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  1. After beeing stunned by last presentation video there are still some little gameplay details that bother. The planets atmosphere thickness is for me (at the present moment of the demonstrations) a lot too thin, and seeing mountains top reaching the space, or a ship quiting the surface of a planet in 10 seconds, breaks the height realism and the inimaginable infinity of the voide. I "personnally" think the atmosphere thickness is a very exiting moment when you get through it, from both sides Either from a planet where you switch from the palpable to the intangible Or from that little cockpit in what we could have spend weeks without seeing a moskito, to the real ground and its beauty, with that moment where your ship is shacking as hell and flames blinding you. For now, impatiently waiting how this experience will be dealt with
  2. What if the starter fails? will the founder packs be sold separatly via an other platform?
  3. KickStarter only accepts VISA/Master/AmericanE, Is there a way to participate via paypal or bank transfer? since i m living in a country foreign as my native one that doesnt allow foreigners to hold any of those cards...
  4. KickStarter only accepts VISA/Master/AmericanE, Is there a way to participate via paypal or bank transfer? since i m living in a country foreign as my native one that doesnt allow foreigners to hold any of those cards...
  5. I would like to see invisible(or small enough) and very elementary active elements such as: - invisible hindges, rotation axes - invisible translation rails - invisible sensors - invisible particules box - ship piloting seat without cockpit - engines reduced to mechanic parts without hull - cockpit ui elements separatly etc... all those to be able to customize better the look of my creations, not be constrained into a variation of possibilities
  6. i hope it would be something like that otherwise will be difficult to paint our logos on our ships
  7. true, but you wont really mind if 5 faces are into the wall
  8. to be honest before the very recent video, i imagined could paint smaller pixels than 25*25cm, imagined it more like a grafiti spray tool but what you say is pretty consistant, adding with what captain said, just have to wait if they plan 25*25cm preset bump map, with only one rivet in the middle, so every 25cm you could put one
  9. well anyway, last uploaded video by devteam clearly shows the limits of the paint tool for now https://twitter.com/IGN/status/771395992595763201/video/1
  10. i am talking about player painted objects, that wont come with a default texture map, since you ll paint on it what ever you feel to, like paint a scratch, a rusty piece, a screw, a logo etc... Over painting the default texture will make object flat, unless as you mention, you bind to the whole object the same preset bump map, which might not always give the desired effect That is the main prupose of the topic, an alternative to this preset bump map that was available already in sandbox games 10 years ago Example of level of details you cannot achieve with your solution, neither with the building tool:
  11. The voxels base size ll be 1m and 25cm, which are pretty big when you are trying to get into details, this because server side, it wouldnt support too many smaller scale voxels. The bump map is an alternative, but client side, to increase rendered details on any objects Think about it
  12. I would like to introduce an idea about using the paint tool to create some bump maps textures for our builds: The concept is using the paint tool and having the possibility to switch to texture or bump mod. Normal maps would be too complex to paint by ourselves, so preferably using bump maps system, painting in shades of greys over our texture painted model. An Invisible painted information layer to anyone's eyes on a finished build but renderable by client side lights information calculation. This might greatly improve the appearance of any constructions And why not doing the same for a reflection map painting mod
  13. will setup retinal and finger print scan, voice password recognition, and auto-destruction!
  14. - Battlebot warfight arena - Suspended cart on rail rollercoster - Bowling - Lazerquest / paintball - Labirynthe - Hover boards skate and snow parks - planet or galaxy scale treasure hunt - on track jets racing (Wipeout style) - flying jets racing (with flying rings as waypoints) - jetski racing
  15. Thats why a copyright system has to be implemented: copy / modify / transfer where players will have choice to set before giving and selling away, either on objects, scripts and blueprints (what ever can be shared) Copy: would allow to multiply the object Modify: basicly will allow copy and transfer at same time Transfer: would alow to re share So if you set permission for example to "copy" only (no transfer / no modify) The object or the object built from blueprint, will only been usable by the player it has been given to. If you set to all, will be like an open source object, allowing anyone to modify improve and get profit from it
  16. nowadays its not an option anymore, its a must have garrys mode i forgot about that one, pretty fun thought
  17. ooouuuuhhh coool! Did you cut into your living room speakers to get that black conic piece?
  18. dont bother reading him, he himself doesnt read others, and doesnt re read himself
  19. dont talk about *.tga, will means that for a decent definition you ll have to upload 1mo pictures, then when u arrive a zone with 100players, u have to load 100mo to see everyone clearly? how fast will it be to simply load voxel equipments blueprints instead of players imported pictures how complicated is it for them to make an element special for players weapons with a premade script, and you build a weapon same as for ships: everyone will have different guns and ships design, but same scripts in it at the end, if you could custom the color of the lazer beam its already cool
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