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  1. there is your problem. people like you are a super small group and the game cannot survive from this tiny group with a subfee model. oh yea elite dangerous great example that proves me right. its still not dead BECAUSE ppl can fly and shoot ALONE. imagine elite dangerous would force group pvp like DU. it would have 1 player now: you good that you have nothing to decide. DU is already on the wrong path and you would be a speedboost on that path
  2. yes they can and they will and you will be in a dead game without any targets to shoot. braindead? hmm? i agree for the L ships but not for the smaller ones.
  3. nope. ppl dont want to be gunnerslaves. try to force them into being a slave will result to even less pvp players. wake up and let ppl fly their ships and shoot at the same time like in 99% of all spacecombat games.
  4. im allin with the energy requi. thing but every single ship design will be more or less useless when the update arrives. we will see alot of tears but thats ok, we need power management
  5. do you still get skillpoints if you stopped paying and playing.
  6. i want clarification too. its called beta (lol) so i expect a wipe and because of that i will not build anything big. i dont pay money to get my progress removed after a few months. MMO means for me NO WIPE like any other mmo i played. to be clear i am ok with 1 wipe if we can keep our skills but afther that not a single wipe again, forever.
  7. 100% agreed and it would be cool if you have to specialize your ship in terms of detection. different types of radars/detection devices and you cannot put all on one ship because of energy and coresize.(maybe only on massive ships) i wanna build a stealth ship thats hard to detect but with its downside of expensive material, devices, smaller cargo size and only smaller weapons or no weapons at all.
  8. by that logic they cant release in dec because the biggest gta online update of all time will come out in dec.
  9. what auto renew? didnt know that? how do i cancel? i dont accept this mafia sub style
  10. i would accept a wipe and i think they will wipe because huge changes are needed and i dont think they can do these changes without a wipe. just let us keep the skills/talents and maybe the money(not that important) *edit* only wipe after you did huge performance improvements, so many people have low fps and thats the main problem for me and others. other problems are marketbots, pvp, economy, industry and stop allowing ppl to build bases 8000meters in the air. years from now you cant fly around a planet because thousand/hundreds of these structures are built and one day you will crash into one of them.
  11. pretty much every other space game(multiplayer and singleplayer) lets you use multiple guns and turrets solo. allowing only groups to be part of pvp is a terrible decision. i want pvp as a soloplayer but i cant because i cant use bigger guns and fly at the same time, incredible dumb and not logical. we play far in the future and you tell me we cant control multiple turrets from the pilotseat? LOL BAD JOKE. "just make friends or join an org" NO i dont want that and many others dont want that too. "hire a gunner" is probably the most stupid argument. nobody wants to be a gunner for random guy and nobody wants to pay a gunner and then the gunner quits because its the most boring job in the universe.
  12. stop defending shit behavior. ppl like you are are *selfcensoredbecausethereisnofreespeechanymore*
  13. my 70t ship carries 260t (total weight 330t) and it can go 1550+ms in atmosphere with only 1 L atmo engine and 2 M space engines. its ugly and i wouldnt call it a ship but its doing a great job. my talents for piloting are only 3/5 mostly so there is still more potential
  14. energy system for ships is a must imo and so are defensive elements like cloaking devices and shields. i think we all agree pvp needs a complete overhaul. im just a solo builder (a bad one lol) and i want to pvp but not like this.
  15. a true mirror tool would make things soooo much easier and quicker. so yes 100% agreed
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