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  1. I dlike react about the new lua parameters panel.

    First of all, very very very nice addition, a big step forward copyrights protection i feel


    For having already played with it, first thing is obvious, and can be noticed on the panel announcement rendering picture

    the panel isnt large enough and long parameter names step over the changeable parameters line



    - exported parameters like true / false arent supported

    - exported parameters are randomly displayed in the panel, not following the order they are in the script

    - some parameters are missing

    - number of parameters is limited, but appears that a scrolling function already been implemented, just not working yet as intended (the panel get stretched off screen)

    - parameters arent selectable by clicking and dragging mouse over


    As for some suggestions, would be very nice to be able to classify those parameters into categories 

    For example using --export:Flight_control, to have a separate panel titled Flight_control with the different parameters we would setup in


    Now, really looking forward the updates that will come about this new feature, and play more with it


  2. Few questions about combat system:


    - will avatars take same amount of dammages on every points of the body?


    - will there be one shot kills? (head shots)


    - what are missing chances on moving targets?


    - will there be some dodge moves for avatar controls?


    - what does lock means on moving targets? first person cursor will keep following moving target? or lock just means locking at a fix position and moving target could easily move out?


    - what are chances in AvA to escape from an unknow hidden positionned fire assault?


    - in CvC what are chances to dodge while beeing chassed?


    - in CvC will we need to aproximatly apreciate the distance and movement speed of a target before locking and firing?


    - in one seat combat hoovercraft, will there also be the lock and fire system?

  3. Since the scrips are executing on your own machine, I don't know if they'll be able to disable calls to local content. So if you want to play porn videos stored on your PC on a billboard on the side of your space station, they probably can't stop you. However, they can prevent you from linking to commercial content outside of your local machine or approved game content servers.

    its all about the functions they will give us for the LUA.

    check LSL content.


    they will base ingame scripting syntax on LUA, but implement their own functions...

    if they dont implement a function to call for external data, you could try any function you ll find on internet about LUA for that, you will never compile your script ingame...

  4. 3) Multicrew systems we don't 100% know, but we all assume that the roles you play in multicrew ships will be down to your own choosing. If you want a ship with 6 engine rooms, build 6 engine rooms where you can have 6 people working. We don't know the indepths of the elements yet so we don't know what the true story behind any multicrew actions would be. It has been stated though that there will be advantages to having multiperson crews.

    EDIT: I did have a quick spy around and found this link: https://devblog.dualthegame.com/2015/01/30/multiplayer-ship-crew/



    we are here in very early stage, where speculations on theories and words make people waiting for something that will be completly different in reality at release.


    i seriously doubt of the role of 95% of a crew in a ship during a space travel.


    travels might be very long, from multiple hours to days, and exept the piloting crew, if no encounter happen, all others will be totally useless, and be just passengers, or stewart if you like animating.


    i also seriously doubt building tool will be enabled on moving ships aswell, making youself even more useless. so even the crew that has no occupation related to the ship will be only but just waiting for some action.


    i imagine that people in ships will be so nervous doing nothing but walking way and back in corridors, will take a turret control and open fire on what ever appears in their sight.


    i also imagine that people dont have hours to waste watching someone else having all the fun piloting the ships, disconnecting for a while, during the time to destination, and reloging in a completly destroyed ship with the message "you are dead, press ok to teleport to the ark"

  5. So this would be like an ingame internet type of thing?


    If possible that would be very cool.

    one other thing is that NQ wanna control 100% of DU s content. and wanna completly split it from real life.


    functions that will call for external databases might be used against NQ will

  6. Can you provide a link or explain more in detail your answer please? I couldn't find any reference of LSL for LUA.

    sorry, was a reference but didnt wanted to bring up the name of Second Life.

    LSL is the name of the scripting language they use. and it is based on C.


    so if you dont know, Second Life is a %100 ftp virtual world, released in 2003, and is entirely %100 built ingame by players.

    it has a very powerfull building tool based on prims, and a very complete scripting system.


    Second Life has implemented a lot of functions to call for external databases, for reading websites adresses, displaying online videos...


    scripting possibilities are absolutly endless. at a point that you could design and build a gameboy and run a self scripted mario.


    but the freedom of Second Life has a price, and attracted tons of trolls and griefers, what NQ wanna avoid and this from begining


    check LSL wiki for a list of functions they have ingame. see if there is one your topic idea is refering to.


  7. Yes, but we do not know if you'll be able to apply a script to a construct you purchased without edit permissions. If scripts are considered a part of the construct, then you would not be able to add a custom script to a ship you purchased from another player, just as you wouldn't be able to take the ship apart and reverse-engineer it.

    theorically this is available for voxel construct build from sold blueprint in a 3d printer. not sure if blueprint will save the edited scripts.

    probably not

  8. Since each functional element is a component, there should probably be a relationship between components and elements on the monitors that will display the properties of the individual components. Say your starship has 12 power components, you'd want to be able to display maximum output, current output, damage, efficiency and fuel consumption as gauges on a dashboard. The engineer would have to have a way of reacting to these gauges, for example tuning the fuel injectors for better efficiency at different speeds, making repairs, transferring fuel between tanks, etc. We have to consider what the appropriate properties and methods are for each type of component as it gets defined in the game. Higher tech levels, skills and the use of rare elements and materials would allow for components that have superior efficiency, are lighter, smaller, and more durable. I think much of the work in Alpha will focus on components, their properties, methods and interfaces.

    so for each ship active element there will be their own display element?


    thought that will be a lot of work for dev team, but why not.


    or, dev team develope a few types of display elements, gauge, loading, pie chart, and leave you the choice to choose the one you want to display the active element you want.


    beside, i heard about html5 displays, not sure if they will be scriptable for this kind of things

  9. This depends on how edit permissions work on purchased constructs. If it turns out that buying a construct that you cannot edit (only repair) prevents you also from adding new scripts to that construct, you would have no way of pasting-in the superior script. If you bought something with an excellent script, you would have to build a construct to run that script from scratch, or buy additional constructs that already have the script. Also there is a good chance that these custom scripts will work better, but only for specific ship layouts. If a script is fine-tuned, applying the script to a ship with different mass, power, and thruster configurations might make it less optimal than default.

    been published that for now any scripts will be open source

  10. An other topic that NQ should learn for SL.


    But, nowadays, open source software companies, and there are a lot. dont earn money from selling open source for free, but from selling services on how to use those those sources and how to modify them for your own needs.


    i m personnally also very against this idea. there are too many intellectual properties engaged

  11. I mean, even if it isn't readable, I think you could read it during execution with reflector.

    well if one day NQ decides to put DU in strong hands such as Steam with VAC anti cheat, that will calm down a big majority from trying anything with the game original files.


    if NQ decides that DU will not be a legally modable game, it will be a fair decision

  12. The main issue with having LUA Scripts obfuscated or non readable is backdoors :


    What prevent me to create a kick-ass LUA script and adding a backdoor into it like to send your coordinate to me?


    Because the code is not readable, I will have a huge advantage over you you have no way to uncover (unless by spying)

    what stops me to make a backdoor or what ever even if the script is readable. tons of ppl wont be able to read lua.


    its about trust, and if you realize you got cheated on buying from this person. then this kind of rumors might spread very fast, and ruine his business.


    i totally agree with him, that sucks that permissions arent planned. everything will be opensource, so better keep for urself

  13. Thanks for the reply. I like the idea of colors being used to show a corporation's ships, but i was thinking some corps would have a color pallete for the ships themselves. I don't know i guess i got used to mmo's showing damage types with color.... Like getting hit with a fire attack is red or orange but an ice attack is blue.


    I know this isn't exactly the same here in space, but i think the game mechanic is there. "Oh man they are almost all plasma weapon equipped and we are really weak against that damage type... I think we should run for it!"

    my qote directly come from star wars lol, blue vs red. where all weapons using lazers...


    for sure an icy attack wouldnt look good if it is tinted greenish, so maybe only lazers should be color customized?

  14. Okay, maybe I misunderstood the original post....are we talking about real, physical touchscreens in real life that get connected to the game and serve certain functions, or virtual, in-game touchscreens to add some immersion to menu options?

    The reason I ask is because the post above sounds like it referring to virtual screens, particularly this:

    Yes it was about ingame tactile screens of multiple sizes, and scriptable to make simple ingame operating systems.


    In the last AMA, there is one post about implementing html 5 for screens, that i never read about before. But didnt mentionned if those screens will be purely displays or interactive and tactile. Then potential will be even more promissing than just a simple function.

  15. I really dig this suggestion, especially if these can be incrypted in some way where only players who have permission (or sufficient hacking skill) can access locked elements.

    i have emited a lua function:

    //ScreenMenu(Touch ID, Tittle String, Buttons List, Description List, Number of Columns, Number of Lines);


    Touch Id, could be set to everyone or one specific Id.

    If set to everyone, it would be more strategic to unlock the main menu through password lock.

    But who says password, says possibility to hack. manually or through a decoding device.


    dpu and tactile screen will exchange data, so if NQ allows it, there should be a way to interfere and automate the decoding using an other pad scripted for that.


    maybe NQ could allow to stick a pad to an other construct out of safezones.


    seams in theory very easy to hack. but same as real life, there could be encrypted communication between tactil screens and dpus, depending of the skills of the scripter. adding some pause time after few failed password entries, making a way longer the decoding...


    i already can see a fight between ingame hackers and security corps coming

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