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    Xplosiv reacted to Falstaf in Announcing The Interstellar Hovercraft Races!   
    Ok then set 2 easy requirements.
    Total mass limits and widt limits.
    What else do you need to control?
    I think the tricky part will be keeping track of who passes the checkpoints.
    JC has spoken about transponder units maybe this unit can ping the checkpoint unit to log the vehicle passing through.
    There are some details that need to be worked out but in essence I dont think there is much stopping us from having a grand prix.
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    Xplosiv got a reaction from wittorio in Announcing The Interstellar Hovercraft Races!   
    **Update - - A organization has been created for the committee, tasked with the creation of rules for these races:  "Interstellar Hovercraft Racing Committee". Only Serious applicants will be accepted. ***


    Introducing The Interstellar Hovercraft Races!! 

    Hovercraft size to be limited

    Only Hover technology will be allowed

    No Weapons allowed

    All craft will be inspected before races.

    All Organizations can submit racers

    Courses/Tracks to be similar to that of the pod races in star wars. 

    If popular enough we wish different orgs to host the events!


    The Solar Empire Wishes to provide some entertainment in the universe that doesn't involve violence. And of course Gambling is legal in The Solar Empire on these races!!

    Join The Solar Empire Today, help build a safe, secure and fun society!

    (this is a work in progress , and open to suggestions)
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    Xplosiv got a reaction from TheAtlasWarrior in DevBlog: Community Portal goes live!   
    Yes please re-vamp the community page please. you should have like 50 displayed posts and limit each organization to 1 post showing. the community sites still get abused by almost every new organization. how are we supposed to advertise for our org, when our post gets buried in 2 hours. 
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    Xplosiv got a reaction from wizardoftrash in Crashing? Towing?   
    you better be able to at least hit objects and damage your ship, maybe not like SE and damage that specific part. 
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    Xplosiv reacted to Kuritho in Planetary mining dangers or lava burn   
    It'd be awesome if an alien took over the mines, and they sent like a elite group to wipe them out...
    Only to get #REKT by the elevator stalling.
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    Xplosiv got a reaction from VioletBanana in Planetary mining dangers or lava burn   
    @VioletBannana lol don't worry about it, wow i looked at that wrong when i google'd the radius. man that would be one long sketchy elevator ride.
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