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  1. Do believe they said, there is going to be a hard limit on how far down you can mine, but i'm sure the'll leave plenty of room to build a cavernous area for a city or base. I plan to take my aspirations to the asteroid fields and hide an evil layer (or ship construction facility) there. You know, whatever one pays the bills.
  2. I'd rather pay a subscription any day, over worrying about buying into the game and worrying what they are going to have to end up selling to keep the lights on at the studio every month. A subscription is a much stabler method of income for the devs, they can track the number of active accounts. see how much they can expect to make in a given month and budget effectively. If they did a buy to play with a cashshop that might give them a nice chunck of change at the launch of the game, but then they are going to have to keep adding more and more and more into the cashshop to keep the lights on. I'm done with F2P with Cashshops for this very reason, name 1 recent MMO that has managed this well. You can't do it, they all have dwindling populations of mostly whale players who only motivation to continue is the amount they have already invested. A BtP and Cash-Shop also does not fit the content this game intends to offer in my opinion and I would strongly rule against it.
  3. Would have to say, it would be best to force all smaller ships to travel via Jump Gates. Only large ships could fit a Jump Drive. However, I don't think Jump drives should take the large ship alone with it. What if the Jump Portal Generator created a jump field 1km wide (as an example) that pulled anything in it along with the large ship with it. (Accept other Large ships to prevent them getting cut in half) BTW: JPG = Jump Portal Generator Interesting note, if you ship is longer then 1km then you would need to add additional JPG's in order for it to be able to jump. (Which by the way I think would make an excellent balance mechanic for large groups of players making something that big, due to the insane cost of say activating 5 JPG's) Further-more, a Large ship shouldn't be able to jump somewhere the Navigator does not have the coordinates to. (IE Someone has to have been there, and gave the coordinates to the navigator if he himself had not been there) Finally, there should be a limit on how many JPGs can be used to go to one place at any given time. (Stops 200 Large ships from all jumping at the same time and landing at the same time, causing the greatest intergalactic car crash you have ever seen) (Also i'm totally gushing this one but) Would be awesome if you could activate a JPG over a city and take the top half of a city building with you. Because, that is my favorite moment from Halo 2 (But would also be used to grief to no end)
  4. Charlie Sheen, is that you?!
  5. I'm glad they chose a pay to play model, Eliminated the need for any kind of micro-transactions after the fact to keep the studio lights on. Also, gives the Devs a much more reliable income figure to look at.
  6. Well, even if you could. Imagine how much thrust would be required to get something the size of a planet even beginning to move. dodge the fact that if it has a proper orbit you would have to enact enough force to get it to eject said orbit, and after that escape the gravity well of the Star/Object it happens to be orbiting. Yikes
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