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  1. Ugh, another CR thread, where's my 100ft pole so I can push it off from the edge of the forums, lol.
  2. So we need greater accessibility to shoot each-other <--- end of argument?
  3. Don't forget to grab discord, it's a life saver for new people, beware the trolls that lurk there. Also, be open minded, some of us are off are rockers from being in mineshafts to long...
  4. Point taken, devs need to play more sandbox games
  5. Single storage BUT still only able to use X number of schematics that you have? I'd like that! Kind of like a library with memory cards
  6. Pirates Lack cargo scanners, scanners should be able to scan cargo and display a text only break down of items on screen somewhere. Why? Why the heck would you damage a ship that has limited lives on its items, but what about the cargo? Players can toss cargo... Cargo "Trashed" from any container/person, should spawn a container specific to the size of the cargo. ( This SHOULD have been done already, or should be in 0.25 patch ) Now players can "Avoid" a destroyed ship by jettisoning cargo Or you can try to get away Or some-ones trolling and just wants to wreck your day. Additions welcome! :3 I am just trying to be constructive here.
  7. We need scarcity, or hell, greater delays in final production even, the list can just go on and on. SOMETHING needs to be there to drive us into killing eachother, I mean hell, most countries IRL would still be going at it if it weren't were for the N word looming over every leaders head. >:3
  8. Better idea, how about we do not move the construct, but have a way to move the building area in full voxels while the construct itself does not move at all O_o? Hot key for camera adjustment and saved per ship client side as well please???
  9. Sweet, I'll have a n00b to test ships and watch them die over and over...
  10. If that's the case, there should be an introduction of feature followed by a heavy nerfing patch. To say here you go *smiles*, oh hold on! *NERF*...
  11. Haku0814

    DU Improvements

    I can agree on that, not only do they have us players, if they "Signed" for any finances, I'm sure that the funder is demanding returns, even if at small amounts. They're priority right now is to make a non-du playing party happy. TBH most investors have no true idea wtf they threw they're investment at only what they were sold. Fairly certain they would love to get things done the way we are saying, at the same time, someone else is demanding progress in a different fashion. Forcing us to the backburner as we pile on suggestions and fixes that are more than likely not going to see the light of day til either after "release" or prior. Just my thoughts.
  12. tbh, this is one scenario where a third party server running a lua client would come in handy. I'd pay a few dollars to keep SOME lua things running myself if I had them.
  13. Honestly, I'd like to see the T2+ things fleshed out and more additions done, even if it's just cosmetic/utility. Power gen anyone?
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