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  1. I ALWAYS use the arrow and pgup pgdn keys to place an element. Becayse I play so laggy on a GTX640, pointing precize would take forever, so I use the coordinates in the middle of the screen to place elements. The main advatage is for me that I can move around the placing of the element without the element moving. I can even place an element while Im not even looking at it or that it is in screen, just follow the coordinates in the middle! This is really handy when wanting to look around the element your placing and see how it looks. With, for example, wings its really handy. In the center of the screen, take the right column with coordinates. The lower halve (under the words "intact element" on your picture) gives the coordinates you have when placing your wing on one side. The wings can easliy be alligned with each others if you remember these coordinates. Dont need the "U" option for that. Also, when pressing the "9" tool for moving elements, point at an element and it will show its coordinates at the centre (Handy for building one side and the next side later on). You can also press "U" when pointing, and instantly move the element with the arrow keys. For sliding doors, making combo's with sliding doors to make bigger entrances, sometimes the element (door) will stay red because it 'collides' with another door. Simply 'open' the door that is already placed and place the sliding door. Aso, sliding doors can open beyond your core and can be used as horizontal extended platforms as well, remember that!! So I dont know what they changed, but this is how I place all elements. Hope it helps
  2. I think these should be skins/colour schemes, I dont know why they should restrict these things to a single unit. With a colour scheme/skin it could be applied to much more elements I have some designs that look good because of the red space engines. They would look totally diffrent when upgrading engines, I whould want freedom of choice in this. that way i can make the same colour ship with diffrent colour/wings/engines etc Maybe even choose my own line, like orange engines are upgraded to lvl4 or something. Which leads me to my next suggestion: applying talents to elements by a menu, so you can choose the lvl of upgrade the element has
  3. I can "watch over" the nodes for you and see to it that no other being will mine them
  4. Yesy thank you for your anser and what you say is true. But as a suggestion in this topic, that was my input. Instead of too many scripts running, which can have an impact on performance, a much more of a simple solution. That is, if it worx the way I suggested: Just an on/off switch to work on engines.
  5. Thats the problem I am talking about, the need for lua for this! And im pretty sure you knew that I was talking about this. We can connect the engines to switches but they dont do a thing, we need to learn lua to put this at work. Its what you call, quite easy.
  6. I think its unfair too! An L-core ship can have over thousands of elements, with buttons, relays, small windows, doors, beds, chairs, steel beams for stairs, lights, adjustors etc. (and Im talking about a Space-only L-core atm) I crashed my M-core ship once due too lag (So it wasnt really my fault). I was able to hover back home and park it, I repaired it by doing 20-30 minutes a day of repairing. My aim at first was to just build another ship and leave the crashed one to be, but after a few days I got to my senses. This game already has a huge impact on your life-time, so I also think there should be a 'repair-all' button. Even if i have to wait a day or two, or even a week (L-core) for it to be repaired, I can do something else in the time. We are 10.000 yrs in the future and we have to repair every single element by hand??? Come on man!
  7. Since they are now testing docking, they should add xs space tanks for shuttles and small flyers. Also have sliding door M on its side (default now its 12 voxels wide and 24 voxels up, and make a new 24 voxel wide and 12 voxel up door) And have an xs sliding door 4x8 or 3x6 voxels And have sizes of the elements in their info!!
  8. Have the simple option of turning a certain group of engines on/off, is much more important to me. That way I can like, have 4 engines. Turn on only 2 for normal speed/power, turn on all 4 for more speed power when needed/wanted. And work on simple hovers too! So we can have more 'landbased vehicles'.
  9. Yes they are off, but i wrote 'about', but calculating in bits is easier for us (I think) When u place a voxel it never is on the 0 co├Ârdinate, always 0.5 or -0.5, but elements can be placed on the 0 co├Ârdinate.
  10. A core in size is about: XS: 64x64x64 (HxWxL) voxels S: 128x128x128 (HxWxL) voxels M: 256x256x256 (HxWxL) voxels L: 512x512x512 ()HxWxL) voxels But as I look at most ships (fun ships excluded of course), they are designed like rockets or watercrafts. Buildings want to be towers etc.. And replicas are confined to the dimensions of the core So, as Tuvok would say: "wouldnt it be logical to have core sizes extended, next to the ones we have?" (Continuing as myself) Like an M extended core, 256x256x512 voxels? Or S extended max core 192x192x320 voxels? They heave done it with the containers, so I mean.... you know.... So, whadda ya all think?
  11. I always start the gamelike this: -Double click the DU icon, then the first start menu pops up. -I press play until the second screen loads in (sometimes this takes a while). -Here I press the OK-button twice, I delete cache and then I exit the game. Then I start it all up again, then it goes much faster! No more waiting and staring at a Dual Universe logo for minutes. Ive had this same problem with another game I played (Avorion), and noticed that when the loading takes longer, the game is also slower.
  12. Did anyone actually land on an asteroid? Because I did (moon 737 and building a base there) and its a very very strange experience. Thades has asteroids (they are called 'moons'), and while the screen says that there is almost 0.1gravity, my ship isnt falling down towards anything. it just stays there like there is 0 gravity. (Ok have tested it many times, but today after I post this, and added downward thrusters, it starts falling very slowly) With this being the case, landing is pretty hard, as you need downward thrusters to actually land on an asteroid. Pressing C doesnt do a thing if you dont have downward thrusters!! Also, it seems that there is no center/bottom on the asteroids, because the flattening tool doesnt know what to do, it just makes sound. Try walking on an asteroid and you will frustrate your ass off. So I think the asteroid mining idea has some work to be done with the asteroids themselves before implementing them in the game. Try thing first.
  13. I play on a gtx 640 and a not too fast connection, so I think im one of the people who has the baddest lag out there with at least 1 second input delay. I landed on Market7 last week and when I came back, another ship had rendered over my ship, so my ship was halfway inside the other ship. Yes, THAT is some lag. But because we all know how bad it is, its a little bit our own fault if we try to approach those markets at high speed. I know it shouldnt be the way, but I land like 3km away from the market and hover my way to it. No D/C is gonna make my ship crash in that area. Even with D/C it should be fine. But another thing.... Yes the lag is real, and we all could guess it when they showed us the 30.000-players-at-the-same-time video. It was obvious (to me) that 30.000 players could never load their 30.000 ships at the same time in the same place. I mean, I have an L-core nearing completion and when it will be finished, it will have at least 2500 elements. Try and load that times 300, let alone 30.000
  14. How many times are people going to the markets? and how long are people staying at the market? For me, I make a 'market round' every 2-4 weeks. Ive bought a lot of stuff at different markets and then I spend 1 or 2 days going to the markets and pick up everything. I have a very slow pc, but if I am never longer then 10 minutes at a market. Why people are complaining about the 20 minutes they spend at markets 6&7, even if it would be twice a week? If you are going to market6&7, every single day, then its your own fault/choice. But even then, the 10-20 minutes there are nothing compared to the time you have played the game that day. Yes they should solve the lag, but those 20 minutes are nothing compared to the time we spend on: mining, flying, building or looking at builds that friends have made. I think its more that some people are spoiled brats (thats right, I said it!), and every small tiny little minute thing that they dont like has to be fixed for them or else they start calling names and cry.
  15. I see people complain about crowded markets, but they are really complaining about alioth markets 6 & 7. There are sooooooo many markets that are empty or enough space to park, not much commercials etc, not laggy but people act like the universe ends at alioth market 6 or 7. "Solutions" like parking fees, deleting ships or even capturing ships that can be bought back, are not really solutions because they are only neccesary for markets 6 & 7. I personally hate it to punish people, and those punishments would be applied to the whole galaxy, while its only a 'problem' at markets 6 & 7. And why pay a parkingfee if you are not landing on the parking deck, but just on the ground, 100m away? I mean, would it apply to the entire hex? Got to ANY moon (sanct is a planet to me with its size and atmo) market and there will be space enough to land your L-core. And I park my L-core at those places for like two weeks, not bothering anybody, because 3 quarters of the deck is still available So instead of searching for places that lag, maybe people should explore more. There is an entire galaxy to be explored, but it seems the complaining people always want to go to market 6 & 7... FAIL!! Or... as this is a topic, would people say there are MANY MANY other markets that are that bad? Because I cant find them. Please state so below, thank you
  16. I think the game needs NPC, but not in a way most people here ask for. I think NPC should be like decorations or dispensers. Like interactive, you press F and some text would pop-up or something. Or have them like (minimal animated) decorations, sitting on benches and seats. Or just standing around like guards, or people standing still and talking to each other. Imagine the markets, as they are now. But instead of that machine we have to interact with, there are just NPC's sitting behind a counter or desk, we walk up to them and press F (like we do now with the machines). Same market/same way of doing things but at least now it looks more alive. I mean, NPC pirates? And how will this be managed with fuel/ammo? No, I dont see NPC living a life in this game, but we could sure use them as decorations to fill up our empty cities and bases
  17. Ive got the same problem, pretty irritating that EVERY update has lots of issues. Update 1 thing, break another. No compensation whatsoever in this time-consuming game.
  18. Yes, its the same a compactifying a ship now. DU should do this on special landing pads as well, and then you should request your ship back. As we do not need to load in stuff physically in the game. And then have space markets!
  19. Plan ahead! Like, build an dynamic xs core to build a ship (if you dont know a design, just build a box with wings). Everything you mine and harvest (lvl1 ore)can be converted in your nanocrafter. Buy an S container for your first xs-ship and an M or L for your base Need wings? Just let your nanocrafter do its work. Even when you log-out, the nanocrafter keeps working, so you can queue like 24hrs until the next day or even more! The items you produced can be placed on the ship so it wont take up inventory space. When the ship is finished, you start hauling. Always keeps your talents running, they must always do something. Its a bit of experimenting and getting to know the tree, but the more you look at it, the more you willl know what talents you need and when to develop them. If you a new player and want to fly an L- core in the first week or have a big industry running. It will work but not efficient, because of the talents that need to be trained. So playing at a slow pace isnt that bad....
  20. Imagine if the subscription ends and I leave it there....
  21. I cannot disagree with what you have pointed out, but its 0.24. If we are going for 1.00 I would think we are going good now. Sure a lot of important peeps left, but let keep hope alive with the few that are left. Me is chatting a lot on support and there are a few(12-20) who chat along. Also we are a small community in this game, and so are many others. Lets hope NQ will have the funds to keep this alive and we will progress with a slow pace. (I really just care for my ship to be done and have funds to explore the galaxy)
  22. Hi, What if you put a detector and set its RDMS to "all", so it will react to everybody. And then connect it to a door with settings for 3 people. Do i have to put the door RDMS to "all" too? What is the supreme command in here? Can i put a switch to the detector? So when its on, all can visit. When its off, only 3 people can enter manual? I mean, its handy for ships that are on display, or parts of the ship that can be closed off for public with some relays..
  23. Rotation isnt coming. NQ stated that years ago because of elements in space and collision if the planet rotates and your ship is in its orbit around the sun. Yes we should be able to make npc's in factories. npc sitting on a chair or npc laying on a bed. We have bio-mass ingame, add some iron, carbon and oxygen and we are off. If lua can input answers it would be great! like choose answer a, b or c. Then we can make a 1 person adventure in a living game!! Also have a kind of 'dispenser' option for the npc-element. So when you are making an adventure you have to 'trade' stuff with the right npc for you to progress. Talk about creating missions, uh-huh uh-huh!! They better add this in the 0.25 update!
  24. Just add static npc's as elements. It can be done in SE so why not here? Give them a text option and its gameboy-like-pokemon-style interactive too! Better than a empty freeport city! And with that we could make our own stories and mysteries.
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