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  1. It ain't ready for that. It'd get review bombed so hard that records would be broken.
  2. Use an Emergency Controller. It can apply the brakes for you if you are not in the seat.
  3. I remember hearing rumors about people getting multiple sanctuary territory units from those pre-public-beta wrecks...
  4. Why do some people have the game crash so often, and others almost never? I've been playing off and on since Sept 12th and I've had maybe 3 or 4 crashes in total. Same for random disconnects.
  5. Will this element lives system also apply to cores? If so, what happens if a core breaks for the 5th time? Can it be replaced, or will the ship have to be disassembled and a new one built?
  6. The entire dev team can't work on the same thing at the same time. Should the artists learn how to program? The modelers learn how to bugfix? It's natural that new content comes out along with fixes. And sometimes, the fixes take longer.
  7. Does this scream "dev team woefully out of touch with the playerbase" to anyone else? The lack of consistent, clear communication is also a very bad look.
  8. Not like this. They chose about the most tedious possible way to implement it.
  9. Industry units have 7 inputs and 1 output. Containers have 10 in and 10 out.
  10. I think all that stuff should've been player made. When Beta started, all we should've had is the arkship and a Sanctuary TU. Of course, that does also create a paradox of sorts. Can't get to Sanctuary without Kergon space fuel. Can't make kergon without industry. Can't create industry without a static core placed. Can't place a static core without a Territory Unit, which cannot be crafted without a static core ... See the problem? The entire game design is fundamentally flawed. I suppose we could've started on Sanctuary with a Sanctuary TU, but still. I vote for letting market stuff be craftable and removing every single 'Aphelia' one. Districts too.
  11. A scripted dynamic construct with hovers using the space elevator as support. The entire column is needed.
  12. Yep. As the org leader, you're the super legate; I was speaking of if you had someone else with the skills and didn't want to train them yourself.
  13. Create an org. Have a legate in the org with the Org Constuct Management skill trained up. Place the cores in the org's name. You can have 900 cores in one org with maxed skills.
  14. JC seems to not realize how most people have been playing this game with AGGs. That answer really doesn't make much sense.
  15. Agreed. As much as I emotionally want to dislike a post sometimes, rationally I view it as a very bad idea.
  16. It seems that the intended use case for AGG ships is to always have one player with the ship while others ferry cargo to or from it.
  17. T5 megas are an utterly ridiculous concept. That single T5 mega probably has as much as all the other T5 nodes on Ion combined.
  18. When I originally heard the terms "anti-gravity generator", I thought it would make a ship fly in a gravity environment as if there was no gravity, with no speed restrictions, horizontal or vertical. The reality was extremely disappointing. The proposed changes? Even worse. I think that antigravity pulsors should negate gravity on the axis they're facing, and have a hard limit of 6 S/12 M. Max? Full negation. Half max? Half negation. So one could choose to partly negate when horizontal or on the tail, or full negate when horizontal.
  19. Are the devs completely out of touch with how people have been playing their game for the past few months? And what's the point of calling it a sandbox if stuff is only supposed to be used in certain ways even if it seems like it could be used in a lot more? May as well rename DU to "JC's Vision(tm)" and put as the description "Follow JC's Glorious ViSiOn and adhere to rigid rules as you fulfill his WiShEs". I've had about enough of this nonsense.
  20. Lol. I don't know if I'm a 'carebear', but DU's damage model and implementation is absurdly dumbed down. I have ~1200 hours in Space Engineers (where a crash will wreck and break apart a ship and most of the time very little can be salvaged) and ~500 hours in Kerbal Space Program (where a crash over ~50m/s literally means complete craft destruction). I'd prefer a Space Engineers damage system, with needing to ensure ships have structure or else they break apart. None of this floating element nonsense. If you crash, well, better luck next time. Of course, Space Engineers doesn't require dozens if not hundreds of hours for cumulative crafting times for even a moderate sized ship...
  21. If you have enough atmo thrust and lift (~1.2-1.4g atmo thrust, ~1.5-1.7g high alt lift, ~300+m/s max speed), you should have no trouble ascending to 0.08 atmo and give space engines literal minutes to warm up fully. I speak from personal experience, with ships as massive as 5.5kt.
  22. For most components, diminishing returns in addition to the natural lessening of effect (add an engine? 1x thrust. Add 3 more? 4x thrust. Add 3 more? 7x. Etc.) don't make sense. For atmo air brakes, though, technically they function by increasing frontal cross section to increase drag. Right now, the direction doesn't matter, and they don't actuate, so they can just be stacked infinitely. Atmo air brakes need to function differently. Space brakes too. They're just magic blocks right now.
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