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  1. It's the load time, not the structures themselves. I'd love to see Alioth turn into a Coescant ( I think I spelled that right lol ). Getting them to load so you don't have 1s to not crash would be a boon, in and of itself.
  2. Why not just have static planetary cores have no ceiling aside from planetwide build height O_o -Several less entries in DB for server ( if its setup the way im thinking ) -Would require adjusting the render distance to accommodate for the height or depth of static on planets
  3. It's an odd design where you have the construct name in the blue area and the actual name you set for the item in the bottom section. Just a design thing that feels a little off when you stop and look at it.
  4. Renaming items is a way for us to keep things organized. One would think element name would be in place of the construct name in that case. Considering the emphasis should be on the item name at this point. Just a minor design oddity that was noticed is all, thought I would put it out there. Ya'll DUing a good job, take your time, things WILL blow up in the player base from time to time!
  5. That may end up being the case when they add energy/power requirements to things.
  6. Players crashing, really was a good thing... and they lost items to... so they had to buy more... wait, wait! so instead of fixing the issue CAUSING people to crash *Coughs towers* they removed a key game play loop instead...
  7. Enjoy the safety arena, if you find you need some isolation, your more than welcome to take the elongated voyage to Feli, be sure to warp however rofl.
  8. TBH, I leave atmo, my ATMO/SPACE engines literally overlap going on and off due to skills lol.
  9. My input Social "distancing" pun most intended Chat works only in constructs that you are in. New comm elements for using communications terminal from pilot seat with settable frequencies and passwords, aka broadcasting that is SEMI global on that frequency. RDMS for channels IE Receive and broadcast permissions. Creative functions to move some elements of communications from Discord to InGame methods. K, I can't think of much else atm..... Biggest idea on it woul
  10. Well frigg, I can't walk out my own front door out of safe zone T_T
  11. Thank you for pointing out a technicality, put a smile on my face lmao
  12. The AWS server is amazons humongous cloud server system they are using to run the whole simulation. So yeah, it eats bandwidth like no tomorrow. Though the data usage really is huge. Some of this stuff should be optimized and pushed into loaded memory. IMO of course.
  13. Reseed resources, isolate them to different planets, create scarcity, creates economic demand and a reason for combat. RL example, the friggen middle east... Now "carebears" have to ask for resources, market prices rise and stabilize PVP groups can blockade resources forcing a political group reaction from player base. People WILL complain, because now they "Have" to PVP or pay the people who do Welcome to early civilization in space, now eat space-rock and deal with it! I know I just sounded like a complete A to some people, but I hate
  14. Change 4/27
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