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  1. i am just waiting for this message: "Hello players, we are broke, servers going down forever in 2 weeks, thank you for playing".
  2. that is the truth and the result of that will be less and less events and the braindead griefertrash (they are not pvpers) will not understand that they are the reason for it. if i was admin i would permabann every single one of them and it wouldnt hurt the game at all because they are only a 1% minority.
  3. only if the game is free2play. ingame shop + sub? nope
  4. i think they just dont have the manpower for everything. player numbers drop from alltime low to alltime low. not enough money and i believe its getting harder and harder to find good devs with the skills needed and that problem have many companys nowadays. the (created) world situation make things worse and if you ask me its over for many many companys not only in gaming. its time to move on from gaming and get out to defend your human rights and freedom. sounds cringy i know but if you are not a sheep you know exactly what i mean.
  5. i prefer PvP servers, always BUT: - soloplayer friendly. i want the freedom to build a freighter with automated turrets so that not every single little pirate ass can rape me and all i can do is sit there and "enjoy" the rape. - more options to defend yourself, cloaking, shields, jammers etc - radar overhaul. different types of detection, different types of engines (more power = more emissions = easier to detect) you know being a pirate is a very dangerous "job" and thats how it should be IMO
  6. this shit is so fuckin shady. unbelievable. make sure you all spread the word about this shit. yesterday in my profile: sub ended 18th of jan BUT i could still play. WHY?? AND TODAY i cant see anything in my profile, every information is GONE. it only says "subscriber". im not a subscriber anymore since december i told xsolla to stop the sub and they said they did stop it. dude i am getting really mad about this. this is the fastest way to lose players btw.
  7. one of the smaller reasons why a reset needs to happen at the end of the beta. i knew this would end like this the first time i saw one of these piece of shit towers.
  8. true. a game for boomerwhales cannot survive in todays age. free2play or death. you devs decide.
  9. why would they come back if its the same game with the same problems? wipe makes only sense when the game is final and great and we are far away from that. ATLAS was killed by wipes. i know it i played 800hours of it and i saw the same trash arguments for a wipe in the atlas forums 2 years ago. there is only one acceptable wipe but only at the end of beta. talent points should never be wiped in my opinion btw
  10. BS. you dont need a 2.5K pc for any game. the good reputation of CD Project is heavily damaged but in terms of money its a huge success. alot of bugs but at its core (story/characters) its a 9/10.
  11. i agree with all the wing/brake spam on every ship. L ship that can stop from 5000km/h in 5 seconds is just a joke. my biggest problem however is a different one. am i the only one that finds atmo engines SUPERUGLY??? the M engines look okay but L engines are horrible you need so many of them for a big ship it fuckin sucks. no i dont want XL atmos i want good looking engines and i want to be able to change the color of these engines. there should be like 10 different looking engines for each size with different strengths and weaknesses. yea i know we have different engines like military but come on it sucks, they all look the same.
  12. there is your problem. people like you are a super small group and the game cannot survive from this tiny group with a subfee model. oh yea elite dangerous great example that proves me right. its still not dead BECAUSE ppl can fly and shoot ALONE. imagine elite dangerous would force group pvp like DU. it would have 1 player now: you good that you have nothing to decide. DU is already on the wrong path and you would be a speedboost on that path
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