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  1. this is failing due to several reasons. did you ever try to put down a static core on an asteroid ? it says "no territory". putting down a space core does not help either, because it can be shot. sorry ... But : as a hint : your space suit is quite capable of flying some su if you are patient ...
  2. and there my friend, I am sorry to tell you, you are wrong. It is all about psychology. There is a huge difference between - if you define the base yield at 100% and punish the player when he is not calibrating versus - if you calibrate nicely, you are rewarded and get more than 100%. see the difference ? Its called motivation. All game loops should be designed to be motivating. If they are not, the game designer failed.
  3. there is no obstruction for weapon damage so far, which is silly.
  4. as Deckard said : it happended and they realized the mistake.
  5. Guys, the problem is a technical one and quite simple : - Demeter patch hit everybody at the same time. - So tax bill must be issued for the whole player base at the very same time. - This means a permanent stressful server overload every week at the very same time. It is very much preferable from a server perspective, if he can deal with taxes one after the other with some pause inbetween. No big deal. What is really surprising is the fact, that the developer who designed that , did not think about it. Its a classic problem ...
  6. Polls showed numbers. Ridiculously low numbers. They showed how many people participated in the polls. Those numbers were 2 digit numbers. I would also try to hide that.
  7. Oh well, please realize that you are talking to CREATOR. He is not a new player at all. All he did was to point out, that this might be a real problem for actual new players.
  8. Mini game / mining units are boring as hell. Borderline annoying. Before demeter I was warping basically every day around. Supply was no problem, if I needed more, then I just dug more. Warplines were spitting out little warp crystals, and fuel tanks were always full. No more. Everything is rationed. Even slow boating a big ship is now considered to be expensive. All I can do is play with my remaining pre-Demeter resources. All progress is gone. Unsubbed. Game is not worth paying money for it.
  9. Ok, I demand that people who comment ,understood the argument. Good luck with your Bauxite or whatever T1 rocks to create some space fuel. Did you find T2 yet ? Then we can start a real debate.
  10. Ok. let's try again to explain why I reported this as a bug: - we will assume for simplicity that there is a complete wipe, and all players start at sanct. - so some make it to alioth with the ingame shuttle and want to start to explore the "universe" - space tech requires T2 ore - space fuel requires T2 ore - Tier 2 mining units require T2 ore to be built. And there we have a problem. Because the pts scans showed quite clearly, that T2 ore is very rare on the the inner planets. But you don't have T2 mining units yet. One needs to fly to space to find T2 somewhere else. And all this with those 3 NON RESPAWNING 20 liter rocks that lay on the earth ??? Who is doing game design at NQ ? How can NQ-Cosmos tell me, it was never intended to have a respawn for surface rock ? It was never intended to eliminate the normal mining gameplay. But that has changed. So surface ore respawn has to change. I am reporting this as a bug, because it is a serious bug in gameplay design. And a support guy giving me this answer is ......
  11. Last weekend I filed a bug report about surface ore respawn : Ninator Nov 21, 2021, 13:23 UTC With the upcoming demeter patch, the presence of surface ore becomes important again. It is absolutely necessary that surface ore respawn is functional. At the moment, there is NO surface ore respawn on planets like Thades. This is a serious bug. Do NOT release demeter with a defective surface ore respawn mechanism ! I reported this bug several times now, and I got ignored again and again. Obviously somebody did not consider this to be important. Do not ignore this again ! It needs to be fixed ! Thank you. The surprising reply to this was : NQ-Cosmos (Novaquark) Nov 22, 2021, 9:18 UTC Hello Ninator, Thank you for contacting us. I will be glad to clear out the misunderstanding! The ore shouldn't respawn in the first place, and this is intended. Please let me know if you have another question! Best regards, NQ-Cosmos What do you think about this ?
  12. The problem is caused by this : - player X claims a territory for HIMSELF - player X drops a static core for his org Y - player X places mining units on the static core that is owned by org Y -> player X can not operate the mining unit, because he gets "Unauthorized request". So either claim the territory for the org, or you must drop the core for yourself. Already filed a demeter bug report for this.
  13. >> The very first territory per planet per (paying!) player must be tax free << This is an easy way to preserve all the player created art and content all over the planets. Everything else would be a digital middle finger raised towards the playerbase. Thank you for reading.
  14. Total agree. A rough calculation tells me : the game is NOT fun anymore. So why should I pay for it ? These game mechanics would be ok (and expected) for a free to play game. But here I am paying real money. And what do I get ? I was used to bring home 100 to 200 kilo liters of ore PER DAY. What NQ gives me now is a fraction of that. They hinder my progress. They slow me down. This is the opposite of fun. Who is doing game design at NQ ? You want players in your game ? Then motivate them. I can not see motivation here. Its the 0.23 desaster happening again. Some detailed problems : - demeter will cut me off T3/T4/T5 supply. I would be forced to do PvP asteroid mining to have access. - Scans are listing T2 but it is by far to rare. I have detailed maps on the old ore distribution around my base. Demeter is practically removing T2 from the surface. It is quite rare in only a few spots. - Ore yield is simply off by a factor of 10 AT LEAST. who on earth designed that ? Any stupid guy doing surface mining is faster by several mangitudes ...
  15. Linking elements is risky business atm. It crashes alot. Repairing elements likewise.
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