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  1. As far as I can see there are two options, play the beta and accept there will be problems, server downtime, bugs etc etc, or go elsewhere for your gaming fix (see if you can find anything like DU elsewhere.. we are here playing at the cutting-edge of game development) - I too am excited, it's been a long time since I felt that I am part of an 'alternative computer created universe' where anything could happen.. somehow all the other games lack that certain special something, DU has the magic and is keeping me coming back for more. NQ keep up the good work! TzUK
  2. Introducing The Collective - The duality of human to match the Dual Universe.. Individual yet one. At war, yet peaceful. Orchestrated chaos, simultaneously simply complex. We are The Collective. Trade, Mining, Industry, PVP.. fantastic intriguing organisation! I have joined, but has the discord link expired? Any members of The Collective please DM/PM me the link so I can join the discord conversation. New members, we welcome you, join today! Thank you, A·E·TzUK
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