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  1. The beta started as a civilisation builder until some hours into it when players exploited the game though bots and other various ways to get into space ASAP. So we skipped all the pre space travel part of the game where I think cities would be build. The game since is just everyone working alone in his isolated land, working towards 100% independance from other players and market with mega factories. No blame since other than mining there isn't much to do at basic level. That's why shematics update was so badly received when in fact it could lead to a better cooperation between players. The missions will at least create some new cooperation / interaction which is good but there is still much to do. Territorial PvP need to come fast aswell in order to have a reason to PvP / scenarized PvP and I think some planets need to have special ore/loot to make them disputed just like Fountain is disputed in EVE due to its ressources. It would lead to political drama aswell which would make the game more alive. Devs seem afraid to scare non PvP players sometimes but they should keep their vision and ignore complains I think,. In EVE there is PvE only players so that proves that even in a PvP centric game PvE is still there, even if PvE in DU would be more building / ressource gathering gameplay.
  2. They could just add a warning if you are in a planet orbit ... seems more like an engine limitation.
  3. There "was" no reason to build anything "as civilisation" because everyone was independant or was building industry to be independant from other players. Edit: Has changed a little since shematics. So no reason to group at all. A agree with your research point. Concerning PvP I think the huge problem is that there is no reason to PvP at all, if you want you can stay in safe zone forever and build what you want without any risks. IMO safe zone should be only in Sanctuary and Sancturay should have only base ores to get into space. You want better equipement ? Go in PvP zone. Also planet unique minerals could create PvP choke points. Concerning internal Novaquark decision making I wont make any comments since I have no idea in how they function. Edit: Progressive skills based on what you do would be nice idea too, works very well in Valheim, but DU may be already balanced around an EVE like system. However EVE system has way bigger buffs (more than 300% damage bonus based on your talents in some areas) and way more dependencies. So I think they should go deeper and have way stronger passive buffs based on talents.
  4. A lot of people will declare 0.23 a bad update since it removed the industry gameplay for some people (also removing the possibility of being independant) while not having added another gameplay. So a lot of people may say "no" to "was 0.23 a good update" but in fact they may dislike the removal of industry gameplay but not the shematics addition. So I think you should separate that in 2 questions: shematics and not being to be independant anymore. Other than that I think shematics force specialization which is a good thing for the economy (so not everybody is independant). Job system gonna add content for most people and should help I think.
  5. Hope they add at least that, rotations planets + planets orbiting the sun would de 10/10 but let's not dream too much ^^
  6. He will only make 42.5 billion quanta off this
  7. DU since alpha was sold as an EvE like economy with custom ships and stations. T2 Schematics (the important ones) in EvE drop from exploration content and PvE (not sold by NPCs). You can buy them from market since exploration players sell them, also people can copy permanent schematics into a version with limited usages. T2 permanent/usages are very expensive. T1 are way cheaper and are sold by bots or PvE (not sure on this one) but have worse stats. You shouldn't see T2 as mandatory tho, T2 is like for "special occasions", when you are sure you won't go boom, T1 is always revelant since people use it for yolo ing. The idea is to introduce new crafts via shematics so you can expand content as the game goes on. Also keep in mind that EvE talents are way more time expensive and you need more, it forces specialization, you can't be a good PvPer and a Industrial at the same time in less than a year. You have to see DU talents as a nerfed EvE talents that's why you just see only the "made to slow down people" part. It's the industrial talents + market talents + price/access to T1/T2 + general game knowledge that makes industrial gameplay a specialization. However in EvE you have way more content that cover your "specialization period" so you progress in skill and in game wealth while doing it, you just don't rush T2.
  8. Shematics are way to specialize people in some areas so they have to play with other people and can't be autonomous. It work great in EvE for industrials since they have to be specialized in it. PvP / PvE players are specialized in combat and so buy from industrial players and that create a interresting market. Same for explorers. However it got introduced so early in DU when you just have like 4 activities: PvP (for fun), mining, industrial and builders. It will be ok when activities grow in numbers. I think the problem with extra rich people and orgs will start when map control will be a thing and some orgs are just gonna dominate the map. Edit: You could add trade as activity.
  9. There are people (myself included) that wanted to wipe at first exploit. Now I think it was a mistake and instead the wipe should be towards the end of the beta just before "release". However it wasn't about spreading a rumor it was just about talking about it. This OP post is the only that can be considered a rumor.
  10. So colateral is in that nice IMO. The communication tab is a good idea like it. There will be scams with unreachable places to someone tho IMO. Huge orgs may dump money on hauling just to avoid doing it themselves to anwer you question. Mission rewards will go up by themselves if they are too low since no one will do it for a low/useless reward.
  11. That"s a good idea however there would be a cap, otherwise alredy rich people gonna have years of game for "free".
  12. That an opinion there I think, if you ask me you take responsibility for the cargo the moment you accept the mission. Since it's a single shard MMO you will get known as trustworthy or not if you do a lot of missions anyway. And yes 500% is obv a scam or an idiot but that was just an example. But know that, if I'm not wrong, in EvE most people go for 130%ish colateral.
  13. If you see 500% colateral you have to ask yourself if that not a little shady. But it's also the importance and the time, someone may need that cargo asap, and if it gets destroyed that someone may lose more than the cargo. Edit: You also need at least the volume moved to plan the ship you are gonna use.
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