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  1. Several months in now but this patch has me looking for something else. Day before patch the game crashed on me while flying a load of iron to market. 3k from ground logged back in a instant crash again. Total of 4 crashes before I got a relog to hold. By then. Ship crashed. This is my first crash induced by game crashing. No errors. Just instant poof. Windows screen. So I repaired the ship and core. login today after patch. And learn. No more repairs to core.... I think ok. Build extra.......36million for BP.. I have 45million total. Doesn’t compute. I don’t mind repairing my ship for crashes that are my fault. But it’s to much to ask me to try and do those repairs now with all the barriers. so either make flying safer some how or easily repaired. When it’s not our fault. I don’t mind the BP requirement now. But give us at least the tier 1 items. Things like ore scanners cores ect. Then make better version of them for purchase. my reasons for playing this game are about exploring so I am waiting to see a galaxy... not one solar system and I want to be able to fly to a distant planet and still manufacture items I need. I will continue skills for a while. But will be playing another game some pve Would be nice. Like empyrion but I am not willing to fly one of my nice ships with the current game setup
  2. Not fun anymore..... looking at training skills for a while. The idea of flying one of my now glass ships and struggling to repair is over the top. Now if I didn’t have to worry about game crashes while I am hauling ore.
  3. look up character TOZI if you want and search any killboard you wont find me. and 150millsp and over 70bill wealth. eve gave the tools to avoid pvp if you wanted. still got all my original implants i havent played in a while due to the increasing push for destruction by the devs, but kakeo will prob sort that before too long.
  4. sounds like an excellent decision to me as i dont even like pvp. i have played eve since 2003 and never lost a single ship.....i think most players here are like me. i will continue playing duel as long as i can play like i choose not forced into some pointless pvp. Eve gave us the tools to avoid pvp and thats why most of the player base stayed.FYI
  5. Seriously? So if bathroom sinks are vandalized it’s the cities fault that they didn’t make it indestructible........ do you really think people should not have self control? Anarchy online.....
  6. So far I am loving the game. No losses and no real problems. Looking forward to multiple solar systems!!the only downside is the gaggle of greifers always trying to cheat. Have to wonder how some have lost all integrity and humanity . But game is great so far😇
  7. i am happy they got what they deserve keep the bans coming for deplorables its the only way to keep the game going and not see players leave. and those who leave over this are not wanted anyway.
  8. Discovering or knowing an issue, bug, or exploit and benefiting from it instead of reporting it to Novaquark is forbidden. seems to fall under this rule... Ban? wondering if maybe there are some from other games trying to purposely cause problems here
  9. Sorry work calls. But think about things and when life gets you down remember you don’t need to take it out on others. Just call your local mental health line👩🏻‍🔬🏃
  10. I won’t start with basements or beards but trying to defend being with out honor as a good or acceptable thing is never a winner....
  11. Sounds like a long term in the Marines would help you son...
  12. We don’t agree on what being an adult is and I am sorry your life experience has brought you to that conclusion. Adults don’t give up and always lead by example. if you give up. There is no one to teach young people Honor should always be the goal and no one should ever compromise. yes there will always be those who don’t learn but you don’t stop trying to teach them. china and South Korea have found ways to stop this behavior. I think South Korea requires SSN on accounts or their version of it or maybe a country wide game #. We as adults should never let our guard down on this sort of behavior. 👮‍♀️
  13. Personally I don’t mind following the game rules as written..and I don’t seek to find ways around them. The game is enjoyable for me and most others as it seems to be going now. Why do some think it’s inevitable that people will always cheat and that we have to accept it? Fatalistic personalities? It’s a game. Not life or death. Where is self control and being an adult? Where is being honorable and having self respect? I think JC being European thinks most people have self control and some lvl of self respect. And so do I. It’s no secret: Cheating is prevalent in many multiplayer games. It’s an even bigger problem in a Single-Shard metaverse with PvP, like Dual Universe. Therefore, we needed to put several safety measures in place to ensure a fair game for all players. Our client anti-cheat implementation is one of these measures sounds to me like NQ will not rollover either to the cheats
  14. No need to link it’s in general discussion in the pinned rules scroll up a bit and read😉 talking about an issue and making it a game rule are two different steps . What he was thinking about was probably not what you were wanting other wise why implement the rules as he did?and those rules are only a few weeks old apparently around the same time as the video...
  15. Just reread the rules and discovered something of note.. some players were saying the rules I was posting were only aimed at the anti cheat. Well read again folks Playing at the same time with two or more accounts is forbidden (having several accounts is fine as long as you only play with only one at a time). Helping someone, or driving someone, to do forbidden actions is obviously forbidden too. Discovering or knowing an issue, bug, or exploit and benefiting from it instead of reporting it to Novaquark is forbidden. Sharing accounts between different people is forbidden. Any action performed on your account is the responsibility of its owner. The Customer Support team won’t be able to help regarding any issues happening due to account sharing. The owner isresponsible for any action made with the account. Trying to degrade the game performances of other players for any reason is forbidden. this last part especially maybe it was added recently
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