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  1. See that is where your view of what this game will be is twisted. Games like this work on a cycle of Build-Destroy. If i'm a crafter/builder, I will need people destroying ships/bases otherwise my job runs out of work. This cycle is what makes sandbox games tick. With out the cycle the game stagnates. So to sum up. PVPers need Crafters to make ships and bases to fly/fight. And Crafters need PVPers out blowing up things in order for there to be a market for their craft. One can not exist without the other.
  2. If all you want is a multiplayer space combat voxel builder, go play Emyperium, or Space Engineers. This game was pitched as a pvp based sandbox MMORPG with heavy infulence from EVE Online. If you don't want a sandbox mmo, no one is forcing you to play.
  3. These are the type of fight characteristics that turned star citizen in to a switch shooter in space. Please no.
  4. Got to love it when people who have no idea what they are talking about and have spent no time researching the project, come here and troll post.
  5. The real issue here is balancing a fully crewed ship verses a gang of solo piloted scripted ships. For example. If we have a ship that has a crew of 10 people, and it runs in to a gang of ten solo piloted scripted ships of the same type. Which group should win? There needs to be incentives for fully crewing ships otherwise people will just solo pilot them for numbers.
  6. GW2 was trash. I was sick of it in under one month.
  7. I prefer just a subscription based game with no expansion costs. But that being said i would rather have pay-for expansion model than a F2P model with a P2W cash shop.
  8. Try reading. I didn't say i liked the idea. Was just saying that it was a possibility. And no EVE is not instanced. The Jita solar system that i go to now is the same one that you can go to tomorrow. There is NEVER 2 versions or instances of a solar system. "In massively multiplayer online games, an instance is a special area, typically a dungeon, that generates a new copy of the location for each group, or for certain number of players, that enters the area" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Instance_dungeon
  9. EVE is not instanced. In EVE the game is split up in to what are called "solar system servers". Lets use the solar system "Jita" as an example. When the Jita solar system reaches its server limit the game literally stops people from entering through its stargate. You would not be able to enter Jita until someone inside ether logs off or leaves the system. Now if EVE was instanced, when Jita filled up the game would just spawn a new INSTANCE of that solar system and send all the new people trying to get in to that INSTANCE. Please know what you are talking about before typing snark
  10. They are still content expansions in the fact that they add new tools and things to do. Doesn't matter if they are free or not, or even how big they are. They are still content expansions. If CCP wanted to they could hold back 3-4 small expansions and put them in to one big one, and then charge money for the option to use those new features. Edit: Also yes this is my point. In sandbox games expansions can not be done like in wow. They would have to be more along the lines of EVE. As in adding new tools etc. Also i am not saying that I would like to see this done in DU. I was just stating t
  11. Not true. You can add expansions with out instancing. Expansions in sandbox games usually add new tools for the players to use and new things to do. A small example is when EVE online added new types of player controlled stations called citadels. They are new tools added in to the game to be used how the players see fit. No instancing needed.
  12. The thing you guys are missing is that with out npcs to farm for gold there is no currency creation. I ask you this. Where is the currency coming from?
  13. Subscriptions are the only way to go. I find it so funny when people say that subscription games have failed over the last ten years. The fact is that F2P games have also failed. They might bring in some fast cash due to big spenders, but very shortly after that the game dies. F2P and micro-transaction cash shops are a cancer to MMO gaming. Games do not fail because of their monetization model. Games fail because they are poorly designed. Take SWTOR for an example. SWTOR started as a subscription game, and was VERY successful in the first 6 months. But then the hype died and most of th
  14. I also am against planets regenerating. I can picture my self 10 years from now flying past our starting planet and being amazed at its broken empty crust and massive cities. That is what a truly immersive sandbox is all about. Those are our decisions and actions effecting that planet and effecting everyone who visits it.
  15. You do not sell in game items. You sell early access. The Re-population did it right even though they ran in to issues with their game engine.
  16. Almost 100% of ISK in eve comes from killing NPCs. We know that there will be no NPCs in DU, so EVEs currency system will not work. This is a discussion about the currency not the economy, even though the two are related.
  17. The problem is, there will be no npcs that drop gold like there is in normal mmos. So NQ will be tasked with finding a way to naturally generate in game currency. The idea of a trad-able resource like energy becoming currency is a very natural approach. The speed of the energy generation can be fine tuned to balance how passive it is. It could be set up that your generators need to be supplied fuel every 2-3 hours. That makes it a very active task.
  18. I was also thinking about this. I think that energy could be a effective form of currency. When first starting out, the ark ship could supply us with a small amount of energy to get things started (setting up first shelter or powering basic vehicles). But as we progress we would likely have power reactors, solar collectors etc. At this point in the civilization we would switch from a basic trade/barter system to a currency based economy with energy as our currency. I believe this would also create a great currency sink. As people could trade raw materials for energy to power shields, s
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