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  1. Hello Space travellers from Afar, My name is SpaceBader inspired by the Great Douglas Bader RAF fighter pilot, who achieved amazing success in WW2 even after losing both of his legs in a flying accident. a great testament that proves even in the worst times of age, with support, encouragement and the will to succeed impossible goals can be reached and conquered. Arkadia - Arkadia is a multi cultural very diverse mature gaming guild with gamers from across globe playing many different MMO's together. with over 1600 community members in our discord there is always someone playing something. our discord is managed by it's community with a number of different roles helping the community with tech issues, gaming help, and moderation if and when necessary ( extremely rare ) our moderators and recruiters are volunteers and are always happy to help. being so diverse we also have many lead players/gamers that speak over a dozen different languages from across the globe. We welcome anyone and everyone as long as they are team players with dedication, motivation and the drive to succeed and become the best. we pride ourselves on good communication and insist on a short and sweet meet and greet voice chat when new players join our discord to go other some gaming ethos we stand by. These ethos's are things like: (1) good communication (2) respect for everyone regardless of sex or race or beliefs (3) fair play, we do not want cheats or exploiters within our ranks if you would like to know more about our DU goals and are interested in joining a relaxed but dedicated group of players please join our discord at : https://discord.gg/fV9y7VJ thank you for your time.
  2. Thank you, unfortunately i'm still seeing the error message when using this link.
  3. Can i get on it too please
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