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  1. i Think the blueprint of any construction is the solution. since blueprint saved the construction as its factory status. any dammages caused on a ship could be compared to the blueprint to evaluate the dammages status %. i m not sure about atmospheric dammages, but for sure would work very well for physical dammages. if you got shot, bump into an asteroid, do a bad landing... some voxels could be removed from the construction to simulate the dammages. and using an element, comparing the original state from the blueprint with the actual dammaged state, allowing some maintnance and fixing.
  2. very hard working miners, 8 days per week, 23h per day. at an unbeatable price, please contact master cyber or myself for more informations
  3. and the silk comes from india or china. for one rented miner for at least 15 days, one pair of sock offered. special offer
  4. lets not wait and try to compete, and start making a super slave market together. i prepare the contracts. how much you Think we should rent a miner per day to make him profitable enough? btw we will put some shares on the stock market and start planning our own curency, the slave dollar
  5. i m selling chinese miners for pumping up organisations at a good price. the more the cheaper. pm me if interested
  6. well dont expect the death star be built in 1 day. it will be a traveling scafold for a while. thats not an option to be able to edit, customize,repair a ship. thats already how the game is last post were more about ability of crew members to build their own stuff while traveling on a spaceship. and this quite a game mechanic issue.
  7. but lol aetherios, have read the topic? you are completly out
  8. otherwise walking and buidling outside on the hull while the ship is moving, will have same effect as walking inside
  9. but you still agree that air data within spaceship, by any mean should be calculated and associated to the ship, and diferenciated from the void?
  10. the grid applies to built voxels, air have a grid too, but need to make difference between air and void within a ship otherwise if void also have a grid, means the whole DU universe is a grid of data point separated by 25cm i dont think fusioning all computers in the world could store that much data, even if it is 0, since even 0 still takes space on a drive
  11. well well well! when you mention a mesh could have a hole, reminds me of HL1 first world creator that couldnt compile the world you create if your map had a hole, means if it is connected to the void it could be a similar principal, if you completly seal your ship, with double door airlock entries, all air inside could be considered as a data point based on the voxel grid but with data 0. So whenever you build within the ship, it replaces the data 0 (air) by a new data (the one you are creating through the build menu) so if you are building a hoovercraft within a moving space ship, its physical properties could be only activated if the spaceship stops and enters a kind of non physical state allowing created blocks withing the ship to be unlinked Unlinking voxels by creators, but hopefully the spaceship isnt a collective creation before So might need to add some creation date data to each created voxels, to know which are new and which have been created after last physical state (begining of travel) of the ship
  12. Rbnb or coutchsurfing.com? But true, would always be cooler to share that day with a parisian who also goes to the event
  13. Jeronimo

    Stock Market

    How about croundfunding and kickstarters ingame?
  14. True and very true but how many people you expect getting their most interest on all the contents reunited together, there are still a lot that will be focused on one
  15. Jeronimo

    Stock Market

    sorry i have no idea about Eve, i never played So if NQ plans to add one, its a serious deal
  16. perfectly shaped dirt penises and for sure some contempory artists will make them visible from space, as chinese did with the great wall
  17. Jeronimo

    Stock Market

    You got here the master issue, universe will be ... will be... the universe And it will be crowded with pirates and people who will abuse of the systems instored by organisations Organization wide stock market why not, but not universe wide The "take command" system, is in every way much more stable
  18. Floating voxels, hum, but no i cant make me the idea how the computer will decide if it is linked to an other object or not
  19. yeah i have opened a topic for that, based on "7 Days to Die" physic principles, but they mentioned already that mountains will be floating if you cut the bottom
  20. Jeronimo

    Stock Market

    Multi investors projects is different from stock market Stock market is public, so means DU would have to developpe an interface for that Multi investors projects will be only based on a player made ingame contract and trust, but ingame trust and RL trust is a way different, and dont count on NQ to chasse the one who will break this contract If a stock market appears, i promiss i ll launch a universe wide real estate
  21. Ability to build on physical moving space ship kinda tinckles me We know the creation mod at first create non physical voxels until you activate its physics Will the created voxel stand still on xyz position untill one wall of the ship bumps into it, and stops the whole spaceship? Will created voxel automatically and instantly be linked to the physical properties of the ship, so that will create a physical voxel that will start bumping on the floor? Will created voxel automatically and instantly be linked to the ship but with non physical properties, considering the air in between the ship voxels and the created voxels is solid? What if my first created voxel is created in the air within the ship and not touching the ship? What when i ll want to save my creation, if i save the whole ship blueprint with it? I really consider this question tricky in terms of links and properties What if it is technicaly impossible, and what will we do in spaceships during a month travel exept socialising?
  22. i would like to had the fact that creating any matter would requiere previously gathered matter so the self replicating bot, could only be possible if you can incorporate to it an inventory If can add the self mining functions, then its the end of the world i think self production lines are more conceivable than self replicating stuff Unlike in SL where you could put the object itself in its own inventory and rez it indefenitly Sarah Connor?
  23. no need to be so rude, all this (voxels, mmo, space, politic) is a big discovery for most members you sometimes, even for me, hard to follow because very pointy, that is very precious during this pre alpha periode for dev team (if they read all what you posted) dont expect all members have same knowledge as you, and sometimes you should find better words for your explainations there are tons of absurdities and misjudgement in the forum, but its like that please take more time to teach what you know and can bring us
  24. How about just allowing voxel build smaller than 25cm for decorative builds, but limiting the number of voxels that can be attached to each others. Limiting drasticaly the scale of tiny voxels builds What is better for servers or our computers? 100 people sharing a milion voxel ship or single dude with a folowing bot of 300 tiny voxels? (well it can also be 100 dudes with tiny voxels following bots, in a million voxel ship, will be just 1 300 000 voxels ;-) ) And tiny voxels builds can be limited to decoration only aswell, so the physic problem is solved?
  25. whats the point in doing a lot more but no doing better? NQ has developed their own single shard universe, very good! But DU : - has voxel build from landmark, and as demonstrated, the way is still long - has scripting part from Second Life, simplified for better use for all of us - has scifi infinite universe theme from EveO Its like making a salad, you mixing all the good stuff you like, and put the right sauce on it NQ single shard concept is that sauce, where everyone is like wow, so exited about, because it covers well the rest. Do you really think will cover the after-taste of the rotten vegetables you put in your salad?
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