using an older version of DU-Orbital-Hud. With no extraneous elements, I was able to position the adjustors perfectly, and they performed perfectly. Only the yaw adjustors fired with the yaw command, and only the roll adjustors fired with the roll command. This is what I need to achieve on my medium hauler.
  11. I have a medium hauler (500 - 1000 tons, S construct) running the DU-Orbital-Hud script from Dimencia and Archeogeo. When I am hovering, with brakes on, and I want to orient my ship with a yaw, I get a lot of roll. I have tried several things to eliminate the unwanted roll. * The construct is symmetric about the x axis. * Moved all hovers and vertical boosters to the outside edge of the grid for more stability. This seems to do nothing, so I suspect they always provide thrust through the center of gravity. * Placed adjustors so that they should not produce mixed modes of rotation. * As best as I can tell, my CM (center-of-mass) is at x, y, z = 0, -18.5, 42 (there should really be a readout of this value somewhere) * Adjustors are placed back-to-back where possible, usually with a gap, so they are symmetric about the CM. * Pitch adjustors are aligned in the z direction, in the YZ (x = 0) plane through the CM. * Roll adjusters are aligned in the z direction located in the XZ (y = -18.5) plane through the CM. * Yaw adjusters are aligned in the x direction, located in the XY (z = 42) plane through the CM. * The yaw, roll and pitch torques are 3.52, 3.47, 3.5 MN.m The yaw adjusters seem to work fine (no roll) when I am flying, I assume that has to do with the stabilizers in the back. When I yaw, the roll adjusters are also firing, which makes no sense to me. Originally I also pitched during the yaw, but after much playing with adjustors that went away, and the pitch adjusters no longer fire during the yaw. This may be unrelated, but there seems to be some control bugs, W is pitch down, and S is pitch up, A/D is yaw left/right, and Q/E is roll left/right. This is different then how it is set in my Controls section.
  12. There would be a method to mark any number of territories on the in-game map. I would use the marks to indicate a territory that I have already scanned, but there may be other uses. Perhaps there could be a set of symbols available. Each symbol could represent something that the user defines. A great option would be a button on any scanner result that would put a mark on the map for all scanner results in your inventory.
  13. Thanks. Both answers make sense. I noticed that when I did a wing.show() in lua I got a panel with 3 numbers (2 measurements + max value) instead of just 2 . Not sure what the second measurement is for.
  14. I seem to be stuck about 8km below Sanctuary 2 on Alioth. I don't have permission to dig myself out. Will I loose my nanopack contents if I force respawn? Any other way to get back to the surface?
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