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  1. To begin with, I must admit, that the building part and the flying around part of this game is super fun and extremely addictive. The hunt for high value ore ( not T1 ) can be fun. For a while. And then you start to ask yourself : "why ?" And after a while you realize, there is no reason to play this game. You spend hundreds of hours to mine your ore, to build your base, to marvel at your latest constructions .... ... and then you look around and see : nothing. nobody. And when you try to evaluate, WHY you need to mine that meganode, the only conclusion is, fear. Fear, that sombody else might take it away from you. You have to be first, or its gone. That is the driving force in this game. And honestly I hate that. I have decided, that this game is not good for me. because of that. In eve online I can go on holidays, and rest assured, those belts will be fresh and juicy whenever I log back in to continue my gameplay. Same in World of Warcraft. I can stop my progression whenever I want, log out, have a good rest and sleep well, and continue my gameplay happily some days later. Not this game. this game destroys real life. Because its main gameplay is driven by this instinct, that one looses stuff when NOT playing. And of course I simply miss content. I honestly expected to find a better eve online here. I was looking foreward to build cannons and shoot everything thats moving in space. Now guess what, nothing is moving in space. I did not realize when I subbed, that the devs clearly ruled out NPC combat. ever. Not my game. sorry. I am a mission runner. Again, not my game. Well, and the bugs. Sure, its a beta. I have been watching what the devs are doing during the last 4 months. I installed some logic gates on a dedicate wall with some buttons. And after every patch I tried the buttons. And after every patch, those super simple logic gates still failed. For 4 months. And we are talking about a super stupid XOR gate. Every day I was fighting my way through the silly login crashes. And I was wondering : " If they can not fix a single XOR, how on earth are they supposed to EVER fix that complicated crash when the game engine is starting " ? In other words, I lost hope, that this game could turn into something that I like. Thats why my sub is running out. Bring content, and I will have a look again. And no, nobody can haz my stuff. cu.
  2. Some games have "killboards". This game needs a suicide board for miners that died from boredom 1Km underground ...
  3. This is simply a must have function. At least for static cores. It is actually debatable if it should work with dynamic cores, but to completely reorganize your machines from scratch is nothing but a pain in the ass -> VERY negative user experience.
  4. 106 is a "good" error. It means the server is already running, but not available to the public. be patient.
  5. Die Meldungen sind im Prinzip korrekt, aber extrem Nerdig. Wenn der Server komplett Offline ist, kriegst due den HTTP Fehler, weil deine Zugangsdaten nicht verifiziert werden können. Nach einer Server-Wartung, wird der Server zunächst als Privater Server gestartet, damit nicht alle sofort drauf losstürmen. Dann können die Admins in Ruhe ausprobieren, ob er stabil läuft. Danach machen Sie die Pforten auf, und das laufende stabile System wird zum Public Server. Das ist ganz normal. Nur der Begriff "User Experience" muss dem DevTeam von DU wirklich mal erklärt werden.
  6. I disagree. I am setting up quite a little factory atm. And what I can see, that simply the amount of machinery defines my throughput. But the more one has, the more complicated it becomes to handle the setup. So what I whish for would be to have a control desk, from where I can load complete snapshots of setups into my machines. Like today I need basic parts to craft more machines, the next day I want to build some ships. So a few configurations that can be uploaded would be so helpful ... And this kind of mechanics does not affect my throughput. It is not gamebreaking.
  7. Same here. And a client restart also did not bring back the floors. how to fix that ?
  8. The whole thing seems to be intentional. Yesterday I was enyoing a nice login queue ( like 650 ppl in front). Trying to use my time sensefully, I was playing around with video settings. I was at queue position 300 when I decided, that playing in windowed mode might be the better choice, because I have a multi monitor setup. Well, the system responded with "you have to restart the game". Funny. Reaching queue position 105, I found my self suddenly troubled with an "connection error". Patiently was I waiting for the promised "reconnect attempt", but of course that never happened. I gave up and restarted the game client. Half a bottle of wine later, I really made it into the game. Cooooool. Beeing an ex eve player, I immediately started talent training ( who wants to waste those points ? ). Man how I regret that some minutes later, because the intro tutorial got stuck, because the training queue was already full ..... Another client restart fixed that, and then the day was over. So exiting.
  9. Same happended to me, but I got "Internal server error" messages. What I figured was, that the tutorial area in which you can dig is actually very small. And if you try to dig outside of that box, you get an error. For me, the experience was very frustrating, because the direction that lead me closer to the ore just produced errors. So i finally gave up.
  10. Same here. The mining tutorial let me fall into an underground sea. very funny. And now all the construction tutorials have no floor anymore ? If I enter them, I am falling into various strange places. I was playing in windowed mode with shadows completely disabled. Maybe that caused it ? How do I get the floors back ?
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