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  1. Back when we had players, and fun. I can't help but feel that a very few squeaky wheels got the rest of us covered in unwelcome and unhelpful grease.
  2. I wish we could honestly say that. A lot of us will i'm sure. But whole orgs from DU? I'm afraid that may no longer be possible. Just not enough of us around left. The blame lies completely with the "visionaries" who did not see the damage coming from their actions. I have seen MMO's fall apart like this horribly before over the decades, but not often. SB is an awesome game, has a lot further to go but what it has so far is amazing (as DU was). But it is a completely different game than DU. A lot more pvp centered and it does that pvp in ways that DU could never even dream of accomplishing. DU is simply incapable of it. But the mere idea of pvp will turn a lot of DU players away, hell it will have them running screaming from SB out of fear. Which is too bad. Even pvp'ers from DU will be in for a rude shock in SB if they think its a simple gank fest, because it actually requires a lot of skill and not time investment in building a miner killing ship. It really is dog-fighting ship to ship combat, not a click and reload mini-game (has to be experienced to really understand, some people will simply not be able to do it). I guess we will see what happens next month with both games. As long as we have something fun to play in one place or another then we all really should just be happy and I hope to join MTI/SLI wherever we end up.
  3. A daily charge would be pretty hilarious if it was based on total number of TU's. Pretty sure I would go through a few billion quanta in a week.
  4. Better suggestion. Once a week during prime time in russia for one hour, the market area becomes a pvp zone with a 10 minute warning. This problem will sort itself out in one week.
  5. Not enough pvp, duh. If we were allowed to hunt the mining people across every planet and burn them out of every hex then we would have a lot more people logging in to grind.
  6. I would guess a decent amount of us poking around with amusement at the forums here have actually stopped playing daily. Including you and me. As it is right now i'm not sure "diggy diggy hole in space" would have us screaming back into the game en mass. Digging and mining was not the greatest fun loop on the ground, in space it would also get old pretty fast. Especially since the mechanic to do so would not likely change much. They could eliminate the digging portion and just have us find higher tier ore in zones (that you could camp or patrol) as fully ready to be mined ore-roids and miners could risk going into those zones if the reward was high enough to risk whatever ship they made for the job. But i'm afraid we might be looking at what will essentially be hexes floating in space, possibly even able to be scanned so you can see what is in it. Amusing at first but long term we would not be able to tell the difference between the "roid" in space and just another hex on a planet. I guess we will find out.
  7. I hear your pain, I really do. But let's be realistic. Who are you going to pvp right now?
  8. Back when we were playing 8-16 hours a day we toyed with the idea of putting up MTI billboards on all the Sanctuary spaceports that told new players (Get in, Plop Down your free TU, Get out!, You're welcome -MTI). You are better off deleting your free TU and using that time to mine surface ore or unclaimed tile ore on Alioth until you have the money/resources gathered to get away from there even. Sanctuary is a trap. Long ago my bud and I wasted our whole first week there till we got evacced to Madis (Thank you Thunderblaze) and never looked back.
  9. Less about the company, more about the process. It's good to know how these things work and then see what a game like DU does with its own product. The video is just a heads up to the warning signs of what could happen. So pay less attention to what is said in public forums by PR people and pay close attention to what the company actually does with both it's workforce and pricing model.
  10. The problem is not that each weapon system requires a separate gunner usually. The problem is there is nobody to sit in all the chairs. If you are looking for pvp regardless though I would give DU a hard pass. The game is just not designed to make that fun.
  11. Lets just say DU is getting F to F- in everything but Mining. In mining it is marked absent. Maybe a C- for ship building, neither game is great at it but for completely different reasons. Because Medium fighters are the current meta. For a capital sized ship you could make 4 fighters and you would only need 2 of them to take a capital ship. Armor plating and turrets have a long way to go currently. They work, just not great. If they ever get the ship lock-lasers, torpedo and missle mechanic working properly then I see large ships having a huge purpose as carriers or artillery batteries. At least there is no reason for murder cubes.
  12. During a pvp event 2 weeks ago I lost my fighter ship at one point, my ship exploded around me and my chair flew out of the ship with me attached as explosions and debris went in all directions. I got out of my chair and pulled out my grenade launcher and started firing in anger at the ships engaging each other all around me. *FOOM* Miss *FOOM* Miss *FOOM* MASSIVE EXPLOSION as the ship flying past me turned into confetti from the grenade I lobbed into the cockpit connects. I stared dumbfounded at the screen...Poor bastard didnt know what hit him One of the people watching the discord feed of mine screamed suddenly: "Holy ****ing **** that was amazing" SB Grading would be Mining B-, Ship building C-, Infantry combat B+, Ship Combat A++ can not be improved upon until capital ships are made more viable.
  13. No real NDA for Starbase, even streaming is allowed. There really is no comparing SB to DU right now as far as player numbers. In origin there are a lot more players in the area than almost anywhere in DU, period. May not sound like a big deal until you realize that Starbase is a CLOSED ACCESS ALPHA. FRICKING daily I am getting guild members popping into discord who have been absent for weeks, wondering "where everybody is?!?" They havent been on for weeks or months sometimes and they wanna know where everybody went.
  14. Hey as long as we no skin in the game we can watch the schadenfreude unfold.
  15. Is this like ducktales where they let the guy who regularly crashes the planes fly so that he can crash the broken plane since he has the most experience crashing planes?
  16. People always forget what day it is.
  17. Notice I said the word "magic"? Reports of some of the vanguard members quitting publicly in the last few months was a real eye opener for those paying attention. It sends a powerful message to the devs, but I'm not sure they are even there to receive it. We appreciate your work regardless.
  18. Still pretty united actually. Just not entirely united in DU 😁 .....starbase is looking promising btw. We keep checking in and hoping that some magic patch will fix things in DU and every few days that hope wanes a bit more.
  19. A wipe won't fix any of their core issues. But at this point it won't make anything too much worse. Even in one of the largest guilds in the game almost nobody is playing, probably less than 10% of our "used to be active players" are even logging in daily now. A wipe and we would lose even more of those. But would even really notice the loss?
  20. May have to log in to do this. Then go back to starbase I suppose.
  21. Yesterday went like this.........Spent a few minutes downloading the update. Logged in and checked on everybody (I think a couple members were on). Checked factory, fine but they borked advanced metal something-or-other now. Ground looks different. Colors have changed to a bit uglier and less smooth on a few things. Look over near Madis market 3, Thunder Tower is now whitish grey *long sigh follows* instead of black. I shake my head. Run through MTI city for a bit, voxel corruption still present in a few places. A few of our main ships are a different color now..... I see a jetpack icon now, but I am on land. Ok thats about it I suppose. I logged off, gave a report to my fellows, and joined them in a different alpha game again. I sincerely hope that NQ pulls up from this mess they are in. However the lack of communication is a very sad and telling sign at the state of things over there, obviously something has happened.
  22. Dev's might be busy playing starbase maybe.
  23. If only the game was active as this thread.
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