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    I recently started using AGGs. Can anyone tell me why the singularity doesn't start from the ship's current altitude? It doesn't make much sense for me.
  2. laicheeeee


    it's too expensive to operate. When xeron was 20q / l, i lifted 25kts off alitoth...costed me 1200k fuel. obviously it's not worth to use for hauling. In PvP it's pointless either. So either tell us what's it supposed to be used for or on of the following cut the fuel consumption to its third. Perhaps change the talent. instead of 5/5/5/5/5 %, make it to 5/10/20/40/80 totaling from 25% to 155% change the indgreditents from T2 to T1 increase the thrust of rockets (with the same consumption) by at least 100%
  3. that's the only way how you can limit the creation of the highest tier stuff.
  4. you could set up what you want to take(ore, element, erc), and it would take it. It would give a data item in exchange
  5. I have a dynamic L core with 0.02m3 honeycomb on it. I can't find it. IT would be great to have a feature that disassembles everything in that construct and place everything into your primary container.
  6. It would be great to have this. I have 760k coal in my market container and I can't create a hauling job because it just ddoesn't fit into my parcel container.
  7. when can we have that please? It's a very low effort feature
  8. it looks like now you have to slow down from 30000 to 2000 before you initiate warp. Warping now won't break you when you reach your destination. this is just stupid. Put it back they way it was.
  9. I am notr sure why we need this, but can we please remove this section? It doesn't fit where it used to.
  10. Removal of the "voxel replace tool" => replacement by the "voxel paint tool" YES PLS!
  11. there you go! It might be a bit difficult to read
  12. Resource Revamp Let’s give the resources stats. The same 4 type of stats for all the resources. Where you go look for a node (small or large), doesn’t matter, the resource will have 4 randomly generated stats each with a value ranging from 1-1000 For example Heat Resistance: 894 Cold Resistance: 390 Strength: 434 Decay Resistance : 900 Why would this be good? 1) Small nodes become useful as players may find better stats on resources on small nodes. 2) The stats of the resource would determine the end result of the crafting. 3) Trading with resources will be exciting. Humans like collecting stuff 😊 which will keep them in the game. Crafting Revamp The issue with how crafting is designed is that pretty much everyone creates the same thing. If 10 players decide to manufacture Space Engine XL-s, then what we will be seeing over time is that they will start undercutting each other prices to a point where someone will sell the item for a loss. The solution is that we need to introduce some variety. What I am proposing is to introduce real crafting. It would be an extra step between when you buy the schematic and when you would put that schematic into the factories. How would it work? Let’s roll the dice. Let’s use the dice come up with an element’s stat just like in the old days. You would have a crafting window where you could boost a specific stat on an element. There would be 2 stages during crafting. Build phase where you assemble the item for the first time, You open the crafting window. You drag and drop the resources / sub-components you need to an item and you initiate crafting by hitting “Build”. This is the point where you would have a roll for the “Build” Failure would look like this (see the below screenshot). You can only put two points on Thrust, 3 on hit points, etc) If you do a failure build, you cannot enhance the item by more than 30% (1 box / 10% ). Which basically means you only get 3 boxes. Good would mean you have 5 boxes (max 50%) Great would mean you have 8 boxes (max 80%) Amazing would mean you have 9 boxes (max 90%) Extraordinary would mean you have 10 boxes (max 100%) The number of available white (empty) boxes and the default blue boxes would be determined by the quality of the resources/subcomponents that you use Each item will have different resource requirement. For example what resource might be good for space engines may be bad for warp cells. For example for space engines. Thrust takes Heat Resistance 50%, Cold Resistance 25%, Decay Resistance 25% Hitpoints takes 50% strength, 50% heat resistance Warmup takes Heat Resistance 100% This picture below would be for an extraordinary build with good resources. If you use bad resources, there would be fewer blue boxes and more white. What are the blue boxes? The blue boxes represent how good/bad resources or subcomponents you used, then you will start placing your points from that point. In the above example Thrust starts from 40% so if you put one point, it may go up or down depending on the "enhance" roll (explained in the next paragraph) The next phase is the Enhancement phase. This when you actually start putting points on the stat you want. The process is simple. Depending on how many points you have, you start placing points. You can either do it point by point, or you can place all your points at once. Rolling the dice point after point could potentially give better endresults than using up all your points and roll the dice once. You can fill as many white boxes as you want, then you hit “Enhance” This would roll the dice once, and it would give you one of the following results Fail, Good, Great, Amazing, Extraordinary If you only put 1 point (fill only one white box), then this is how the bar would go up Fail = The bar would actually go down. You initially started from 40%, but since you failed you would go down to 30%, at the same time the number of white boxes on all stats would go down as well. Good = The bar would go up by an extra 10% Great = the bar would go up by an extra 20% Amazing = the bar would go up by an extra 25% points Extraordinary = the bar would go up by an extra 30%..which means 3 white boxes would be filled to blue even though you just selected white box. What determines how many points you could place of these white boxes? Talents: we would come up with a new talent tree where if you could acquire maximum 10 points Location: You could acquire +1 additional points depending which planet you are on. For example on Jago you could get 1-1 extra point on space engine assembly/enhancemenet.This would be good because crafters would actually need to fly to different planets to create schematics. This would boost the traffic and eventually would boost PvP What would drive the rolls? There are numerous ways you could do that. What I would do is the following Talents: we would come up with a new talent tree where if you could increase the chances for both assembly/enhancements. It can be the same talen tree as above, but I would come up with a new one. Location: You could get an additional chance on both depending on which planet you are on. I would also introduce consumables to increase the chance some extra percentage points. But let’s not go that deep down yet. once you have all the talents and if you are on the right planet you have the following chances 5% fail rate 95% good 50% great, 20% amazing 5% extraordinary Once you placed all the points, you have three options · Cancel · Create the item · Create the Schematic Decorations and consumables could have a build/enhance on the quantity. now here comes the million dollar question? would this be a database challange as you would need to store hundreds of thousands of stuff. I have seen this having been already done in Star Wars Galaxies, but not sure if it's doable here.
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